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More MDNA Tour Rehearsal Pictures

Madonna MDNA Tour Rehearsal PicturesMadonna MDNA Tour Rehearsal PicturesMadonna MDNA Tour Rehearsal PicturesMadonna MDNA Tour Rehearsal PicturesMadonna MDNA Tour Rehearsal PicturesMadonna MDNA Tour Rehearsal PicturesMadonna MDNA Tour Rehearsal PicturesMadonna MDNA Tour Rehearsal PicturesMadonna MDNA Tour Rehearsal PicturesMadonna MDNA Tour Rehearsal Pictures

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • Ronald

    Cant wait for the Tour of the year!!!!! MDNA Rocks!

  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    Madonna need do a Gay homeage

  • Elden

    Wow! Can’t wait to see this as for all the unfortunate one’s saying “Madonna is copying Gaga!” Lt me say that there would be no Gaga if it wasn’t for Madonna! Madonna used guns in her shows as far back as the Who’s That Girl tour in the 80’s! Not to mention in her Drowned World tour of 2004! And in Gaga’s reductive Bored This Way tour she started using guns only after rehearsal photo’s of Madonna and her dancers using guns surfaced! Believe me Gags is keeping a VERY close eye on Madonna’s MDNA tour! I hear that Gaga is also planning to have some sort of news conference or something just before the start of Madonna’s tour, to try and distract any media on the MDNA tour! Madonna is NOT the problem, Gaga is! Gaga is trying desperately (of course) to keep what she has stolen from The Queen Of Pop! MADONNA IS THE QUEEN GAGA, DEAL WITH IT!!!

  • Tede

    What the fuck with you MOOV ??? !!!
    That’s what you wrote few days ago

    MOOV says:
    May 23, 2012 at 11:00 am
    Fuck you all madonna’s fans . You can stay here and enjoy all the haters but you. Can’t take it when I express myself. I’m leaving this website forever , and you can enjoy your hasbeen as much as you want , cause it’s getting boring to surf in a fansite of a person that hasn’t been relevant since forever. And yes even though Britney can sing , she actually sounds decent in her albums and is still more relevant than all those pop newbies whom I enjoy a lot . So go to he’ll bitchesss . Your queen is flopped so hard , ananan so hard yeah yeah. Oh wait is that a hit by Rihanna that wasn’t counted with the preorders of an album oops sorry . I guess I am very exited to see Mariah this Saturday , a girl who actually has talent unlike hasbeendonna . Bye bitchez.

    • Coffee

      Hahahaha, I new that he is the biggest IDIOT here. It’s beyond my imagination behaving like he does, he is simply a moron.

      • Ughh

        Wow you are really really pathetic . I noticed that both your comment and the one above were both posted at the exact same time , and since if you were two different people it would take you 1 minute to read his comment to know that he’s talking about then it would take you another minute to write your comment , and that if you came to this page at the exact same time he commented which is simply impossible , which means that you are the same person . You’ve been posting under the name of ‘Tede’ and ‘American pride’ and ‘coffee’ , and possibly ‘jesus h. Christ’ too ( i’m not sure about this onel . Like i said before , stop being so butthurt about me calling you an Idiot cause that’s what you are , you just don’t fall into the smart category . Even as a hater you’re a dumbass.

      • Moov

        Now i posted this comment at the same minute as the one above , and we’re the same person. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

    • MOOV

      With mariah’s words : why are you so obessessed with me? Boy i wanna know.

      • Coffee

        Nobody likes you here so go to hell fucking IDIOT. Like your Britney-Christina-Gaga-Mariah shit and leave Madonna to us, FANS

        Is that to hard understand for you. NOBODY likes you looser

      • Moov

        I lold at the part where you said ‘ us fans’ . I would nrmally go look for comments where you dissed madonna and i’ve seen a lot of those ones here but i actually have a life , you know a ”life” go look it up . Idiot!

  • scorpie

    Behold….the QUEEN IS COMING!

  • MOOV

    Yesterday I went to mariah carey’s concert . It was so fucking amazing . She has a great personality and communicates very well with the fans like Madonna ( not giving stupid speeches about self acceptance ) and sung All her hit songs . Why am i savoir this Here? Wellington because Mariah lipped a couple of songs yesterday , and honestly who cares of she lipsynchs or not if she’s not going to sing the other songs perfectly . I went to the s&s tour and she sang everything live , nothing was lipped . And I am more vocally happy with the rit where she lipped 4 songs but she sang all the other songs perfectly . To me this whole (lip-synching=non proffessional singer) is overrated .

