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$10.9 mln claim against Madonna gay rights promotion to be heard Oct. 11

The Moskovsky District Court in St. Petersburg will hear on October 11 complaints filed against Madonna and her concert organizers for promoting homosexuality, attorney Alexander Pochuyev, who is representing the St. Petersburg activists that filed the claim, told RIA Novosti on Monday.

“According to our information, the court will hold the hearings on October 11,” he said.

The plaintiffs seek 333 million rubles ($10.87 million) in damages.

Madonna, who held a concert in St. Petersburg as part of her controversial MDNA tour, urged local residents to be friendlier to the LGBT community during her performance.

In mid-August, activists submitted to the Moskovsky District Court several lawsuits against the singer and the concert organizers. They claimed that they were offended by the statement supporting homosexuals. The court abandoned the claims, as violations had been made during their drafting and they had to be eradicated. Earlier in the week, the activists’ representatives said they managed to find the official address of the singer and the other information necessary for the court’s further consideration of the lawsuits.

Previously, St. Petersburg human rights activists said they submitted an application to investigators, asking that they bring Madonna to justice for inciting religious hatred, as she trampled on a cross during the concert.

The city prosecutor’s office earlier told RIA Novosti that all the applications concerning the alleged violations have been submitted for examination to the Interior Ministry’s regional department.

Earlier, Vitaly Milonov, a politician in St. Petersburg who drafted the city law restricting the promotion of homosexuality, said the performance was attended by NGOs that checked the concert’s compliance with morality regulations.

They recorded the event and said 12-year-old children were present, he said. Activists filed several applications with the police, seeking to declare Madonna in breach of the law. They claim that they were offended by her explicit support for homosexuality.


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  • Minx

    Promotion of Homosexuality – sorry… is it like a sale? Buy one get one free!

    Gee I did ‘think’ that, if your not gay, your not gay – (never got the gay haters or any haters for that matter), and if you are gay, so what! Why should we live in fear, why should any law abiding citizen live in fear from an ignorant judgement of the narrow minded!. Whatever does Vitaly Milonov think us gays are gonna do, convert them all to Gayballah, and take over the world, we will leave that to Tom and the scientologists (Please note I am not suggesting Tom buys his wifes and that the rumours of his rampant homosexuality are true – although I did hear he went to a Madonna concert!)

    I don’t care if you hate Madonna, Love Gaga or whatever, this site is sometimes a little angry at each other.

    But you know what, lets unite – aren’t we meant to be an accepting, tolerant, equal society! You may not like the gays but we were ‘Born This Way’ and in being so have a right to ‘Express Ourselves’! The irony…

    Don’t be without voice… this isn’t about Madonna, its about the voice many people don’t have and she is speaking out for.

    • ScottnNYC

      Most Russian citizens do not have voices. If they dare to speak up, they are often penalized. Freedom should be a basic human right but it is not a universal reality.

      • minx

        Well lets shhh’OUT’! Madonna dared (and she is one of many) and let the universal human right of living without fear and with voice become a reality.

        The world will only work, if we work together!

  • Complete Homophobic Lunacy

    There are over 1000 species in the animal kingdom that exhibit homosexual behavior, the fact that humans can work an IPAD doesn’t scientifically make them any less of an animal.

  • Maverick

    thats how you have show in silly country, why you chose Russia instead Australia?

  • Anita Nygreen

    There is nothing new about madonnas opions and if you did not want the happening (consert) to be there you could have chosen a different solution, this is not going to lead to much discussion, or nerve pains.

  • trujillo_rodrigo

    These people are freaking crazy! So glad I dont live there.

  • marisa Co2

    Search St Peterburg arguments with America? Send please the best russian Lawyer that lifes in America. The statment, that this show was for 12 years olds, it realy. LoL. We have Internet and thier knows, what of a kind of shows it was. Was clearly. So way you bring your kids at this show?

    • Andy

      You write like a 8 year old.

      • trujillo_rodrigo

        Obviously english is not her first language. Take a chill pill!

  • blackout-impro-2008

    Lol , if they take that much money from her, she’s gonna collapse.

    • Til` Death…

      Go away… you`re on every site that`s going. Go get a life, a job or a fuck, for christ sake!

      • blackout-impro-2008

        For godsake, you’re a Madonna fan, talking about getting a life is rich coming from you.

      • Til` Death

        Beats being a nasty, no-life Troll… but if it keeps you happy…. Bless!
        I`ve been reading your comments on another site… talk about BITTER???

      • blackout-impro-2008

        Lol , must be hard to know that not every Madonna fan is up her ass? Lol , talk about having no life

      • Til` Death

        @Blackout…Pot, kettle & black… i rest my case. ;)