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Elton John: The Power of Madonna

Sir Elton John has praised Madonna for forging the way for other female solo artists in the music industry.
The 65-year-old star recently reignited his feud with Madonna by saying that she looked like a “fairground stripper” and criticising her for being “horrible” to his son’s godmother Lady Gaga.
But Elton told the Radio Times: “Madonna took the industry by the scruff of the neck, made opportunities for other women, like Gaga and Katy Perry.”
However he said that “some (women) aren’t good at handling their own careers”.
He told the magazine: “Dusty Springfield was insecure, like a lot of women singers, including Amy Winehouse.
“It’s tragic – Back to Black will sound as good in 50 years as it does today. She was one of the greatest, but if someone doesn’t want to get well, they won’t.
“Look at Billie Holiday. It’s hard for women in this business. Some aren’t good at handling their own careers. KD Lang could be a much bigger star but I don’t think she wants to be.”


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  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    uh i don’t even know what to say….

  • K

    I saw the video fragments of fatton at
    Queen Elisabeth’s jubilee. He looked so tacky in his red glittered coat. He
    looked as if he was attending a drag
    queen party. He should go and lick his wounds.

    Madonna is still the music/ cultural Queen
    of Universe. Her crown was not handed to her, but she earned it through sheer
    hard work, focus and determination. Madonna made it through the wilderness and
    she still is fresh, shiny and new like a Virgin. Madonna Made in the USA. New
    York for that matter and she is the Ultimate American royalty. Even Elisabeth Taylor,
    MJ and Whitney admired Madonna.

    We never did nor will we ever care about what
    Elton thinks.

  • Ique

    ridiculous… it only proves that he cannot stand firm in his opinions and must be frightened with the reactions on what he says… and Madonna is the exact opposite

  • Rickmdna

    Who cares what he thinks? He’s a horrible person who only goal is hate.

  • Miguel

    Madonna has been at the top of the game for 30 years, I’d say she’s handling her career very well.

  • jed

    Elton……………SHUT UP!!!, and take your prune juice already!!!

  • K

    Fatton’s opinion is as
    useless as the fat on his body. He has always been Jealous of Madonna.

    Drag queens like other drag
    queens(fatton meets gaga).

    Madonna still rules.

  • elton…..whoooooooooooo???

    sorry, never heard of you


      YOU PUSSY! U are so gay, and so patetic! ughh!

  • Danilo S

    Is this his idea of an apology? Please!!! Back to kinder-garden

  • alex

    Oh, c’mon, we all know Elton’s reason for his hatered: JEALOUSY! He admires her, he can’t just stand the fact she’s the biggest pop star in the world, but he won’t admit it. :)

    • K

      Exactly. That is how many
      haters feel about Madonna. They know she is the goddess / their goddess too but
      they at the same time they resent her for that.

  • andre79

    He’s ridiculous and silly…or just invidious… ?
    I’ m sorry for him first of all…
    Madonna forever!

  • Love Spender

    Oh he’s really pathetic…when you have a standpoint sir Elton, you support it…I don’t know what’s your problem with Madonna! I know…she’s the most successful star ever, she’s the Queen of Pop and people die to get a ticket for her flawless shows!
    Get over it, Madonna doesn’t give a f@ck!

  • luca

    take off your wig and shut up fat elton

    • LYDIA


  • TheQueen

    Elton is a Madonna fan!

    Jealous fan!