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Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • spurtip

    I hated the haters too, but it seems the wonderful democratic aspect of the site has died. we’ll see, but so far visually, the comment section is horrible.

  • Love Spender

    Thank you so much administrator…it was really offensive that haters come here just to insult Madonna using our names…that was really pathetic…thanks again, much love!

  • dan

    I have loved Madonna for a very long time. But this tour seems so angry and nipple flashing is something she did 20 years ago. I thought she didn’t like repeating herself? She is now a mum of 4 and 53 years of age with 1 of her children in the show. Does he really need or want to see that? And she is supposed to be talking about peace and then running around with all these guns. Studying the Kabbahlah for 14 years obviously hasn’t done a lot for her own thoughts of peace. And it’s been 4 years since her last album and 4 years since she finished with Guy and still THIS ragingly angry about him? Build a bridge lady and find some forgiveness. Peace starts in your own heart.

  • DanielHivren

    Thank you so much!!! Now there may be less idiots posting hateful messages towards Madonna and her fans!