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  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    What is this statement or something. Disappointed Ellen n Madonna what have. Done for success of American LGBT. Cause I know give your so called. Interest upon those deprived of equality. Ellen your network majority of employee’s. Rainbow nation without becoming situation! There as yourself Ellen n Madonna. Superficial your the example for LGBT. Citizens Madonna, since living in different world. I know this respect for whom? No yourself Madonna understand. My anger your not exclusively the problem. Entertainers say there promoting.

    Advocacy involvement of resolutions among. Those discriminated society forgets verbal. Hello, with your correspondence Madonna. Ellen you advocate housing funds elderly LGBT. Agenda for LGBT communities no contradiction my behalf. Since both exceedly endowed from. Racist whom ignore the voice LGBT citizens. Your going hear resentment Madonna what. Have actually done for LGBT citizens? Ellen whom employers segregates LGBT employees. I get it television going quell the bigotry. Of the present taught in society. Madonna your picture of Lady Gaga. Why sudden interest this not. Purpose of discussion anger you continue. Say you resolved LGBT relations? This host Ellen your Ms. Example continue. Living in false assurance we LGBT. Getting reality check, upon whom. Using cause for personal accord!

  • Love Spent

    The MDNA Tour Blu Ray and DVD are going to be filmed in Medellin, Colombia. I can’t tell you how I know this but I can tell you that it’s almost official!!!!!

  • K

    Some things have changed, but Madonna is still as fun and girlish as she was in Who Is That Girl and Desperately Seeking Susan(gorgeous, playful, sexy, stylish daredevil, campy, witty, quick, says
    it like it is, just everything).

  • Jamie Van Den Bergh

    I love her! Come to South Africa!! We have lots of blacks for you to adopt!!

  • Frank

    I can’t stop loving her :-)

  • Dan

    I like her, I like her too, nice ass….Will she ever open her eyes and learn how to sit properly on interviews?

  • Patrick

    wow, madonna is amazing. was it ever publicized that she supported ellen like that? NO. why? because madonna doesn’t need attention for every little thing. her public persona is SOOO different from the kind, caring person that she truly is i think.