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Britney and Christina Aren’t Going for Another Madonna Reunion

Twitter fans are all abuzz about Madonna’s MDNA tour which said it would feature cameo roles from Britney and Christina. Following the tweets were statements from Madonna’s rep, Liz Rosenberg, telling THR that these feeds were not true.
The same goes with Britney’s spokesman, Jeff Raymond, and Aguilera’s publicist, Nicole Perez-Krueger. They denied the endorsements as the two singers are not on the list to perform for Madonna.

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  • I tow the line

    There is a God!! If anybody, I’d like Nicky Menage to join.

  • woppy


  • w

    yeah sold out world tour…means your career declining..idiot..

  • has been

    why should they. m´s career is declining


      yeah, and B and C are soooo sucsessful… doing some cheap talent shows no one really watches…