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MDNA Tour Rehearsal – TV Report

starts around 24:30

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • Tomek

    OPEN YOUR HEART moved me to tears. The moment when Madonna’s son Rocco coming out to dance as the boy from the video. It’s just AMAZING. For true fans who has grown up with Madonna that must be pleasure to watch. Such a beautiful moment.

    I just thought, she is 53 yo, she could give up like her colleagues or go touring with greatest hits and most of the time sitting, or chatting people, couldn’t breathe after walking through stage. But look at Madonna !

    This tour for me is like sentimental journey. It’s like all the stuff Madonna has done throughout last 30 years put together and I’m fine with it. But really what else could you invent??? Madonna has done everything already. She has opened people eyes and minds and nothing is controversial anymore.

    Now I am very happy to find little things on MDNA Tour that make me feel happy. Some new dance routine, little details,new version of old song, some new lights on the stage, but most of all Madonna’s voice, smile and the fact that she is still here. I don’t expect this tour to be groudbreaking, I don’t expect the set list be perfect ( but how it could be while everyone of us have their favourites ).

    Haters will be haters because it’s not they don’t like Madonna, it’s just they don’t like life. At the end of the day moment when we are all be at the same ” room ” with Madonna and be attendant of the show will be the best reward for reading all the negative comments, and that’s what really matters.

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      Best comment i ever EVER read since forever
      God Bless U

      * u make me cry – but happy cries
      ich leibe dich… have a good beer as cheers to u (I WILL) – danke again

      • Tomek

        You are welcome my neighbour :-) Love from Poland.

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      well i swear i drank a full glass of beer cheering ür comment “Like Madonna on ‘Give me all your luvin’” and ür love “Like a Bitch in order” i drank a Turkish beer “Effes” and then a “Bavaria” – as i am Bavarian-fan..

      i bet u will be happy Madonna in Poland and Fußball in ür country..

      Be happy and have ä ball
      Gute Nacht

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        the tour kicks off tomorrow.


        Opens up with bells ringing, followed by religious chants by Kalakan. A very haunting sound.
        Backdrop features a thurible with a light in it.
        Girl Gone Wild
        Starts with repetitions of “Oh my God” and Kalakan chants, then goes into the “Act of Contrition” intro, glass shatters and Madonna appears.
        Similar to the album version, but now has an incredible new instrumental part featuring whip-sounds, “Material Girl” lyrics and “Give it 2 me” music.
        Starts off with a gunshot and similar to the album version
        The backdrop features Lil Wayne.
        Gang Bang
        This is the performance that has the motel bedroom setting.
        It starts with police sirens and the background features lots of blood spatters.
        The live vocals, live spoken parts and live instruments, especially Monte Pittman’s guitar solo, give it a whole new dimension.
        Papa Don’t Preach
        A short, edited, live version with a more prominent organ sound.
        Hung Up
        Completely reworked for the tour in an evil-esque way.
        The Abba sample is only heard during a very short part and the vocoder is used throughout the whole song.
        Also features repetitions of “Oh my God” and some “Act of Contrition” lyrics.
        I Don’t Give A
        Madonna on guitar.
        The “I Don’t Give A” intro lyrics are sung by Kalakan and Nicki Minaj makes an appearance on the backdrop videos wearing a long, blond wig.

        Best Friend
        Revisited and features samples from Hard Candy’s Heartbeat.
        Backdrop is very dark, images from cemetery, coffins and ends with a tombstone with a big M written on it.

