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RDS Interview with Madonna – Video

RDS Interview with Madonna - Video

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  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    Madonna is very smart – i love her look and i do have (made) last year the exact same Cross Madonna wear :D

  • vic

    What a beautiful interview with an honest, relaxed and sensitive Madonna, its the best in years ! You can see the human being behind the superstar, the sweetness behind the strenght… It’s the kind of interview who make me love her so much.

  • MDNA ‘maggo’

    love this interview love madonna
    see you in 23 days in edinburgh cannot wait.

  • Joe Jennings

    This interview explains those photos of her looking so intense.

  • M_DNA

    I miss the old Madonna so much. She laughs nervously every time she answers a question. I don’t know… she’s different. I hope she is happy, that’s all that matters.

  • Love Spender

    What an amazing soul…such a broken heart…I’m so sad for seeing her beautiful eyes ready to cry…She’s really speaks from her bottom of her heart…Madonna we love you as we always loved you…You said in Coimbra (I think) that you are nothing without us…well we’re nothing without you too!

    PS: You are soooo beautiful and adorable!

  • Daniel

    I wish they would more sensible questions, stick to the album and tour, use stills, instead of going on and on about her daughter etc..

  • Lisa

    Really good interview, I really feel like I got a glimpse of how she might really be. I don’t know if she was looking sad or tired, maybe a little of both??? I am surprised about the lines under her eyes, I assumed she would have had those “done”, but I guess not and I think she looks beautiful. She just didn’t seem like such a put on like she does in other interviews, I really enjoyed this a lot.

  • Roadwork

    I just saw live footage of Madonna singing Masterpiece and Like A Virgin. The woman looks amazing, sounds amazing, and is amazing. Anyone who says otherwise is just full of it. Its remarkable that only smart people can see what this woman is doing. Her voice sounds preserved and protected, her body is extremely fit, her face looks great, and yet people want to criticize her. Its extremely transparent and I can see right through it!

  • rabbitbunny

    That’s who she’ll always be-a storyteller who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable-When Madonna is happy, she is sad. When Madonna is sad, she is happy. The happy/sad balancing act is part of her life. She has given me a voice because of her humanity. There is something about Madonna that is real, authentic and genuine. Is it all worth it? For Madonna, yes-it is! Thank you Madonna Ciccone for being a friend to me! Love you Madge!

  • bla

    and the close shot of her face im sure is not allowed by her even thought i think she looks ok i think it wasnt approved by her cause if u see other interviews shots are open never so close, it had a digital zoom

  • bla

    shes obviously tired she is in the middle of a big tour and she is forced ti do these interviews and most of the times. only questions about her children, it is all about gossip, they never ask her about her album or movie if i was her i wouldnt do any


    An interesting interview and a real sadness behind the eyes of Madonna the entertainer – a lonely world at the top being condemned by the ever ignorant ‘peanut gallery’!

    Sadly, she appears tired, as if she now wonders; ‘Was it all worth it?’ – they still bash me!

    I remember the ‘Tube’ with Jools Holland and Paula Yates one Friday night 1982 when some feisty young broad sung ‘Holiday’ – I hated her because she stood for everything I wanted to be! DIFFERENT!
    I’ve grown up with Madonna, the Virgin, the Material Girl, the corsets, Catholicism, the scandals, the controversy,the burning crosses, Vogue, the boyfriends, the films, Truth or Dare, SEX, erotica, Evita, Earth-mother, Ray of Light, Sean,Warren (you gotta lotta Dick. Dick!) Guy, Children,adoption, That Kiss (thanks Britney) the Leotard,Letterman (that interview where you wouldn’t leave!) A-rod, Bernhard, MDNA, The Nipple!
    Isn’t it about time we said Thank You for Our Memories!
    Thank you Madonna, your strength, your weakness, your hardness, your vulnerability, your contradictions, your style, your opinion, your think skin, your beauty, your honesty and above all, your voice!
    As you have given many of us without a voice, a dream and hope.
    To quote the lady herself…
    ‘Good going stranger!’

