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Jennifer Lopez was almost Part of the Madonna-Britney Kiss

The famous on-camera kiss between Madonna, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera was at one time also expected to include Jennifer Lopez, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The three pop superstars appeared on MTV’s 2003 Video Music Awards to mark the 20th anniversary of the VMAS and honor perhaps the event’s most all-time famous performance, Madonna’s superstar-making take on “Like A Virgin” during the 1984 broadcast.

With the 2012 VMAs scheduled tomorrow, MTV Music Group President Van Toffler shares his memories of the wildest moments from the awards. At number 2 he lists what EW calls “Britney and Madonna Swap Spit.”

Toffler recalls, “This may be the first time it’s been revealed: Originally, J.Lo was in the mix. That didn’t happen. And Britney and Madonna, they had history so it was not easy to get them together on the stage. [But] Britney and Christina [Aguilera] obviously respected Madonna. Only she could pull that off.”

Last week rumors circulated that Aguilera and Spears would join Madonna onstage when her MDNA tour is performed in Los Angeles, but Madonna’s spokesperson Liz Rosenberg quickly denied this.