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Ellen DeGeneres gets a lesson from Madonna on how to Vogue during a taping of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in Burbank, Calif. This episode will air on Monday, Oct. 29

Madonna on EllenMadonna on EllenMadonna on Ellen

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  • sweetie

    Wow! Ellen you been exposed for misdeeds. Besides your entertainer along many. LGBTQ only seeing what? Your career many endorsement Ellen. Could you do something for LGBTQ. Charities learn great deal upon. To participate in advocacy still. Enjoy your show Ellen angered. You decided just only talk without. Effort to donate for LGBTQ cause. Bernal Heights LGBTQ center and liberty. Long Beach LGBTQ center for youth and library. What happen to your contributions. Madonna really only seeking attention. GLAAD charade has become stronger. Awareness LGBTQ why? Disunity among hierarchy admit. This Madonna LGBTQ front is divided. By olitical,economic,theories and image. GLAAD endorsements of corporate employers.

    Inaccurate many discriminate especially. Bank of America and Johnson & Johnson harassing. Employee’s lack of promotions Madonna. 29 states continue justify homophobic. Actions towards LGBTQ Ellen you. Gotten acclaim fame for just. Your personal bemusement regarding. Housing L.A,San Francisco,NYC and Chicago. Gentrification is the situation net incomes. LGBTQ have falling due new industries. Discrimination of hiring not faulting celebrities. American LGBTQ started to believe we. Achieve independence society going allow. Progress empowerment we need guard. New elected freedom when. Actually established this marriage. Is minor housing,economics,healthcare and employment. Opposition to bring disparity still. Madonna you failed bring forums towards LGBTQ. Many LGBTQ lack unity just externals.

    Upon saying Out and what? Without having principles of social. Success were facing disparity example. San Francisco and Chicago economically efficient cities. Now for some industries gotten. Tax exemptions were the achievement. LGBTQ employee’s yes hidden. Or bigotry can we accept. Transgender
    members since Madonna and Ellen. Continues to harass and slander! Just reminder we address dept of Labor. Fairness in hiring policies were Gay not. Running away besides I’m Gay all day. Not afraid say I’m proud! Elitism among financially and support. Madonna your chose refuse slight.Your decisions Madonna advocacy. Was LGBTQ celebrities are machines.

    There not conveying knowledge. Basically so called oppression said. Now resolutions housing discrimination. Increase housing depts of American cities. Ignore LGBTQ residents favor for heterosexual. Residents Chicago new rental pre-screen. Mostly LGBTQ face getting denied not. By income smaller apt dwellings. Take others if experience this file. Compliant city
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    Units get tax exemptions if you may! Frank your financial circles Chicago. Many top developers eager to build. High rise and office towers San Francisco. Help us bring fair housing lobby. Frank since top producer ranked? Concern about profits developments were. Losing housing disgrace LGBTQ commerce! Following agencies in Chicago advocates. Eager to expose those not assist. Fair housing and rights gentrification. Enemy to working class and LGBTQ. Support BMR housing Madonna and Ellen. LGBTQ audience knows whom for the cause. Upton People Law Cener,Lakeview Pantry,Organization of The Northeast (ONE),Lakeview Action Coalition,
    AIDS Foundation of Chicago,AIDS Care,Lesbian & Gay social work network,Chicago Fair Housing,Heartland Alliance,Chicago Legal Clinic,Metropolitan Tenants Organization and Lawyers Committee for better housing. Frank your above most not.

    Discrediting you audacity saying your. LGBTQ business person inaccurate! Japanese developers going make Vanguardsf. Finally success realty elated Frank! Why not assist fair
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    Gentrification you become evasion it’s profits. Sold
    many homes off MLS to rich clients. Especially affluent LGBGT whom decry homophobic. Segregation never give a dime nor time. Mitch enough been exposed of your. Lies Mitch have assisted Buffalo LGBTQ society! Mitch has resigned as Marketing director. Vanguardsf his new company
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    Movement were all responsible for growth. Success for new progressive LGBTQ front. Ellen you making your profits along. Madonna whom ignoring NYC LGBTQ organizations. Michigan is calling you Madonna cease. You done allot for whom? Self ego you censored many.Comments on blogs allow truth! Madonna LGBTQ front has suffered! Time is know use the knowledge. Empower equality LGBTQ centers have
    additional. Information for success of strong LGBTQ. Front Madonna nice try using alibis. Ellen donation of sum wouldn’t hurt. Since tax write off! Colors of glorious Rainbow Madonna!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Madonna why after the American market? Hello, since your toast of
    the Pop world. Ms.Pokerface whom, using to draw. Reference to yourself Madonna as fan. Tacky without candor, Ms. Pokerface. Doesn’t care to associate with the circus. Why Ms. Pokerface has own image. To worry about younger fans. Could turn on you Ellen
    show. This publicity stunt only top rated. Shows Madonna since your
    biggest in Latin America. Why not top shows in Argentina,Brazil,Peru
    and Chile. Forgotten someday Rocco may. Sing with Ms. Pokerface!

    • Loving fan of Madonna not Gay!

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