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MDNA Tour Billboard Boxscores – Part 3

Madonna, Martin Solveig
Stade De France, Paris, France
July 14, 2012
62,195 / 62,195
1 / 1
$183.73, $42.87
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation France

Madonna, LMFAO, Martin Solveig
Hyde Park, London, U.K.
July 17, 2012
54,140 / 54,140
1 / 1
$195.47, $109.46
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation U.K.

Madonna, Alesso
Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh, U.K.
July 21, 2012
52,160 / 52,160
1 / 1
$195.28, $70.30
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation U.K.

Madonna, Alesso
National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, U.K.
July 19, 2012
11,684 / 11,684
1 / 1
$274.55, $86.29
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation U.K.

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  • Madonna Heat

    To haters: around 100000000$$$$$$ already from half of her European dates. Go Madonna. She is doing somthing right.
    caca and caca lovers go and die.

  • live nation manipulation

    i like madonna… but i still live in the reality…people wake up… her hyde park show was never sold out…there were heaps of tickets available the day before the concert. live nation just turns the numbers as they like

    • live nation manipulation

      its basically the same thing with mdna-album…who cares if this album went no1 on itunes in how many countries…fact doesnt sell well. even if she might has sold between 1 and 2 million other singers do this easily. so m should have sold at least 4 million. besides the numbers, the album is so weak anyway lyrically and musically, it sounds outdated with its release

  • Stef

    It is very simple, ‘Soldout’ is when all tickets are sold. This was not the case in Paris, Rome, Tel Aviv, Brussels. 70 000 tickets on sale according to the Stade de France, only 62 195 sold. Local newspapers and press associations (AFP, Reuters) confirmed that it was not soldout. A lot of international artists gather more than 70 000 people in this stadium, Madonna can not, and it is not a problem of logistics, only a question of success or lack of success. This show and her other shows did not sell out.

    • Timur Chigirov

      give me a name of another solo artist who sells out 70,000 stadiums? Before you say Gaga, go and add her figures – she will have to give three times as many concerts just to match Madonna’s gross at current rate.

  • Only Queen of Universe Madonna

    Metallica, police, tom, dick and Harry????????? Touring after a long absence and then filling some of the venues up when they come back????????? Should that be surprising? It doesn’t take a geniues to figure the rest out.

    Here You have Madonna: her tours have consistently surpassed all the sales expectations. Her last tour was a little more than two years ago and was the highest grossing tour by any artist in the history. Now she is out there again, well on the way to have another record breaking tour. As the sales stand now, MDNA is already in top 10 selling tour of all time?

    How many other artists have had consistent back to back high grossing tours???? Surly not gagas, byounces, britneys, maraiahs, toms, metalicas, polices’ dicks and harrys.

    • Stef

      Her tours have consistently surpassed the sales expectations ??? No, Madonna doesn’t reach attendance expectations. Her shows are not soldout.

  • Only Queen of Universe Madonna

    The term “sold-out” has little to do with the number the venue or the number of tickets still available. Because that all depends on the logistics as well as the local safety rules and regulations.
    The term “Sold-Out” has to do with the sales estimation prognoses/ expectations based on the market situation during the planning phase of a tour. Live Nation is not naïve. They know exactly the concert market as well as the global market situation.
    When an artist has toured recently and very successfully, when some of the markets where the artist is planning to tour again are in deep recession, the sales prognoses are adjusted accordingly during the planning phase of a tour. Live Nation has made a proper market analysis, sales expectations/ prognosis.

    As it stands now, MDNA concert ticket sales have surpassed the expectations and is on track to become one of the highest grossing concerts ever. Only Queen of Universe Madonna can manage these numbers.

    • luca

      right said…Caca fans eat your caca

    • Kaz


      Live Nation is not naive, of course NOT, only Madonna’s fans are brainless. MDNA concert ticket sales surpassed the expectation? haha

      50,000 in London, 11,000 Birmingham ( 2 biggest cities in UK ), please don’t make ma laugh. After mega promotion during Super Bowl she should have surpassed S&S Tour in numbers of tickets sold, and the numbers are 40 % fewer ! Only money is the same, because tickets are extremely expensive.

      She preaches about poor children and then charge ridiculous prices for her performance.

      • Travis

        yeah, but she did the UK shows all in the same time, so i guess that the Birmingham show was sold out, coz fans would enjoy the show much better in a arena than a wide outdoor park where many difficulties my occure..
        Even if the Hyde Park concert would have sold just 25.000 or 40.000 tickets it would be “sold out” by LiveNation.

  • Kasia

    can’t wait for Warsaw concert ( 1 August ), because there are thousands of tickets not sold. You can buy all kinds of tickets, from golden circle to the cheap ones ( for 30 pounds ). We’ll see if they gonna called it sold out as well. Capacity is 58,000

    • Travis

      35,000 will be sold likely, yeah, sure the capacity of the stadium is much higher but that’s only for football matches. At concerts it’s diffrent, depends on the concert stage and many other things..

      • Coffee

        the capacity is plus/minus the same. during football matches people don’t stand on the pitch. Even if stage take x number of seats there are still much more space on the pitch.
        It is really amazing how people are stupid these days and believe in all the sold out concerts. But hey, what to expect from them, they also believe that AIDS is from monkey or drink Coca Cola, idiots are everywhere…

    • Stef

      Yes. In Brussels, the attendance was 36 000, capacity more than 50 000. Stade de France: 62 195 / 75-80 000

  • Rob

    The same was with Cardiff during S&S Tour, opening night – 33,000 tickets sold, and they called this sold out venue, while the capacity is 74,000 seats !!! ridiculous.
    That is called manipulation people, and you are part of it

  • Rob

    same was during Sticky and Sweet tour.
    Opening night in Cardiff, 33,000 tickets sold, and the concert was so called sold out, with capacity 74,000 seats !!! That is ridiculous. That is called manipulation people, and you are part of it.

  • Tede

    Hyde Park sold out ??? hahahha
    how can Hyde Park be sold out, the capacity there is endless

    all theses sold out venues are fake, fake , fake, as is number of MDNA sold in US ( given away for free 200,000 copies )

  • Stef

    62,195 in Paris: not soldout, a lot of tickets not sold (Metallica 74,000 in 2012, Police 78,000 in 2007, Madonna 2×69,000 in 2008, U2 96,000 in 2010 in Paris)…..

  • Travis

    the numbers.. very provacative!