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Madonna on Ellen!

Today Madonna taped a full episode of The Ellen Show… It will air on October 29th.

Guy Oseary via Twitter

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • TheQueen

    Here’s a breakdown of Madonna’s MDNA show by the numbers:
    2.1 million fans are expected to have seen the show by the time it
    wraps in South America.
    72,000 fans saw Madonna’s sold-out show in Quebec, the largest attendance of the entire tour.
    16,630 miles of road were traveled during the U.S. leg alone.
    700 wardrobe pieces are required for all the performers onstage.
    410 bottles of aspirin have been used, so far, by the 130-person crew.
    374 is the weight, in tons, of Madonna’s massive stage.
    116 minutes of approximate stage time for the Material Girl, unless she adds “Holiday” to the night’s setlist.
    90 speakers are hung onstage.
    89 shows in total in 28 different countries — 18 of those stops were in cities where Madonna had never performed.
    29 trucks carry the tour’s production (36 will be required for the South American leg).
    24 guitars are used by Madonna and her band each night.
    16 different salad dressings at required by the crew for nightly craft services.
    15 buses to take the show from city to city.
    9 drummers soar in the air during “Express Yourself,” with another 9 on the floor.
    7 songs from Madonna’s latest album, “MDNA,” are on the setlist.
    4 customized microphones in gold, silver, chrome and black are used by Madonna during the show.
    3 physical therapists are on hand for the 22 dancers.
    1 son of Madonna, 12-year-old Rocco, also performs in the show.

  • jo

    my god will you madonna fans just settle down for a minute geez louise just see her on ellen don’t worry about the next single, or video or whatever just please as a madonna fan myself please STOP COMPLAINING if you don’t the mdna era fine just go listen to other music but please stop your nagging about the next single or video or performance like madonna once said at the end of the day im doing the best i can & if people don’t like it then thats their problem THE QUEEN HAS SPOKEN END OF DISSCUSSION SAGARRA JO MOTHERFUCKERS

  • ph

    i wan to know wats next after a tour maybe a book or a fashion campange or a perfurm or baby



  • Leopold_Stotch_Is_Dyor_Myne

    Great! I don’t care how long it took Guy Oseary to put Madonna on Ellen but I wanna watch it right now! Hope the next single to be either Love Spent or Gang Bang (or Beautiful Killer, but that’s on the deluxe edition part of the album and off the tour setlist so I don’t get my hope up for that one)!

    • Roadwork

      Havent you heard Madonnas interviews? She says Guy gets mad at her because she has to say No to alot of promotional stuff in order to spend time with her kids. She said she has to make sacrafices, and she sacrafices number ones on Billboard in order to be with her family.

      • Leopold_Stotch_Is_Dyor_Myne

        That’s why i said “I don’t care”!!!

      • day4night

        her kids are moving out, Shee can do more promo now. Yay!

  • Kelly

    Well I hope she will announce the next single and really hope it isn’t Superstar

  • MDNA

    why? she never did promotion fro MDNA why bother now?

    • Seb

      Because the 2 leg of the tour might be on their plans?

    • Colton

      probably just because she’s friends with Ellen

  • K

    I am a man and find
    Madonna and Ellen both sexy. I hope one day Madonna makes a video with Ellen.
    I, don’t care who gets to play the male part. But I hope they both wear skirts
    or better yet Givenchy lingerie’s though. We can call the video two platinum blonde
    ladies going wild.

    • Leopold_Stotch

      I love Ellen, but the idea of her in a Madonna’s video? Wearing skirts? Givenchy lingerie? Who gets to play the male part? I tell ya, you’re a very square-minded (and also kinda closeted-gay) man!

      • K

        If I had to pick a label, I would definitely
        go for GAY. Closets are for things and
        not for humans. I have transparent glass
        closets at home. That way I can see and appreciate different things and different
        colors as well as remind myself to allow space between them and keep things
        orderly. I hate piling up things and
        throwing things on top of them. I admire Madonna and Ellen because they seem to
        be transparent and are against closets.

        My comments were meant sarcastically and
        not sexist . Beauty is where you find it, and I find it in platinum blonde “sexpots
        without trousers”. Is that illegal?

      • Leopold_Stotch

        That’s totally ok, man! Now that you explained it I get it! We’re cool! :-D

      • K

        I apologize if I offended some people with my sense of humor/ comments. As I said they
        were meant to be sarcastic. I don’t really care who gets to play the male or
        female ROLES in a video play. “Life is a stage and everyone plays a part” by choice,
        temporary assignment or by label.

        Don’t know you but love you anyway. I
        learned that from Jesus and her maDjesty queen of universe Madonna.

        Don’t know you but love you anyway. I
        learned that from Jesus and her maDjesty queen of universe Madonna.