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MDNA Tour First Day in Production Rehearsals – Pictures

MDNA Tour First Day in Production Rehearsals - Pictures
MDNA Tour First Day in Production Rehearsals - Pictures
MDNA Tour First Day in Production Rehearsals - Pictures


Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • Dave

    That stage looks like every other stage she has had up to this point. When is somebody gonna come out with something new???

  • stefanos-christ

    hey my shoes!!Wrrr:):)


    beutyfull shoes!!:):):)

  • stefanos-christ

    beutyfull shoes!!:):)

  • Frank Beltrami

    just catching up on the site. WOW i am blown away by that bottom pic of her looking over the stadium and the stage is freaking crazy. this bottom pic is my new laptop screensaver. AMZEBALLS!

  • GVNI






    • Leopold_Stotch

      I like it and that mix with BTW would be a slap in the face to Gaga and everyone, and that’s the Madonna I like! Besides she owns the right to that song! I mean she wrote it back in 1988 with a different name and lyrics! hahahaha

      • Travis

        you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • L4jo1e

      Where is Give Me All Your Luvin ?

      • Kate

        That is NOT a real setlist, too many songs, and some are missing , like Give me all your luvin

    • fake


  • ERIC

    I heard Girl Gone Wild on the radio here in the southwest USA, I was surprised; I though nothing was being played from MDNA.

  • Roadword

    People complaining about the stage set are being delusional.

    None of her stages have ever been elaborate, not Girlie Show, not Blonde Ambition, not Drowned World

    You get the impression they are elaborate because of her performances and the video screens, but when you break it down it just scafeling and theatrics and a couple of well placed backdrops, but never ridiculous sets that she has to drag everywhere.

  • MOOV

    It sucks that madonna is not coming to my country this summer :( , still i’m going to mariah carey’s concert , so exited! I’m going to listen to perferct music from the nineties and the millenium which only her and madonna can provide in my opinion.

    • Who Cares?

      you and (fat devil pig) Mariah ‘belong together’ … enjoy!

  • candystore

    i just hope she doesn’t play a guitar.

    • MOOV

      i hope she does lol , she’s good at it. Plus no singers nowadays have that rock n’ roll attitude (except shakira and katy perry) she has when playing guitar, she seems to enjoy it sometimes more than dancing.

  • Adrianotachi

    William Orbit had clubbers at the Kee Club in a ‘splendid frenzy’ with a 15 minute mix of ‘Gang Bang’ as his latest facebook status update says:
    Played my alternative version of Gang Bang at the Kee Club. Then the album version, then the alternative again.
    Back to back.
    15 minutes of Gang Bangin. A splendid frenzy. Had only played it to M and a few other friends so far and wanted to see how it would go down in a club.
    In in honour of that steamy joy ride I will HAVE to call it the Kee Club mix!

  • Adrianotachi

    After Lana Del Rey’s jaw-droppingly awful “performance” on The Voice on Sunday (well, Saturday, as we now know that the ‘live’ results show is actually pre-recorded – the fact that the judges were all still wearing the same clothes as Sautrday night was a pretty huge giveaway!), Madonna would be well advised to steer clear of a show that I feel will now descend into freefall, ratings-wise.
    And as for Britney ‘live’ on X Factor… that surely has to go down as one of the biggest car-crashes ever? I actually quite like Britney, but her stomping (for that is what she did) around the stage and miming/lip-synching appallingly was just cringeworthy.

    • MOOV

      I actually liked lana del rey, i feel so sorry for the girl, no matter what she does the medias somehow all want to break her, it’s like can’t the girl get a break? she made it clear she never wanted to be a performer , give her a break . it reminds me of the 80’s when madonna harshly criticized for everything she does for no reason , while lady gaga for some reason never gets slayed by the medias which is kind of weird, since all pop stars get dissed all the time, she is the only one praised for being “different” . As for britney , i’m not even gonna waste my time ellaborating on what they said about her, her skyrocketing career tells it all. After all, it’s about having the x-factor! something britney clearly knows a lot about.

  • Adrianotachi

    According to source, the rumoured Candy Shop and Human Nature were never rehearsed and are not part of the setlist.

