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MDNA Tour in Philadelphia – Video Report

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates

    let me talk about serious matters while I put my tits into your face… wake up M fans…

    • Love Spender

      Go to Hell you pathetic Assh*le…We adore her and you have no reason to be here! Move Along!

  • DanielHivren

    Can the American reporters sound any more f**kin’ stuck up and boring??? Gosh!

    • EA

      They are actually really entertaining. They don’t act like robots like most anchors

    • Leopold_Stotch

      yeah, because sayin’ “Gosh” ain’t stuck up and boring

  • Yvana Martin

    I also wonder about the 10.30 PM start ! I went to 3 shows in Europe (Barcelona, Berlin, Paris) all started between 10.15 and 10.45 !
    I do believe she has good reasons but can’t guess which ones ! I also imagined such a highly technical settings needs a lot of fine tuning !
    I am coming to NY Yankee Stadium (If only I had known I would have prefered MSG) it is a dream come true,always wanted to see her performing in the US !

  • ray

    i was there last night it was worth every minute

  • jeffery

    so…why does she always late…..

    • DanielHivren

      why does you speak wrong?

    • Colton

      I think it’s mainly because she wants it to be dark so the audience can appreciate the whole show. During summer, in open venues, in Europe or U.S there’s sunlight until 21:00 aprox.

      • Yvana Martin

        I agree with that comment for Paris but Barcelona and Berlin were indoor arena !

      • Colton

        right! that sucks, well she’s never been known for being on time on stage during her tours.