    • Coffee

      Noooooo, not again you IDIOT ! Are you still here? You simply can’t live without this side and making you comments? No friends, ha? sad.

      I don’t care about M. Carey, she is overrated, and so boring . You like all singers? Britney, Mariah, Madonna. gosh…

      Madonna didn’t sing everything on S&S live so stop this bullshit.

      Moov move please, as you promised!

      • MOOV

        I pity your soul. I really do . The reason why i once called you an idiot . It’s because you are an idiot , you just don’t fall into the smart category . Get over it , and stop being so butthurt about it , not everybody should be smart . Because frankly , even as a hater you sound stupid . You’re a fail in life , and sticky and sweet tour was 100% live , and if you have to provide otherwise then may it be with be with videos not your idiotic brainless words.

      • Coffee

        You Idiot pretend to be Madonna fan. S&S 100 % live ?, first go and see the show and then write a comment.

        Heartbeat or Give it to me is mimed, party lip sync Candy Shop, or Vogue, to name the few.

        Why are you when few days ago you said that you don’t like Madonna’s fans and you prefer Britney???
        you are fucking cunt, get off from here.

  • Dirty Game is Clean Game Now

    I would be offended if my fave would start calling me little monster… I aint monster nor freak! Gaga fags GTFO

  • repeat yourself

    i´ve seen it all before,
    i´ve seen it all before,
    i´ve seen it all before…

    • tutu

      then why are you here if you seen it before bitch? we’v seen you here before so get your stupid ass out of here bitch

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      well babe i kinda agree with (repeat urself) i mean these pic are amazing makes me really happy when i see them now (and my life NOT happy one at the moment)

      BUT MDNA maybe M-DNA as madonna re-visit all her history in away of her album to her tour :) and that fine :P i love u M

      * the pic MIXED of Drowned World / Blond Ambition and i Miss this Madonna

  • javier

    I love the fact that Madonna is being theatrical again, like she was during the blond ambition and girlie show, where she played different characters, the stage won’t be huge screens only, it will have more elements that give the show more innovation and movement

  • A.H.

    I think that X on the dress (fifth photo) stands for the eXpress yourself.
    It’s sooo cool that everything is so similar to 1990 Blond Ambition Tour. LUV MadonnaA

  • Roadwork

    When it all sinks in and I really think about it, Im really excited about what Ive seen thus far. Not because I love all Madonna visuals, which I live for, but because… Madonna is a very personal artist, as her deepest fans know, she shows us her personal metamorphosis, Its great to see her get these bad negative emotions out of her so she can move on to the next phase of her life…



  • mike

    Highly doubt the tour is all “dark” more than likely to have dark elements and segments but Madonna is also about making you forget your pain and bring some light into the universe and inspiration so I’m sure their are explosive happy moments (especially with TUTR’s section)

    • Roadwork

      ahh i love that!

  • ginger

    Why the hell are some people so obsessed with such stupid comments about madonna copying gaga and visa versa??? It makes u look not so smart rather dumb and ignorent!!! Like madonna Like gaga even like them both!! Go to the show you want to see either way they do what they want and wtf in every artist you will see insperation from others….They do it for you to enjoy music ect…
    Any way to me it look briljant and i am glad I am going to see her live in amsterdam.

  • indonesian


  • Ique

    It’s allucinating.

    • Jesus H, Christ


  • Greece

    And by the way, I can compare Madonna only to artists like MJ,U2 etc. who the fuck is lady gaga????

  • Greece

    Stop talking about madonna’s lip-sync. I am a Huge Madonna fan and i think that when you dance and you have to perform, sometimes you have to lip-sync.
    And PLEASE take into consideration, Michael jackson.I am a huge fan too. Why nobody told anything about his lip-sync. tha majority of his performances are lip-sync. even super bowl. so stop talking and go to enjoy the show!!!

    • madonnamaniac


      • Greece


    • Madonna’s Slave

      Eeetsi re Elladara!

      • madonnamaniac


  • masdonna


    • Mark

      Grow up.

    • Dipaladino


      OMG!! “masdonna” you’re here again! I’m so glad to see you here, enjoying photos of madonna and we (fans) hope youto become a great artist like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston or even Lady Gaga, just to tell us how to sing right, dance right, be creative in many years, contributing to the music’s industry and finally to prove how much you know what you are talking about.