  • Adrianotachi

    reported that Madonna will be collaborating with Basque trio Kalakan for a revisited version of Open Your Heart together with Sagarra Jo, but that’s not all!
    We can now reveal that Kalakan will be featured throughout the whole show mostly singing parts of some songs, doing backing vocals or playing instruments.
    As we previously stated, the MDNA show opens with the Religious Chants intro/backdrop, sung by Kalakan. They are then joined by Madonna for her Act of Contrition right before the Girl Gone Wild number.
    Also, a new track that has been added to the setlist is Masterpiece and the trio will be adding some vocals giving the song a very unique feel.
    Unlike the album version, it features more violins and we heard Masterpiece could replace Falling Free in the final setlist.
    We also can share another information related to what William Orbit tweeted about a week ago… “was just checking out some archive multitrack sessions. Listening to Madonna’s vocals on ‘Cyber Raga’. Wow!”
    This isn’t just a coincidence!
    Madonna will be performing I’m a Sinner and Cyber-Raga mashed up together in one song featuring the Kalakan trio, who are giving it a whole new dimension!
    Another song that will feature Kalakan is none other than Like a Prayer!
    The trio will be singing the choir part of the song.
    Last but not least, Kalakan is also joining Madonna on Celebration, that is currently being considered as the closing number for the show.
    Today, Madonna also posted some pictures from the first production rehearsals of the MDNA World Tour, that included the Basque trio…

  • justify my love

    well, don´t care for mdna too much, but wanna hear the old songs

    • MOOV

      then go watch one of her shows from the 80’s old asshole!

      • Peppergrison

        everyone is entitled to like what he/she wants !
        You don’t need to use nasty words if you don’t agree
        I also prefer listening to new songs but why bite everybody thinking different !

  • Mary

    Crap stage…. Plain and horrible… Nothing new… Small triangle… I hate this tour… Nothing creative… No name for this tour…. Lipsinc for this tour… And the tickets are too expensive for this shit… Down madonna sorry is the true…

    • Ditch

      Wow have you seen this show then?
      You hate this tour, give us all the details on it then because none of us have seen it yet. The costumes, the set pieces etc

      • MOOV

        haha , she’s an idiot. look how she spelled lipsynch lol

    • Ouch

      I agree… you are a fucking idiot!

  • 80jellybean

    MDNA is indeed a great album, but the lack of a hit lead single is affecting the album tremendously,,, confessions on a dance floor would have been a flop without HUNG UP

    • MOOV

      Sorry was a hit too, it was number one in the U.K , and it was in the top 10 in most countries . The only reason why the song peaked at 58 in the U.S was because they were boycotting her at the time in the radio , and 3300 fans signed a petition to stop that radio boycott, the song still sold 200 000 copies in it’s second week, but was destroyed with no airplay at all. And don’t forget that it wasn’t promoted at all nor performed anywhere. Get together should have been released around hung up , since they both were promoted the same time, but i guess that was made so that the album sales increase , Jump was a success in the US as it topped the single sales chart, but there was no radio play for the song either. Bottom line is , except for GMAYL , MDNA couldn’t provide any single material, even the lead signle wasn’t promoted properly.

  • Roadwork

    I got my copy of W./E. today. I watched it as soon as I got home, a great movie and great actresses with Andrea Riseborough and Abbie Cornish, I really enjoyed it. I love Madonnas directing style and her passion and attention to detail is great. I look forward to seeing her direct many more movies, she will only get better and better, Im sure this was a great learning experience for her. And I look forward to her staring in another musical!

  • Judas

    I like this stage. This is going to be one of the more intimate stages she’s had in years or ever. I like the triangle and see that it will allow for incredible audience interaction. I like the stairs on the main stage too. Something tells me Nikki Minaj and MIA might come dancing down those steps. I’m waiting for the finished product. Will be one of her best tours in years considering the new material she’s created. Dark, edgy, angry and fun!

  • Rabbitbunny

    The MDNA Tour is going to Be Magnificent! Madonna will play the Character in the Starring Role. The mind reels…

  • EY EY EY

    the stage for her goodbye tour looks amazing

    • el ghecko

      duh huh huh huh. u made a funny joke! u should write jokes for jay leno!

    • Leopold_Stotch

      Are you Joan Rivers? you know that one bitch who hosts a show called Fashion Police, ’cause you make the same kind of moronic jokes that she does!

  • Madonna Fans just want to have some fun…..

    Hope the publicity of the tour can jump start her album sales again,…and is she even going to release a third single?
    I’m depressed, I need to lay down…..

    • sales

      mdna doesn`t jump again

    • Leopold_Stotch

      Why don’t you both jump from a seat with a rope around your necks? Just to give your brains (and us, the true Madonna’s fans)a break?

  • jeffy23

    If I don’t end up in that pit, I will hate her forever! Give all ICON members exclusive access!!!!

    • artis

      really, thats what they should do! otherwise pits will be full by non related people who just won the access in radio contests all round the world.
      i read somewhere that happened to RIT, true fans were in arena and outsiders in the pit. thats not good. she ought to give this gift to iconers.

  • mike

    short thin granny gone wild!

    • Leopold_Stotch

      jealous much?

      • Madonna’s Slave

        Pathetic…you have no life…why don’t you try killing yourself?

      • Markus

        @Madonna’s slave: Why Leopold should try to kill himself?

