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Justify My Love (MDNA Tour Backdrop Video)

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • L4jo1e

    I like the clown effects in this backdrop ! And Madonna proove that at 50’s, a woman can be sexy

  • ditas dungeon

    look, the dress she is wearing in the beginning of the video is sexy, and she is looking young too.

    but when she wears her “forever 21″ clothes, she doesn`t look sexy, they make her just older as she really is.

  • Ique

    a great slap on the face of little bitches almost in the 30’s.

  • Thor

    Is she possessed?

  • Love Spender

    OMG I’m so proud for the Queen as I always were…Dita is back babies…and she wants to teach us how to fuck…Dita I missed you so much!

  • lolvideo

    only one word: great! why isn’t she filming something like that for her music videos? this could have been the much better girl gone wild-video!

  • Angelo Javier

    love her!! why can’t she be sexy at 53?? does she have to be ended and not having sexual life at 53?? thanks madonna for proving the society wrong, do your thing!