      But I’m very happy to have you here because you still make me laugh.

      Kisses baby and more LOVE in your life.

      • masdonna

        thanks cutie

    • i need to be Virgin Again

      WATCH OUT PEOPLE THE BEST SILLY COMMENT OF THE YEAR !!!!! masdonna get your fat ass out of here , your poor life makes me feel so pity for you , wish you have a little bit brain to think. but not your so dumbass , don’t worry you’ll be ok but lost as always you’re



    • Madonna’s Slave

      Masdonna you’re a pathetic asshole…you’re also so boring and ridiculous…take your ass out of here…everyone is laughing at you as you can understand!

  • madonnamaniac


  • Miguel

    I love it. I’m speechless. Is has such a powerful feeling!! It’s gonna be her best show ever.

  • Tomek

    5 days to Express Yourself and humiliate Gaga’s fans.
    Go Madonna !!!

  • travis

    watching S&S 2009 Like a Prayer video on you tube, great remix! M D N A!

  • Debbie Z

    Lady GaGa would not have a career if it wasn’t for the Queen… Madonna. ‘Nuff said….

    • masdonna

      Gaga would not have a career because she sing live and Madonna just lip sync ???

      • Debbie Z

        Has Madonna lip synched in some performances? Absolutely. They all do.

      • Miguel

        Typical comment from someone who has no clue about Madonna and just repeats what they hear. Madonna doesn’t lip-syncs as much as people say, in her world tours she sings 20 songs and only 4 are lip-lynched, usually Vogue and Music, but the rest is 100% live and she is an excellent vocalist.
        Try watching any of her concerts and you’ll see how wrong you are and how ridiculous you end up being for saying that.
        Try listening to “Don’t Tell Me” acoustic, “Bad Girl” from Saturday Night Live, “You Must Love Me” from the S&S Tour, “Mother and Father” acoustic, “Like a Virgin” “Live to Tell” and “Paradise” from the confessions Tour, “Lament” “Deeper and Deeper” from the Reinvention Tour, “Don’t Tell Me” “Frozen” from the Drowned World Tour, just to name a few live performances from so many.

      • madonnamaniac


  • masdonna

    The guns very gaga, the blood very gaga, the mask very gaga, the dark very gaga gaga gaga again gaga

    • Karen b

      madonna used guns in other shows before. she used masks in other shows before and the darkness is always been in some sections of her shows so you can only be a blind 12 years old little monster that has no knowledge of popular culture which by the way gaga did NOT invent if anything her contribution to pop culture is minimal if not non existent compared to madonna’s mark in the history of music.

    • Tomek

      Watch and learn you stupid troll

      Madonna – 2004 – gun Re invention tour

      Madonna – 2001 – Drowned world tour

      Gaga and her fans are the biggest loosers and stupid people the world ever witness.

    • Miguel

      Again, you obviously haven’t seen any of her concerts from which Gaga took her ideas, and that’s why you think now Madonna is copying Gaga, when actually Gaga never did anything new. Madonna has always shown blood, guns and darkness. The Blond Ambition Tour was loaded with religious symbols, she used dancers in gas masks, blood and guns in her Drowned World Tour which was for moments very very dark, she also used blood and violence, even an electric chair execution in her Reinvention Tour. Also in her videos Die Another Day where she was tortured, etc etc. I mean I could go on and on and on. But the thing is: are you one of those young ignorant teens who are clueless and think the world of live performances and videoclips started 4 years ago? Do you really think Gaga invented blood, guns and high heels for videos and live performances? Man you really need to get some pop culture. You can start with Madonnas shows ans videos and you’ll see everything Gaga has done, but in the original version.

      • masdonna

        Whatever! At least Gaga is not cheating on her fans lip-synching like Madonna, Britney, Janet and all the rest.

      • Mark

        Madonna fans already know what songs she’s gonna lip-sync, besides Lady Gaga cheated on her fans from the very beginning, she copied almost everything Madonna did, the religious symbols, the choreographies, the videos, the looks, everything. But of course her fans are so ignorant that they didn’t know she was being a copycat and they though she was original and they bought her lie. She pretended to be original, and her fans of course thought she was the first artist to do what she was doing, when actually she copied almost everything she did from other artists, but her fans are mostly ignorant pre-teens who are clueless about music and videos and of course they believed her and never realized how fake she was.
        But some of them are realizing now that they are watching Madonna’s videos and it’s very funny to see how Gaga fans are turning into Madonna fans very slowly when they see the truth.

