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Backstage at Madonna’s MDNA Tour – Video

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • Lady Garbage and The Generic

    Read some of the articles by perfume experts …. and laugh

  • MOOV

    yeah, after more than two months after Madonna’s perfume was released, let’s see how good it’s gonna do in two months time lol.

  • Anita nygreen

    It is importain to tell how, big a effort she done, and how flexible and adjustebal, with her work all over the world.

  • Roadwork

    And some people think she just throws a show together.

  • ph

    tis is the longest she ever been on tour in october she normanly end her shows i guess m you have to make that money for live nation m you should never singn tat deal you were doing fan because it was less presure wen you were at your record lable now you have to come up wit the goods wen it more persure

    • Roadwork

      actually I read that she gets like 90% of concert net profits. And Im sure she is one of the top earners for Live Nation. So I wouldnt worry about her.

  • MDNA-Scam

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS DEAD ON allaboutmadonna!

  • Mega-Madonna-Fan

    Our Queen of Photoshop

    • blackout-impro-2008

      You will never get a life.

    • Little Morons

      Like the “Fame” ad ?


      yikes !

  • Ique

    The queen of everything beautiful, luminous, luxurious.