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Madonna is the biggest-selling female singles artist of all time in the UK

Madonna has been named the biggest-selling female singles artist in UK chart history.

The iconic singer has sold over 17.8 million singles in the UK since her chart debut with ‘Holiday’ back in January 1984.

The track peaked at number six and it wasn’t until 1985 that Madonna claimed her first UK number one single with ‘Into the Groove’.

However, Rihanna is quickly catching up with the legendary performer after shifting 11.4 million singles in the UK in just seven years, reports The Official Charts Company.

The Bajan star has sold over 3 million singles in the UK over the last year alone and could realistically overtake Madonna’s lead within the next two and half years.

Kylie Minogue is at number three will 10.2 million singles sold across her 25-year career, while Whitney Houston is at four (8.5m) and Lady GaGa is at five (7.329m).

The Official Biggest Selling Female Singles Artists of All Time are as follows:

1. Madonna (17.8m)
2. Rihanna (11.4m)
3. Kylie Minogue (10.2m)
4. Whitney Houston (8.5m)
5. Lady GaGa (7.329m)
6. Britney Spears (7.324m)
7. Beyoncé (6.9m)
8. Celine Dion (6.7m)
9. Mariah Carey (6.62m)
10. Olivia Newton John (6.61m)


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  • Anita nygreen


  • day4night

    u can’t really compare the vinyl era (when Madonna ruled) to the digital age (Madonna’s decline).

    • K

      In the digital age, Madonna’s old and new singles and albums are continuing to sell well with or without airplay. Madonna transcends time. Over the years Madonna has had several peaks and she is still far from over. Now, continuity of sales makeup for the low points which by other standards are still considered high. Whereas wannabees come and go.

  • Truth Teller

    Funny how the media is NOT reporting that Madonna sold most of those records with her name and her name alone!
    How many “featuring” Rihanna had?? Even her biggest hits like Umbrella and We Found Love had respectively JayZ and Calvin Harris! As usual the media trying to bring Madonna down or not giving her enough recognition. Shame!

  • Travis

    some people will never get it.. she’s the Queen of Pop!

  • Nat

    How people like Rihanna are on that list is beyond me. Awful awful music ….

    • he he

      3 voted down ? Go listen to your Walmart Poop then, you little shits

  • Love Spent

    The MDNA Tour Blu Ray and DVD are going to be filmed in Medellin, Colombia. I can’t tell you how I know this but I can tell you that it’s almost official!!!

  • Love Spent

    The MDNA Tour Blu Ray and DVD are going to be filmed in Medellin, Colombia. I can’t tell you how I know this but I can tell you that it’s almost official!!!


    GREAT!!!!!!! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!

  • Ique

    Rihanna will keep releasing a single every month until she break the Madonna’s record

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Find this odd, no don’t erase. My response Janet Jackson, Tina Turner and Spice Girls. Sold abundant quantities in United Kingdom. Madonna since you immigrated to merry olde. Britain don’t try it your. Madonna popular in UK not royalty media saying.

    Queen not sovereign of UK opposite. Charts if so your later releases gotten. Publicity sales were dismal this. General information as many non British celebrities. Don well concert wise not sales. Madonna is exporting her style new found. Britain if so why did W.E bomb? Is it British nationalism, not profound.

    Turning around without frowns nor. I clown sitting down Madonna. Accepted in UK not the toast okay! Briefly, during touring in 80’s Madonna. Never like business level in UK. Now since America has new artist. Madonna start promoting internationally. Is because of Guy? Assumption being vague enjoying it! Tina Turner before retirement was the Queen. Britain for blog owner fan of Madonna.

    Information from RIAA not accurate. Tina’s Break Everyrule world tour 1987-88. Cancelled dates by popular respect. Initially Tina was schedule 120 exclusively. UK which curtailed. Difference Madonna trying buy into Britain. I’ll what ever! Hail to the Queen!

    • indonesian

      what english r u speaking in?

      • Oscar Hamptonshire

        Simply, learn to read with. Assurance your dog face!



