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  • nippleplay

    madonn shut up, and spread your legs and show us your boobs+arse…that´s what you´re good at

  • Have A Lovely Day

    Less speeches – I like it better when she flashes her titaays – that’s worth a thousand boring words.

  • mdna spent

    love spent, masterpiece might be the best songs on mdna, but still they´d be the worst songs if included on her other albums. she can do so much better if she really wants to

  • mdna= worst m album

    best mdna song?

    better ask for worst….

    • kyoto

      oh come on ! it’s a good album ,the problem with it is it needs more promotion , more supporting ,incredible Video and SOME GOOD “SINGLES CHOICES” that’s it !!! but if you notice she and her team didn’t do anything about Promo release or pay radio airplay, most of radio station ignored her for ageist and that’s sad indeed . William orbit was mad because she should have selected love spent as her first single with GMAYL (for Superbowl edition), However IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT SHE SACRIFICED all of her Promo album for her best Tour (MDNA WORLD TOUR) which got a success with many SOLD OUTS and it is going to pick as the best grossing tour of all the time ,predictions by billboard professional testing ranking world tour


    another self-indulged + conceited speech….

  • K

    If you haven’t done it yet. Lets spread the good word and buy
    Buy buy MDNA. It is such a great album and deserves much more. It makes for a
    great gift too.

    It is filled with tracks that are truly jewels.

    • Roadwork

      It just re-entered Billboard 200, once again another underated Madonna album. Thats why she doesnt sweat it. Her albums resonate afterwards.

      • K

        Good albums live on long after they peak on the charts. I bet that nobody will remember gaga’s albums in few years. But Madonna’s will continue to sell. Madonna has always produced strong studio albums with many fantastic songs. That is what makes Madonna far moree than a starlet pop diva. Madonna’s music has made her into a Cultural Goddess.

      • blackout-impro-2008

        Well , if you exclude MDNA .

      • K

        I exclude the haters. To me their opionion has always been worthless. Go listen to copycat gaga/ horse faced lady haha. What are you doing here??????

      • blackout-impro-2008

        I don’t even like Gaga, in fact i hate her. Just because i’m not blind enough to think that MDNA is a flawless album it doesn’t mean that i’m a little monster lol.

      • k

        @blackout/impro/2008 Nothing human made will
        ever be flawless. Only Mother Nature and the higher mighty who created it, are
        flawless. But the thing is that the haters consistently trash everything
        Madonna does. They always have. Now is the MDNA turn. And I haven’t said that
        it is flawless, but it is actually a VERY GOOD album by any standard.

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        God bless u “K”
        MDNA is cooooooooooooooooooool

  • K

    Socially, economically and politically, we
    live in the world of lies. It doesn’t matter who gets elected to office, their
    nominations, promotions as well as election is always a lie. The whole democratic
    thing is a lie. At least, in the primitive and tribal societies, they were more
    honest and everyone was expected to listen and follow the older and wiser
    person who heeded the clan. Nowadays
    billions are spent on spreading election year lies, big bank frauds by the
    bankers themselves, creating wars in order to pump up the arm sale, killing innocent
    people and destroying the planet.

    Among all the above, there are some bright
    lights whom I still care to listen to and look up to. Madonna is one. Oprah is
    another. I don’t have to agree with everything they do or say, but at least
    they communicate and do some good in this world. One through her music, stage performances
    and visual arts, the other through her magazine and talk programs.

    To me, this is, has always
    been and will always be Madonna>

    “A long long time ago

    I can still remember

    how that music used to make me smile

    , I knew that if I had one chance

    I could make those people dance

    and maybe they’d be happy for awhile”. Oh yes, and she has done and is still
    doing exactly that. That is positive and it’s Madonna.

    Just put on Holliday, smile,
    shake it and do the things you need to do with a smile. Or if you need to say something
    to the carless individual, just sing Love Spent to them.

  • I tow the line

    OMFG!! She sang Love spent after her Like a Virgin performance (second Chicago show)! Look for the videos!!! Stunningly beautiful!!!

    • K

      I Wish I was there. I love Love spent.

      • I tow the line

        I know. Me too. It is one my favorite Madonna songs ever. And definitely my favorite MDNA track, together with Gang Bang and falling free.

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      this version of live “slow-heartbroken” sound of the song away better than the album version / i now hope she will release it as a single with a vodeo of it, but remix with this slow version

  • day4night

    Madonna, honey, please don’t try to heal the world. It’s not your thing.. just look what happened in Malawi.

    • Yvana Martin

      What do U know about Malawi ? she may not have managed things on a grand scale as she planned to, but she never gave up and many little schools have been built and are fully operational today.
      Besides, people who worked for ONG in Africa (I did) know how tricky it can be, no matter how good are your intentions

  • rabbitbunny

    Agreed! Madonna is the Ray of Light in our lives. I’m going to see her on Monday! Rock It Madge!

    • Roadwork

      Ill be seeing her October 16 in Phoenix, cant wait!

  • K

    That is what Madonna is about: being an individual, happy with who you are,
    treating others with dignity, celebrating together on the dance floor, letting
    your voices be heard, making a difference by starting in proximity, turn on
    your own light and start to shine in your own way. Some people have always misunderstood
    Madonna. They see her as an expert in image makeovers but fail to see the central
    message in her work: “nothing really matters love is all you need”, everything
    you give always comes back to you.

    • ScottnNYC

      K, you clearly know nothing about the real Madonna. When the cameras aren’t on, she treats people terribly and has little regard for others unless they can help her in some way. Yes, she’s a brilliant performer but not a nice person.

      • sackboy

        but you know her?

      • k

        From your writings I gather you have
        crossed pads with Madonna at one point or another.

        One thing is for sure, Madonna takes the
        things she needs to do, seriously and doesn’t like useless complain asses. Neither
        would I if I was her. If you want to get
        things done you have to be tough.

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        Madonna is an angel, she lives in a world of thugs and unappreciated people who are not thinking of how lucky they are tobe alive but how others have and they do not!!!

        i love Madonna, she is a sweer heart person
        and she’s more proactive than reactive
        and she shares what she have

        she do what she say without hurting but inspiring
        if any hate what she does, she just take it as a different opinion and she trust her art….. etc
        She is cool

        God bless M

      • Yvana Martin

        I don’t know her but for being as nasty as you pretend she is, lot of people around her work with her for years….and lot of people have positive comments on how she helped/supported them with their life and career.

      • whitmark

        nobody would have helped her to make career if she was such a negative person.