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MDNA Tour Billboard Boxscores – Part 4

Madonna, Martin Solveig
Olympiastadion, Helsinki, Finland
Aug. 12, 2012
42,760 / 42,760
1 / 1
$187.44, $64.53
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation Finland

Madonna, Martin Solveig
Stadion Letzigrund, Zurich, Switzerland
Aug. 18, 2012
37,792 / 37,792
1 / 1
$164.30, $118.09
Live Nation Global Touring/Good News

Madonna, Sebastian Ingrosso
NSC Olimpiyskiy, Kiev, Ukraine
Aug. 4, 2012
31,022 / 31,022
1 / 1
$1,602.96, $67.82
Live Nation Global Touring/Planet Plus

Madonna, Alesso
Olimpiyskiy, Moscow, Russia
Aug. 7, 2012
19,842 / 19,842
1 / 1
$2,219.42, $55.49
Live Nation Global Touring/Euro Entertainment

Madonna, Alesso
Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland
July 24, 2012
33,953 / 33,953
1 / 1
$170.56, $66.11
Live Nation Global Touring/MCD

Madonna, Carl Louis and Martin Danielle
Telenor Arena, Oslo, Norway
Aug. 15, 2012
18,631 / 18,631
1 / 1
$224.04, $50.53
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation Norway

Madonna, Paul Oakenfold
Stadion Narodowy, Warsaw, Poland
Aug. 1, 2012
38,699 / 38,699
1 / 1
$112.45, $40.48
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation Poland

Madonna, Alesso
SKK Arena, St. Petersburg, Russia
Aug. 9, 2012
19,079 / 19,079
1 / 1
$475.92, $47.59
Live Nation Global Touring/Planet Plus

Madonna, LMFAO
Stade Charles-Ehrmann, Nice, France
Aug. 21, 2012
29,670 / 29,670
1 / 1
$186.24, $55.87
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation France

Madonna, Martin Solveig
Ernst Happel Stadion, Vienna, Austria
July 29, 2012
33,250 / 33,250
1 / 1
$246.38, $49.28
Live Nation Global Touring/NuCoast Entertainment

L’Olympia Bruno Coquatrix, Paris, France
July 26, 2012
2,576 / 2,576
1 / 1
$307.65, $98.45
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation France

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  • Joe Ovalle


  • true lies

    mdna era= madonna run out of ideas and the live nation numbers are a lie

  • the live nation cheaters

    these numbers are fake. you could by loads of tickets the day before the concert on many european dates…

    dislike button welcome, i don´t give a…

    • Roadwork

      You cant buy loads of tickets, maybe for seats behind the stage or something or overpriced 2nd hand tickets.

  • Alex

    All these shows soldout? What a joke! One example with Nice: 29,670 / 56 500 ……… Thousands of tickets still on sale the day before the show.

    • Mac

      You have true!Vienna sold out?No only half stadion.

      • it´s all an illusionn

        i was in vienna too. the stadium was really empty. the first 4 blocks on each side were empty

      • Mac

        For me no good music album MDNA, it is like demo version and tour?Sticky and sweet was better for me .Hard candy was better for me too.

  • day4night

    another Team MDNA snow job.. these numbers are big lies..

    • Roadwork

      and you dont believe pictures with all those people either, wow that some amazing photoshop! You are truely tired….

  • alex

    Well, I’ve been watching Bruce Springsteen tour sales this year and he’s been gathering more people in the same places and earning more, like for example, 75 000 in Hyde park or 50 000 in Vienna. I think that some people who went to see SM tour in stadiums didn’t like it so they didn’t want to see her again. Her shows rely a lot on the visual, so if you’re not seated close to the stage, you may not want to go. Also, if people know that she’s going to play lots of song from last album, and they don’t like last album, that’s another problem. Why not playing just 4 or 5 songs? Add her reputation for lyp-sincyng (unfair, I know) and then you have the reason for not filling the stadiums.

  • K

    All of Madonna’s achievements have always
    had their share of critics in one way or the other. But every step is a journey and has its own
    adventures. If all journeys ended up the same, it would be pointless to take
    them. S&S was great. But now we are in
    2012. The economy in Europe and US is in even worse shape. And Considering the fact that there were only
    a few years between the two tours, this tour is massively successful. It will
    be the highest earning tour this year and one of the highest earning tours
    ever. There is no reason to complain and
    every reason to celebrate her MaDjesty. Mariah is officially retired since she couldn’t
    fill up the local town halls and her emancipation records turned up to be the
    same BS. Gaga’s drag queen shows aren’t doing nearly as well despite all the
    support that she gets from the likes of Faton(or was it Elton the fat drag

    Madonna is still here, top of the billboard
    chart, the chart where she began her career with Everybody and Holliday, another
    highly successful tour, a great album which is very different from the rest.

    There is only ONE Music Goddess. And that is Madonna.

  • MOOV

    The olympia concert was a wastr of time and money , she could have done it to a more grateful crowd


      yeah strip club would be a better place

      • justify my nippels

        strip club or a fairground…

      • luca

        vaffanculo you and CACA

  • L4jo1e

    The tour is really amazing I tink ! Ok the album is not her best, but the tour is very theatrical ! And yes the numbers are not impresive has the S&ST, but the tour on is final run will reach between $270-$280 millions. The european legs earned $115 millions, the North America leg also earn near $112 millions and the South-American leg is expected to reach about an additional $50 millions.

    • dontcomparethem!

      stickyandsweet had 2 legs in 2008,2009 which have been summed up! so it can’t be compared to mdna who has only one leg at the moment!

      • Carlos Gustavo Patiño Soria

        S&ST had 85 shows and MDNAT will have 88 so they can be compare perfectly, is crisis time, so…

  • gerry

    Well, it looks like this tour isn’t going to surpass the SAST….in 2008-9 she only performed in stadiums and now she also performs in arenas for some reasons and she’s not earning as much money..think it has to do with the bad economy or sth….Anyway, I like this tour but I m not crazy about it. And Im not crazy anout MDNA either. Both the tour and the album feel rushed and not enough for Madonna’s high level…I expect something better from her in the future

    • MOOV

      Normally in the U.S she can make better , and even more in latin america , however the european economy is crushed right now. One has to be delusional to think she’s gonna sell as much tickets there now as she did back then, especially since the tickets are even more expensive now…

      • wheredoyoulive?

        ha! and the us-economy has not crashed?! where do you live? us-economy is partly even worser than europe’s (germany is a very rich country!).

    • gina orgasm

      i secon that…

      mdna+tour fell pretty rushed…

  • I tow the line

    It is truly incredible that a solo act is pulling these numbers. But, yet again, it is Madonna, the queen, so I shouldn’t be surprised.