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MDNA Tour in Abu Dhabi – Pictures and Review by Victor

Madonna's MDNA Tour in Abu DhabiMadonna's MDNA Tour in Abu DhabiMadonna's MDNA Tour in Abu DhabiMadonna's MDNA Tour in Abu Dhabi

“I attended the first Abu Dhabi show with a group of friends. We got passes for ‘Friends and Family’ in the Golden Triangle, exceptional experience seeing Madonna so close and touching her hand.
The show was breathtaking, literally also because of the heat and humidity. It was one of a kind experience.
Uncertainty, whether Madonna would amend the show due to the ‘locals sensitivity’, and some worries that if she does not, she could be in troubles. We get jailed here for a greeting kiss if not married. So our fears were justified. It seems that she knew about the audience feelings for her, and she displayed a huge fake tattoo on her back “NO FEAR”. It was a short message conveying so much … at least it meant that much to me.

The show was great, the sweat was literally running out of stage; there were some minor technical difficulties, Madonna lost her mic, which rolled down of the stage, the stage lifts were not working properly in some moments. But what was working 100 percent it was her. We were absolutely puzzled how well she coped with the weather and at the same time singing and dancing. We live there for years and we find it difficult to cope with our daily routines during summer time. She is in absolute shape –body, face, singing – perfection.
We met few dancers after the show in hotel and all they said that it was very hard to do the show because of the heat and humidity and they had to dance in gas masks in one of the numbers – imagine that?”

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