        Express Yourself
        A classic and includes a small marching-band segment.
        The backdrop is very happy, colorful and features old-fashioned comic strip images inspired by J. Howard Miller and Roy Lichtenstein.
        At one point, when Madonna sings “What happens when you’re not in bed”, the backdrop has cartoon images of two men kissing.
        The big surprise we mentioned a few weeks ago is the appearance of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” after which, Madonna sings a “She’s not me” line.
        Give Me All Your Luvin’
        The “Just Blaze remix” is being used, which now includes more Madonna vocals.
        The dancers, who now have become drummers, are suspended in the air.
        Turn Up The Radio
        Starts with an altered version of the Music Inferno intro from the Confessions tour. The intro includes parts of “Holiday”, “Into the Groove”, “Lucky Star”, “4 Minutes” and a lot more…
        It then goes into the intro of the official “Leo Zero Remix” before the album version starts.
        Madonna on guitar.
        Open Your Heart/Sagarra Jo
        Madonna introduces “the Kalakan Trio”, as she calls them, and explains how they met during a trip in the Basque Country and why they’re joining her on tour.
        The song is nothing like the original version and sounds incredible.
        The backdrop features imagery inspired by the Basque Country.
        After “Open Your Heart”, they all sing Sagarra Jo and it sounds beautiful!
        Madonna sounds great and is joined by Kalakan at the end of this very intimate and moving performance.

        Justify My Love
        The Justify my Love video interlude says one thing: “Dita is back!”
        Madonna is being chased by carnival freaks who are wearing different masks, but goes hiding in a room to enjoy herself! It has the same feel as the “Truth or Dare by Madonna” commercial to it and is very sexy.
        The video is a metaphor for everybody trying to take advantage of Madonna, judge her or exploit her private life. Instead, Madonna chooses to lock herself up in a room to escape from it all and to indulge in her own fantasies. All this in a very sexy setting!

        Madonna wears a white shirt, black tie, black pants, long black gloves, a corset and a reinvented cone bra, all designed by the incredible Jean Paul Gaultier.
        The same version as the Super Bowl halftime show, but this time the full song is performed and sung live.
        The backdrop is also similar to the Super Bowl version including the VOGUE magazine font, pictures of Hollywood stars (Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly…)
        Candy Shop vs. Erotica
        Madonna takes off the corset and cone bra she’s wearing on top of her white shirt.
        A very sensual choreography performed in couples during which Madonna dances with Brahim Zaibat.
        This “Candy Shop” version includes a small “Erotica” interlude that uses lyrics from the 1992 song.
        While she sings “Erotic Erotic put your hands all over my Body”, Brahim Zaibit is doing it!
        Human Nature
        Madonna has performed this song many times but this is the way it should be performed.
        Close to the album version, Madonna goes into a box singing “I’m not sorry” while dancers are touching her and putting their hands all over her body in a very sensual, not sexual, way.
        Like A Virgin
        The song has been oddly reworked using Abel Korzeniowski’s Evgeni’s Waltz.
        Madonna in a bra, looking vulnerable, sings one of her biggest hits, slowly, on one of the most touching track from the W.E. soundtrack.
        Some will love it, some won’t.
        At the end, Madonna sits down next to her pianist and disappears beneath the stage.

        Nobody Knows Me
        The center video screen features Madonna from the waist up. Her hair is shoulder-length, curly and slightly slicked back. She also wears long black leather gloves, a black bra and leather straps. They went for a soft make up look to accentuate the special effects of the whole video.

        During the first “I’ve had so many lives, since I was a child” part, bits and pieces of older Madonna pictures are pasted onto the actual video. The only appropriate way to describe it, is some kind of collage. As if someone had cut out different pictures from magazines to recreate a new one.
        The ending of the first part “How many times I’ve died” deals with how the press has tried to bury Madonna’s career.

        Using the same “collage” technique, Madonna impersonates different people who have played an important part, positive or negative, in our history: Trayvon Martin, Marine le Pen, Sarah Palin, the Pope, Hitler and more.

        The left and right video screen will depict images and video footage from all the events Madonna is referring to.

        Halfway through, images of different teenagers who commited suicide as a result of bullying are shown for a few seconds, along with a RIP message and their name. One of those names is Brandon Bitner.

