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  • luckystar

    I was there in Vienna. And the show was just perfect. During the soundcheck and the concert Madonna was smiley and looked really happy. Seeing Like a virgin from 2 metres was an unforgettable experience, I almost cried. The show was full of love, life and light. And she charged me up with a lot of energy. That is a night that I will never forget. Thank you!!!!

  • rabbitbunny

    Namaste, Madge! You have a great and positive attitude about Life! Keep shining bright Madonna-my Lucky Star, Ray of Light and Masterpiece! I Love You Your Madgesty Ciccone!

  • Stef

    Ridiculous speech.

  • Tom

    Well, even the Olympia show is paying dividend. Madonna has always been and still is an exception to the rules. In her case the negative publicity always works to her advantage. The negativity towards her actually brings the focus/ sets light on her talent and her work.

    So, to you haters: I hope you stick around even though you are bitter losers like mari le pen.

  • Australian fan

    Madonna your the fucking best of all time!!!!! Come to australia please <3


    Madonna looks like she has a big, black, uncut penis in the video still above. She’s hung to her knees! I really can judge what happened in Olympia. I wasn’t there. I just hope Madonna finds peace with it all.

  • tuimo

    i had to laugh during the concert. because people in the golden circle were in a good mood, but still acting really selfishly egoistically toward each other. and i was wondering if they even have the brains to realize what their idol is talking about.

  • de Sascha

    I hope she necer stops and keeps flashing her bum n nipples until the end. She is truly a body of work!
    Until that day… I can’t see her younger peers doing what she does at a tender age of 53 years… Legendary…

    • NATE

      FUCKING awesome comment..I fully believe that too..

  • mdna12345

    I was there last night and had the best time of my life! Luv you forever Queen Madonna! ♥

  • blackout-impro-2008

    I really don’t understand some haters here . They claim that they’re ex Madonna fans but they spend their pathetic lives in a Madonna fansite, i mean if Madonna has nothing to offer anymore to you then just get the f**k out and get a life , don’t blame Madonna because you’re so neglected as a human being , i’m pretty sure Life is more than just a Madonna album . I personally don’t like Madonna’s recent music , but i like that of Rihanna and Katy and Adele and Lana, so i listen to it way more, i don’t need to blame Madonna for my preferences , that’s just sad .I’m only here because i still love Madonna as a live act, she never disappoints , and all these sad souls that keep writing crap like “Oh she just keeps repeating herself” with different nicknames everytime just need to shut up and get a life, if not then give me one artist nowadays that never repeats something he’s done on tour before in his recent tour , until then just shut up and get some friends and a life and get out a bit more.

    • saaa

      I personally don’t like the music of adele (it’s so boring and retro) but i would never go to her fansites to make stupid or negativ comments there.

  • patval

    It’s very funny most of the people who takes defense of Madonna were not at the olympia…. Madonna please stop ! You try to find a way out but there is none. you fuc..d up. And that ‘s it.
    Your fan booed you and i’ll be ready to do so again. and i hate the FN party.
    Make believe that all boos you received came from FN people is a lie.It wasn’t a FN meeting but a concert organized for the fans). The proof is the many FB pages create to be refund.
    You should put the finger at you and fix it !
    I am fed up with your speech, i don’t want your light and stop giving lessons.
    Have the courage to recognize you’ve gone too far this time and parisian will forgive and forget.
    It is unbelievable how a star like her can be so far and misunderstand her fans.

    • Yvana Martin

      don’t seem you were there neither !

    • MOOV

      you weren’t there either , get a life.

  • paul allen

    that was a very good speech. love her. she’s the Queen!

  • MDMA

    oh and stop blaming gaga fags for every shitty comment u see about madonna

  • MDMA

    How oblivious is she and her fans? I salute to everything she did up to 2006, but after that she is dead for me…

    • Yvana Martin

      She is still alive for people who appreciate her !