      • el ghecko

        Madonna fans shouldnt be telling people to be killing themselves. that’s so Lady Gaga.

      • Leopold_Stotch

        Thank you markus and El Gheko! I won’t kill myself if I’m told to ’cause I know I do no harm niether something wrong! My ind is clear and life is beautiful and it’s even more beautiful when Madonna’s playing in my iPod! I’m sure Madonna’s Slave wanted to reply Mike’s comment not mine! And if not I still do not give a rat’s ass! But yet again, thank you for your support!

    • nyfan

      why so mean w yoour you workout & stay fit??? hide behide your computer you mindless loaf…easy to call names when you work at nothing than being a negative force. go eat a cupcake. and stuff it!

      • mike

        i do workout i am fit i eat healthy and i do have occupations that fullfill myselsf, my only problen is that Madonna has stoped been the producive pushing one and creating new innotiving things but waiting easy money from polly pocket tour!

    • nyfan

      ageist in America.. not everyone gets off on Bieber…some of us look to life experience as providing substance. when you can stand on your head at 53 please call whoever granny…until then…F off!

      • true word

        Everyone hates Americans

  • Kate
  • Leopold_Stotch

    Violin player next to her? I’m sensing Love Spent!

    • Ditch

      People are speculating that is Hahn-bin playing the violin.

      • jason

        That would be incredible!!!!!!

    • Sloane

      No, if it were a BANJO next to her you could assume Love Spent.

      • Leopold_Stotch

        You’re right but don’t forget it also has violins playing in the start as well! And it also could be Beautiful Killer or Falling Free or Papa Don’t Preach!

  • Quantum
  • Madonna’s Slave

    I’m just crying from happiness :D

  • L4jo1e

    I hope this is not the finish stage.. The triangle is so small, and where are the ”biggest screen ever build” ?

    • Jon H.

      Don’t worry, this is not the final stage. Do you really think they are going to show it right away? Remember that in the Confessions Tour footage we can see Madonna rehersing in some sort of back up stage; the runway is just marked on the floor not even built. As for the triangle I do believe is going to be small I read somewhere is was going to be for around 200 people only but who knows.

  • Ditch

    I don’t think that is the whole stage set up, it looks too ‘unfinished’.

    I could be wrong though but I can’t imagine her working with the moment factory on the stage etc and that is all they came up with.

    • MOOV

      it’s just a small version for the rehearsals, i doubt anyone started working on the real stage yet , there are two months left .

      • Ditch

        I just noticed too, the black screen things in the middle are not video screens, they are drapes masking something. I believe the screens are not set up at the moment. This is just pure speculation on my part though, but I believe there is more than meetas the eye.

      • Peppergrison

        1 month left !

  • Jay

    Oh plain stage! I dont like…. Is the same over and over again… I miss blond ambition, girlie show stage…. theater stage never come back…. Now the stages are plain and a large movie screen there,… Im very disappointed :-(

    • MOOV

      i liked lady gaga’s stage, it reminded me of madonna’s ones from the nineties. i bet if madonna had a castle in her show, she would make one of a theatrical performance. but guess what? this is the 2010’s , taking too much stuff from the nineties is what’s making gaga fade right now.

      • Peppergrison

        Madonna in the 90s has nothing to do with lady Gaga horror castle.
        You like her (Gaga) at least give her full credit when she deserved it.

        Madonna stage is just another kind of game (and this is a relief for me)

      • MOOV

        @Pepper : i didn’t say she copied madonna’s stage, i said similar because back then madonna subtituted backdrop screens with projections all over the stage setting which was kinda cool. especially the alejandro performance reminded me of those ones a lot. But lady gaga isn’t the first one to this medieval theme either, taylor swift’s last tour had a castle on the stage instead of screens too.

      • Bring out

        Let’s face it….gaga’s new tour is just all castle. It’s very distracting and it’s like a castle exhibition. It’s just wayyyyy too big with little material to occupy the stage. I checked it out on YouTube and it all looks boring and predictable to me. And I love gaga’s music

  • MOOV

    It looks like the re-invention tour stage .

    • Cindy

      How is that? It didn’t have a pit in the front of the stage or a V catwalk edging to the center of the front floor.

      • MOOV

        yes it did, it was animated, it came to the ground during american life, crazy for you and papa don’t preach and holiday then afterwards it would go on top of the stage.

      • Mike

        No Cindy is right. There was no ACTUAL pit in front of the stage like this concert is going to have. That was a drop down runway and it was for American Life and Holiday in the Reinvention Tour – not for Papa Don’t Preach and Crazy For You – she was on the Main Stage for that.

  • Raphael

    Just -> WOW!

    • stefanos-christ

      hey my shoes!!:):)