        The last segment of the backdrop features positive images of people kissing: different races, straight couples, gay couples, even older couples and parents with their children.


        I’m Addicted
        Sounds a lot like the album version with a few added sounds to give it a better live impact.
        Madonna wears some chainmail pieces and a long, glittery robe with MDNA written on the back. Futuristic comics meets “Logan’s run”.
        She also dances barefoot and the choreography is kinda futuristic and a little cultish!
        I’m A Sinner / Cyberraga
        Madonna on guitar and the song has a very 70’s vibe.
        The dancers wear colorful clothing, while Madonna puts a flower necklace on her shiny ensemble.
        After “I’m a Sinner”, Madonna pulls her guitar on her back and performs “Cyber-Raga” together with Kalakan.
        Like A Prayer
        The chainmail pieces come off and everybody joins Madonna on stage, wearing black robes with big white crosses.
        Madonna goes to the end of the catwalk then returns to the main stage.
        Madonna removes the lower-part from the glittery robe to reveal some black tight pants, but keeps the upper-part that’s also worn in the “Girl Gone Wild” video.
        A very energetic and happy mood, amazing choreography with Madonna jumping from one dancer to another at the end of the catwalk.
        Madonna explores the DJ culture intensely in this one. She takes a pair of headphones, spins the records and also does some scratching.
        The backdrop features lots of colored cubes and the entire crew disappears into one giant cube.

      • Tomek

        Hope we finally beat your team in football :-) I can’t wait to see Madonna in Warsaw and start Euro 2012. Such a fantastic year !

        btw. you must try polish beer TYSKIE, LECH, ZYWIEC, these are my favourites.

        Thank god for people like you. Good to know that nice people still exist :-) Reading tons of comments here I felt only hate and hostility.

        Enjoy mate;-)

  • Ditch

    Madonna’s dancing is insane!
    The show looks fucking awesome

  • Dirty Game is Clean Game Now

    Best stage EVER!

  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    Thanx God now i see (+) comments
    This Tour is amazing!!!

  • Masterpiece Bitch

    Everything looks EPIC, TOTALLY AMAZING!!! Love this tour so far!!! I love that she added those men voices too! Plus, only Madonna can do all those stunts, like rope walking and stuff like that! SHE IS THE QUEEN!!!

  • isack

    no one can put on a show like madonna , this could be best best tour yet , welcome back , luv madonna !!!!!!

  • moh

    This looks awesomely awesome! Even the marching band part, you don’t even notice that the costume is off-putting!

  • madgefudger

    ONE WORD: EPIC!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see my bitch in Dallas, TX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rabbitbunny

    Let the Art Begin! Shanti-Peace!, Madge!

  • Tomek

    OMG – The stage looks amazing !!! Gang Bang looks EPIC. I am so excited, everything looks just awesome. It will blow our minds. I am so happy that I’m Madonna’s fan and can witness another step with which she creates another part of her history.

    You can’t please everybody. Everybody has different taste in music, style etc. Madonna has always done her way, that’s why she survive to this moment.

    If you don’t like some songs – don’t listen them, if you don’t like some costumes – don’t watch them, if you don’t like Madonna – just find yourself other idol.

    PEOPLE, DON’T FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DON’T LIKE, FOCUS ON WHAT YOU LIKE. Don’t waste your time here, haters. You will be happier person. Just stop bitching around, and stop being mean to others. We are only on this planet once, make it nice place to all of us. PEACE

  • LG

    i will sing btw with m on some shows in the US

    will you give me all your luv?

    • Madonna’s Slave

      If you’re a good girl why not?There’s enough place for all artists!

    • Jon H.

      You will? Aren’t you supposed to be touring Europe at the time? or are just cancelling a couple shows?

  • Raphael

    I hate the sining mens WHY MADONNA!!!???

    • madgefudger

      what the fuck did you write??!

  • Madonna’s Slave


  • jana

    OMG it looks epic