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Lady Gaga snubs Madonna’s invite to join her on tour ?

The Born This Way performer has been asked to appear on Madge’s MDNA Tour but she is currently tied up with her own performances.Quoted by the Daily Mirror, Gaga’s manager Vincent Herbert said: ‘Madonna just called to ask Gaga to perform with her at Yankee Stadium. Her manager reached out to us and said Madonna would like Gaga to perform with her.
‘She really wished she could do it. She said “if we do it, let’s donate the money to charity”. But Gaga’s committed to her own tour.’
The two flamboyant performers appear to have a lot in common, including their love of wearing risque outfits on stage.
Both are renowned for putting on spectacular shows for their army of fans, and Madonna even accused her 26-year-old pretender of copying parts of Express Yourself in the hit single Born This Way.
Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, recently kicked out at suggestions that she had put on weight.
She posted photos of herself in her pants and bra and said that she was ‘proud at any size’.

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  • Jamie Van Den Bergh

    who cares about the Lady CaCa…and she’s fat now anyways!!

  • artpop

    gagas forthcoming new album being released next spring, will def. kick off m forever

  • LG

    m justs wants to have a glittery moment in my spotlight. she knows she isn´t queen anymore

  • M-D-N-A

    I just can’t believe how immature some people are… all of you are like 25-30 or older and yet still u care about lady who?
    Especially you MOOV… very very sad….

  • M-D-N-A

    classy as always….

  • Anita Nygreen

    How can one count, will come on the stage, and make a favour for someone, who have helped, you build up, your own carrier. A tour is a long time preformens.

  • Colton

    Oh, the Daily Mirror such a reliable and good source for information. *eyeroll And didn’t Gaga and her people said that Madonna supported and send much love towards BTW? and that turn to be a lie so…

  • kyoto

    SEEMS LEGIT !!! i’ve already forgotten about lady who??? months ago … seriously she’s gone and none care about her anymore , sorry madonna but it’s too late maybe katy perry ,rihanna , carly ray jepsen or another newbies cool artist could fit BETTER and that would be so cool and of course now we have Gangnam Style. sorry because a Controversy IT’S TOO MAINSTREAM today .

  • desperately seeking madonna

    madonna is on a low point of her carreer since 2007. and when you think it couldn´t get worse it gets. m what has happened to you that you have to beg for gaga, britney, justin, niki, mia to sing with you???

    • Kira Rose

      I would love my low point to include a Golden Globe, Guinness Book World record, A top ten hit, A number 1 album, A successful world tour, just to name a few.

      • artpop

        don´t be impressed by numbers. madonna had albums out which didn´t make it to NO1 but are much more sophisticated ART than mdna….

  • ph

    madonna i have been a fan off yours for years but u hit low by begging ga ga to come on stage with you it sound like you desprate that not the madonna who i became a fan of 20 years ago what wrong wit you she will say no to tell she dont need you but yu need her as in insult you sunk to the lowest point madonna shame on you you dont need need no artist to prefrom wit you or sig wit you you have been doing it for years witout any body all by yourself and it work your manager she not even agree wit tat its a slap in the face and lady ga ga laughing in your face

    • Kira Rose

      Begging? Did I miss something in that article. Can’t you guys humour me one day and not make up something for a change and say what actually did happen. Tiresome.

  • alex

    I think that Lana del Rey or Adele are artists who can sell lots of records without the need of imitating Madonna. That’s not the case of Gaga. She has copied her tours, her music and her attitude, only adding some stupid disguises. But other young artists like Lana del Ray will eventually surpass Lady Gaga and she will be forgotten.

  • k

    caca just doesn’t have it. her attitude is too drag queen like fatton/
    elton. I hate them both. They are not my cup of tea.

    Dear Madonna, take this advice from me and other fans. leave these drag
    queens alone.

    Come to think about it, I don’t like Obama either. Not because he is black
    or may be or may have been a Muslim. To me those are non issues. But because he
    is neither good at policy making, nor has style, like President Reagan or Bill
    Clinton. Now it is okay to have some interaction with the crowds, but don’t
    make it into a talk show. Leave that to the lovely talk show queen Oprah, you
    interact better with the audiences with your work. I love Your MDNA album and
    tour and your still very very sexy back. You are Goddess Madonna.

    I don’t want you to
    come down to gaga/ fatton level.

  • M-D-N-A

    wow sooo much hate for gaga… why? She never said anything bad about Madonna, did she? Her fans are idiots, that is true, but she always admired madonna, and yeah if she gets inspired by M from time to time, I guess that is ok since Madonna was ispired by other artists like Marlene Dietrich, M. Monroe, Garbo,…

    • Kira Rose

      Well saying anything bad about her kinda interfers with the game plan.

  • Roadwork

    MDNA not only re-entered the Billboard 200 to #149, but this week it moves up to number 94!
    Great Job Madonna!

  • M

    I cannot believe how hateful you guys are. I’m talking about the owners of this page as well. Look at the title of the news! Come on! I really wish Gaga and Madonna do something together to just shut immature people up! “Madonna is the queen, no Gaga is the queen” You all sound like 5 year olds. It’s damn music and it’s supposed to unite us as humans. GROW UP!!

    • Kira Rose

      It’s not a coincidence. The connection Madonna’s fans feel towards her naturally, her inspiring her fans to be themselves and not let anyone tell you who you are. It’s something I treasure. Clothes and hairstyles mean nothing. There is no one who has Madonna’s persona or aura. You can’t package that.

      • M-D-N-A

        I agree, but after all these years why do people still care about these people who “copy Madonna”? Are they scared of something or what? If u love madonna (and when I say you I mean all of her fans) why do u care about Gaga, or Britney, or anyone else???

      • Kira Rose

        I don’t care about them. I care about something I hold dear and that is very beautiful to me being used and thrown on the ground and spit on. I don’t feel Britney has done that and she is a success. Adele is a huge success but she did it without crashing something that is special to a lot of people and then have the nerve to trash it and use it for their own gain. Her fans have trashed and disrespected Madonna from the beginning. I’m not threatened I’m disgusted to see Madonna’s beautiful earned painting have acid thrown on it. Where’s the joy in her world?

      • M-D-N-A

        Ok, can you tell me exact sityation where Gaga trashed Madonna. I’m not hateing I’m just truing to understand all this :)

      • M

        Everything is so stupid to me haha. I love Madonna the way a fan loves a role model but that doesn’t mean i have to hate anything threatening to my “love” for her…it sounds sick.

  • Ique

    IF this is true

    Gaga wouldn’t let escape the opportunity to say no and spread the word to convince her mental-slaves-fans that she is better than Madonna. She uses her ability to manipulate young people to make them think what she wants.

  • Patrick

    Gaga is going to appear for one of the LA shows

  • TheQueen

    I hope this news is fake!
    She doesnt need her and we do dont like her!




    • ray

      i love ur comment i stand behind u 1000 percent

    • lino-g

      i totally agree with you! x

  • mambo#1

    Fake story!!

  • beloved

    I guess gaga didn’t want to be humilliated in public xd

    • Colton

      a little too late for that

  • Luca Adami

    Does Madonna really needed to have Gaga in New york?..that date was sold out since ages