      • Oscar Hamptonshire

        Slandering,apparently moron read. My writings get attention your moron! Your waste: opposite disgrace. Belittling me, don’t try it! Fluent is knowledge not ignorance. Confessions, are human or something? Ass!

  • pg

    madonna is going to make history agin after her tour she will become the only female in history to sell out concert tours wit over 500 hundred tackets in sale let not for get madonna ablum has gone gold with over 550 ablum sales top tat

  • Roadwork

    The bottom line is the “hottest singers of the time” are always in competiton with Madonna
    Dont stop me now-dont need to catch my breath- I can go on and on and on…….

  • rabbitbunny

    Hey bloggers, it ain’t about charts or sales figures for Lady M! No! For Madonna, its about quality, musicality, Reinvention, artistry and brilliance! She’s the best!-Madonna is Amazing and Incredible! Brilliant, Maddy! Rock Queen Forever!

  • Patrick

    It’s much easier to move singles these days. Any hot song of the moment can be purchased over itunes or amazon in a few seconds whereas when most of madonna’s biggest songs came out, people actually had to get in a car or mode of transportation to GO OUT AND BUY the hard copy. soooo, it’s MUCH easier to have big sales now if you have a catchy song that gets played on the radio every hour like Rihanna does…

    • stevesw9

      Wrong because of the inter net they have gone down by 3/4 due to torrents sites (downloading and not paying) they make most money on touring Plus itunes is 99p per song but i was mush better to by the vinyl or cd .

  • beloved1987

    It doesn’t surprise me that Rihanna is selling a lot, after all, she releases a new album practically twice a year and a single every 2 months xd

  • ph

    the uk has been very loyal to madonnai am not suprise after all thease years madonna still on top she is a ladgen of our times there is no room for arist shuch as ga ga and rihanna tay might not lastlong in tis music instudry like madonna songs like likea vigin holiday matrialgirl people will sill remember after all thease years madonna remind timeless

  • Ralissa Vassilissa

    Meh, I’m not particularly concerned about any of those 9 singers overtaking Madonna.
    Rihanna has released some catchy tunes over the past few years, but can she maintain the same interest for years to come? It’s easier to sell records while you’re still ‘flavour of the month’.

    That said, numbers are not all that matters. No one will ever surpass Madonna in terms of influence and innovation. At least half of the Top 10 here are Madonna-wannabes.

    M is a role model for every pop diva nowadays. :)

    • Rihanna

      I’m not flavor of the month . I’ve been around since 2005

      • Ralissa Vassilissa

        Ok, first of all – honey, you’re taking it a little too far pretending to answer on behalf of Rihanna herself.

        Second of all, ‘flavour of the month’ is an expression, I did not use “the month” in its literal sense. So 2005, you say, it’s been 7 years? Oh, it’s adorable you think this is supposed to impress Madonna fans. Come back in around 23 years and we might talk again. :)

        Thirdly, I’ll say it again, numbers are of little importance. It’s impossible to measure the entire extent of Madonna’s influence and her contributions to pop music, pop culture, art, fashion, Marketing as a discipline, etc.
        No one will ever be Madonna.

      • stevesw9

        Most of the big sale for any of the artists have slowed so much because of the internet so she will never over take her .Deal with it

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      well God bless you,

      Madonna is the only and the one NO one will be as her

      :) she has big dick and big balls so i am now sick and bored of Rihanna, she sounds the same now days, Madonna always fresh and a a brand new in each album

  • Kanaan

    Well, Rihanna sold her last album in 2 million copies, so, U can say that her ‘top sellers’ are gone!!! Gaga, her latest album also fall down in selling, it is easy tu sell 10 million when u are popular, but popularity doesn’t last long!!!!

    • Rihanna

      My last album sold 3,5 m copies with not much promo And this is about singles not albums

    • stevesw9

      its singles not albums

    • Kanaan

      Without promo????????? hahah omg! hahahahah..Ok My mistake , UR album sale isverry bad, U got the point ;) I Like U talkin’ in R behealf