    • MOOV²

      She’s dead for you yet you spend your life in a fansite dedicated to here?? You’re pathetic , but i wouldn’t blame you , who would want to be friends with a sad spirit like you lol.

      • MDMA

        Your mom says hi, she just finished sucking my cook…

      • blackout-impro-2008

        LOL, lydia is that you?

    • NATE

      if she is dead to you why are you on this site and why did you watch the concert…your a blatant liar…LMAO

  • thico


    From the Examiner:
    For the past couple of days, the media has enjoyed a field day reporting on how Madonna’s career is over with since she was booed off stage at a private Paris concert. They have been doing this despite the fact that videos show the crowd having a great time and dancing. To make the story more believable, the media emphasized how after the show, “fans” threw bottles at the stage and called her a “slut.” Until now, nobody looked into the allegations.
    It turns out that many fans did feel shortchanged due to lack of communication on how the show would be shorter. But the actual riots and the screaming were started by supporters of Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far right National Front in Paris. Apparently, they are still upset that Madonna compares Le Pen to a Nazi in her tour. Even though Le Pen isn’t a Nazi, the National Front has been accused of having Nazi ties and until recently, denied the Holocaust existed.
    The French DST (equivalent to FBI in America) reported that a disturbance was planned, whether Madonna left early or not. There were several people holding up signs that made fun of Madonna’s age, sexuality, and political affiliations. Once the show stopped, they started calling her rude names, rushed the stage with bottles, and encouraged others to boo. They took videos and uploaded them to YouTube immediately.
    But Le Pen’s supporters aren’t the only ones involved. On several sites, many of Lady Gaga’s “little monsters” are asking each other to post messages everywhere to say they can confirm Madonna is a liar since they were at the show. They are even posting false pictures of themselves at concerts and saying it was Madonna’s Paris show. It’s doubtful Lady Gaga would approve of this.
    One fan emailed us and explained that he and his friends had an amazing time, but were certainly disappointed about the show’s lengh. “Madonna was in top form. It’s a shame she left early, but we still had a great time. I can tell you from being there that her own ‘fans’ did not start any riots. That is just media spin. There are people negatively commenting on Twitter who claim to have been at the show, but weren’t. I can tell you 100 percent of what happened because I was there.”

    • Oscar

      hahahahahahaha The Examiner?? Same site that posts bullshit against Lady GaGa all the time?? That site is one of the most depressing and irrelevant my friend.

      • Yvana Martin

        I didn’t know there was a site posting bullshit against Lady Gaga….depressing I understand but why would it be irrelevant ?

  • I tow the line

    I kind of understand the Olympia show issues more and more, but even if I will side with fans who were expecting more and were frustrated with the length of the show, that doesn’t justify any of the shitty attitude shown by some at the end of the Olympia set. After all, like Madonna says here, she does give her 100% to us when she is on stage, and as her fans, we should be open to criticism but we should not bring negativity and darkness anywhere, especially to a show of our beloved Queen.

