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  • Jamie

    Madonna is more powerfull tan EVER! I’m só happy to se that She’s is disturbing CACA’s fans!!! LOL She’s has balls and I’m really proud of her!

  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    it’s funny how people pay attention to negativity lol
    i don’t give a ;)
    enjoy Madonna and ur life
    God bless u all

  • Love Spender

    Yeah baby that’s our girl :))
    Haters are gonna gang banged by Madonna and her crew who hold a revolver!

  • Chance B. Birdsall

    ;-) |
    ~M ♥ A ♥ D ♥ O ♥ N ♥ N ♥ A

  • MDNA

    o shut up u old cow… get your act together, make some great album, STOP TOURING FOR MONEY, and give some life to your carer! u used to be amazing

    • Madonna’s Slave

      How dare you using the “MDNA” as you’re not a Madonna fan…she’s amazing and if your don’t like her then get your ass out of here! For goodness sakes!

    • Love Spender

      You’re pathetic!

    • DanielHivren

      trust me, Madonna has enough money to buy your soul and the rest of the world! She is NOT doing any of this for money you idiot!

    • albert

      stupid pathetic haters: all the time insulting her in youtube and madonna fan pages. You’re just showing how powerful she is, because by the time of Like a virgin she was being constantly insulted too, however nobody cares about Cindy Lauper or Cher enough to bother writing some nasty comment about them. That’s all you can do against her: writing some stupid comments that she will never read.

    • Yvana Martin

      @MDNA if there is an old cow somewhere it’s U.
      Back to pasture and ruminate over your frustrating life !

    • blackout-impro-2008

      Get a life, some friends , a girlfriend maybe (i wouldn’t go that far with you lol).