    • Madonna’s Slave

      Madonna used guns at American life, Express yourself at Re-invention world tour, Nothing really Matters at Drowned world tour!

      Madonna used blood during her Drowned World tour when she transfigured herself as a injured Geisha!

      Madonna used masks years before Stefani decides to rip of Radio Gaga, during her Vogue Performance at Re-invention world tour!

      Actually if it wasn’t Madonna Gaga would definitely continue using drugs to cheer her mood up!

      Baby deal with it…you’re so over!

      • Madonna’s Slave

        Aaa @Masdonna shut up cause you had never been to her concert…I have gone to Confessions tour and S&S tour…she’s always signing live even though she hasn’t got the PERFECT voice!

    • LUCA

      your brain very caca your thoughts very caca your head very caca..oops sorry I forgot to tell you that caca means SHIT!

    • Trent75

      BTW Madonna used a GUN in the 1987 WHOS THAT GIRL tour in the ‘White Heat’ section of the show before ‘Causing A Commotion’..

    • madonnamaniac


  • masdonna

    The guns very gaga, the blood very gaga, the masck very gaga, the darck very gaga gaga gaga again gaga

    • TheQueen


    • LMFAO

      At least Madonna won’t be rubbing the blood on her body like Lady Gaga just for attention.

  • TheQueen

    This is so cool!

    I hope this show will be more like Drowned tour!

  • travis

    The tour’s gonna kick ass, that’s for sure!

  • Sloane

    Well it looks dark to me and this fan couldn’t be happier! Is that a black fan I see one of her dancers holding?? OH JOY. I love love LUV Drowned World theatrical section. And that bird thingy rumor seems to be true, I’m thinking Black Swan of some sort?? Her costume for that is gonna be EPIC! Just watch. It’ll be what Lady Xerox WANTED to do but failed so badly.

    ..styrofoam castle lol…

    Anyway, like I said, I AM HAPPYYYYYYY! S&S was too light for my tastes. Bring on the dark stuff. .Paradise Not For Me, Confessions Opener, etc etc. I think that’s what M does best. Dark Madonna = SO HAPPY. Get a clue to those who don’t see it. M if this is what you’re planning for us, thank you!

    • Sloane

      And let me just clarify that I don’t think the whole show’s going to be dark, either. And I don’t care. If I get just one section, that fulfills my personal wishes. Something for everybody, most likely. But just thrilled that I may be seeing another M masterpiece, like DWT Geisha section, Beast Within (Re-Invention), and, perhaps, Confessions Future Lovers. If it’s anything on par w/ those, even ONE SONG, I’m love spent and swept away!!

    • madonnamaniac


  • Tomek

    Stop talking that the tour is going to be dark for goodness sake ! We only have seen pictures from 3 maybe 4 songs, probably 1 part of the show which we know is suppose to be dark.

    Wait and stop moaning . I am sick of all this bullshit you people are writing here.

    It is simple that you are NOT Madonna’s fans at all! You should know otherwise that her shows are so complex, there is much things going on at the stage at the same time that is hard to focus on what to watch. And here we’ve got some picture from rehearsal and you come to conclusion that the tour is going to be like that.

    It’s like judging songs after listening 5 seconds. It’s stupid, but that is how people, especially young people, behave these days. I’m sick off you.

    • Debbie Z


  • danny

    wow there a lot of monster haters in here if you got something negative to say STFU or go to a gaga video!! losers!!!

  • Tim

    It’s religious delusions is anything! everyone is a damn
    she just wants to sell his Kaballah and still please the old gay, pfff
    old age is a shipwreck lol

  • Tim

    It is very dark for no one sees her face lift is missed!
    A picture of her and not to his advantage lol

  • Jonhy

    The outfif of madonna is very crap…. Ohh gosh is very simple and the hair is the same over and over die bitch … Look horrible… Nothing creative…

    • javier

      hahaha they are just rehearsing, do you think that they will show all the outfits?? hahaha wait and see

  • day4night

    don’t like it. Shee’s going for shock value but it’s tired.





  • Mary

    Wow the Tour is very dark! Nice madonna Fuck Gaga…

  • Debbie Z