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Madonna on NME’s 100 Greatest Songs of NME’s Time list

Madonna on NME's 100 Greatest Songs of NME's Time

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  • rabbitbunny

    Madonna changed the history of recorded music because her bravery and fearlessness will always be a sight to behold. Thus, Like a Prayer is her most beautiful song, hardest rocker and most beloved recording. A Brave Song sung with absolute feeling, tender sadness, impassioned rock & roll and gospel fire, Like a Prayer is a Beautiful Prayer of Transcendence! Amen, Madonna! Michigan will never be the same!

  • Ique

    what she made for the history of music, how she changed way of express and have no fear will be always remembered.

  • Miguel

    It’s true, I teach Religion and Mythology in college and I gave a class about Mystic Poetry from the Muslims to the Christians.
    Mystic Poetry is when the poet talks about the relationship between him and God as a romantic, almost erotic relationship. His love for his God is so strong, and his soul wants to unite with God and become one so badly that it hurts, so his soul and his God are portrayed and “the lover and the beloved”
    I talked about Rumi and the Sufi poets and I talked about Saint John of The Cross, and of course I talked about Madonna’s Like a Prayer song and how the lyrics are a perfect example of mystic poetry and how she took some elements from Saint John’s poem Living Flame of Love for her video such as the burning crosses that represents the intense burning love that she feels for God and how she yearns to become one with Him.
    I also talked about the Vatican’s ignorance when they condemned her for this video, because they didn’t even realized it was a mystical poem coming to life. Saint John of the Cross wrote similar poems and he is a Christian Saint.

    • I tow the line

      Do you think the fact that she is a grown woman eroticizing her relationship with god and saints might be a factor? When it comes to children being abused by priests, the Catholic Church doesn’t seem to have many problems.

      • Miguel

        Yes, the fact that she was a woman was definitely a factor, I mean, Saint John of The Cross was eroticizing his relationship with God too and he was sanctified and canonized by the Church. But there were female poets like Saint Teresa of Jesus (and her famous Ecstasy) who did the same and they were canonized by the Church. Madonna was condemned for doing the same but most of all because she was not part of the church, just a normal woman and because the Vatican didn’t realized she was singing a mystical poem, they just saw the sexual surface and didn’t see the meaning beneath. But yeah, I think they were mad at her because mystical poetry reflects a direct and intimate relationship between the man and his God, without the Church playing any part in it. And they must have thought “who the hell Madonna thinks she is to be able to talk to God directly without our intervention”.

      • I tow the line

        Interesting analysis and perspective!! Thanks!!! I wanna take a class with you!!!

  • Alex

    1.222.588: rank of the relevance of the NME in the world.

  • I tow the line

    I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there…



  • George Stremplis

    she should be at top 5 at least!!!

    • Pera

      yes, but since this is NME, i’m surprised they ranked her so high! She’s ranked higher than Prince, Radiohead, Marvin Gaye, Ramones, Presley, R.E.M. etc.
      She’s also the only female in top 20…

      • George Stremplis

        You are right!!! I forgot that!!!