  • Fred

    Fantastic speech and attitude. Nice to see some positivity. That’s why I like this site. I find at other places, comments are negative criticisms. Not critical analysis of what she is trying to do (because constructive criticism is postive – it’s designed to help someone improve), but simply a desire to insult Madonna. I loved the Olympia concert that I watched online. As soon as she announced that performance, I realised it was going to be one of her shorter promo shows. Rumours to the contrary seemed silly – why would she give her multi-million dollar show away for free online?
    I’ve been a fan since 1986. The reason I’m still a fan is that her art – both her music and her work as a performance artist – continues to change as she experiments with new sounds, finds new influences, and matures as a woman. I was disappointed when the album didn’t do as well as Confessions or Music did, but then I remembered, she is a 54 year old woman. Teenagers don’t buy music made by people older than their moms. I say good! Madonna’s audience has matured since 1986 and that is the audience she is nuturing now – adults. Lady Gaga and Britney are not contemporaries – they were in diapers at the height of Madonna’s fame. So of course they will sell more records and have the teenagers and pre-teens squealing and buying records – that’s how pop music works. Madonna’s focus has changed from ensuring popular success to ensuring a lasting legacy of quality music and quality performance. MDNA is a great album – the juxtaposition of emotional pain and disappointment (gang bang, love spent) with a hunger for happiness and joy (turn up the radio, girl gone wilde) makes for a complex listen when you play the record beginning to end. The album is a complete work of art. This may pose problems for singles but I don’t care about singles.
    Please keep positive on here about her work. I want her to keep doing what she does and she is only going to do that if we continue to support her. If this is in smaller numbers then fine. I’d rather support a moderately successful artist that makes quality music than a enormously successful artist that makes mediocre music.
    I really hope that Madonna continues to make music into her healthy old age. that music will mature with her and it should. When we feel a desire to be critical we should attempt to engage with her lyrics, with the symbolism in her words, her costumes, her dancing, and her videos. That is where interesting conversations can happen. That is where art has the power to change its audience.
    I’ll stop lecturing now. I can’t wait to see the full concert in Toronto this September. I’ve been to the Re-Invention tour and Sticky and Sweet. Both were entertaining and though provoking going beyond album promotion, or the rattling off of old hits. She takes her past art and adapts it to a theatrical vision that speaks to where she is at as an artist and comments on where we are as a society. I cannot wait to be a part of that this fall.
    All the best everyone!

    • Yvana Martin

      Very nice comment, I just disagree on 1 item : all in all MDNA album is not doing bad compare to Gaga’s last, Britney’s & Rihanna’s. Madonna rules !

      • MOOV

        well rihanna’s last one sold 3 million copies and sent one song to the number one spot for 13 weeks , she just needs to spend more time promoting it .. I have no idea what you’re talking about

      • Fred

        Oh, your’e right. I just meant that the sales expectations that are placed on her shoulders were unrealistic.

    • puta

      Bla,bla,bla Madonna sucks when singing live and she’s desperate showing her breast

      • Tom

        Desperate is you and your wannabees who come and go like flies.
        When Madonna brings out an album or goes on tour who wants to listen to or go to see copycats riana or caca?
        30 years into her career, she is still generating far more sales and attention from fans and haters alike to put caca, riana, shitney and even London world Olympics to shame which is so tacky, bad organized tickets to many games are unsold or those who ordered them don’t bother to show up, talking about Olympics.

        But Madonna, still delivers great songs, great and different records, puts on great shows and in recession hit euro zone her shows are mostly sold out and performing above the expectations. The US leg of her tour is SOLD OUT. She is still keeping the cash registers ringing. As far as the album sales are concerned. They could never match Madonna’s performance in Paris. MDNA is alternative and not a mainstream album. It is indeed about escaping from pain. It is a roller coaster emotional journey in one place/ one album. It is not a simple mainstream album like riana, cacas,,,,,. MDNA is a complex album. And considering that it has done and continues to do well.

        Madonna has reached an artistic stage in which she doesn’t have to repeat making another Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Ray of Light, Confession On the Dance Floor, Hung, Vogue, Holliday, ROL,,,
        She can afford to step out of her zone and make records to fit her mood and express her views , she can afford to make fantastic yet not mainstream records like American life and MDNA.

      • Yvana Martin

        bla bla bla YOU SUCK BIG TIME !

  • AustrianFan

    i was there yesterday and the show was amazing!!!! i really loved it!!! she’s the greatest artist of all time…

  • alex

    I think it’s very important that when the remixes from “Turn up the radio” comes up, we all fans buy it the first week so that we can make it a top 10 all over the world. Even fans from Tina Turner made possible that one of her old singles became a top 10 in Uk. I guess that Madonna has more fans than Tina Turner, so we can make it!!! She deserves it.

    • Jason Burton

      And remember to download all the mixes seperately… sometimes – I don’t know how – they count as individual purchases!!!!