  • ScottnNYC

    Thank you for posting this interview – it’s the best one she has done in years. She was relaxed and honest….so easy to fall in love with her from just one interview!

  • Johnny

    I love her. She’s such a wisdom woman. I think the media has been really tough with her and she’s been tremendously strong for handle it. People nowdays think it’s easy become a superstar and remain relevant for fifty years after, but it isn’t, Madonna gained it with hard and passionate work.

    I recently fell in love with her and I feel bad for myself because I lost so many time of such an amazing and honest music.

  • Sunny

    Beautiful, stunning, elegant, charming, intelligent, talented, sharp, witty….this woman is so many things and i adore her! x

  • SomethingToRemember



    • Masterpiece Bitch

      are you eD or day4night??? Better not be! This site has become a sanctuary for all the true Madonna fans, thanks to the reworked commenting system!!! THUMBS UP TO ALLABOUTMADONNA.COM !!!!!!!! :D

      And a true Madonna fan, trust me, would never say her eyelashes are “gross”. Find other, more appropriate means of expressing your thoughts please! Just a tip, you could have simply said “in my opinion, these eyelashes are a bit too big for her”! And by the way, I do not agree with your opinion!

  • luca

    wonderful interview

  • Frank Beltrami

    This interviewer was almost rude in a backhanded compliment kind of way. She held up well in this interview. I felt the hurt in her answer when she said that people talking bad/reviewing her didnt hurt anymore….OF Course it still hurts. M has to be a strong woman to take that kind of criticism. I only wish more people would do what makes them happy too. I dont like to see people questioned and asked to justify their lives by judgemental people. I truly fell people asking questions in derisive ways only speaks to their own lack of balls to get up and do what you feel like doing. Its almost as if madonna has to justify being a type a personality getting what she wants. We shouldnt have to be made to feel bad for what we want. All i can say is she inspires me, she has since i was a kid and now that i am older and she is as well, i feel she has much wisdom to impart, all packaged in music and dancing as well. she may never hear it directly from me but i want her (madonna) to know truly how much she means to me and how much her music is with me on a daily basis and makes me feel so much in my own life. Thats golden. Thank you, and keep being you and most importantly REAL.

    • Sunny

      Dear Frank, that was such a beautifuly honest and sincerely well-expressed post and i relate to you on all your views and admiration for Madonna. You’re right, shes an incredible woman and the world cannot handle the fact that she is still going strong, breaking down barriers and expressing herself etc I too have grown up following/supporting her and she truly is an extremely influential, inspiring individual and i too have learnt so from from her. Madonna comes across so beautiful and charming in this interview and always so intelligent concerning all matters. May she continue to reign supreme, keep spreading the l-u-v ;-) xx

  • I tow the line

    WOW! This interview is so cool in many levels. First, let me be superficial and talk about how flawless she looks. This is an interview in constant close up, and her skin, eyes, lips, and face in general are just so beautiful. Second, and more importantly, I just love listening to our Maddy. She is such an interesting and complex woman, and for once somebody asks her decent questions.

  • B

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks absolutely pissed at the interviewer? (Who, by the way, is a complete moron.)

    On the other hand, I’m always amazed at how down-to-earth Madonna is. How has she managed to stay this way after so many years in the spotlight? I love, love, love her!

    • I tow the line

      Maybe in clip 3 she was a bit pissed with all the very personal questions, but Madonna answered them very well. I really liked the interview and thought the interviewer asked good questions, even if a few were a bit intrusive. And Madonna seemed honest. I don’t think Madonna was happy to answer questions about Lourdes and cigarettes, for instance, but you can see in clip 4 how my Maddy gets emotional when she talks about what she hopes for the future of her kids. Loved this thing.

  • B

    Am I the only one who thinks she looked absolutely pissed at the interviewer? Who, by the way, is a complete moron. Just my humble opinion…

    On the other hand, I’m always amazing at how down-to-earth Madonna is. How has she managed to stay this way after so many years in the spotlight? I love.