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I Don’t Give A / Superstar Video Rumours from The Sun

If there’s one woman who doesn’t take kindly to being told what to do, it’s Madonna.
Yet the singer has backed down from staging one of her most dangerous stunts yet — messing around with a traditional Muslim bridal costume.
Madge had planned to prance around in her new music video — and possibly on stage — dressed as a “Terror Bride” as a comment on women’s oppression and war.
She already had the outfit — a mix of a traditional Iraqi bridal veil and a US soldier’s uniform — stitched up to fit her and had tried it on.
But when Madge’s advisers warned her the stunt was asking for trouble, she took the unusual step of backing down at the last minute.
A source said: “Madonna had the outfit ready to go. She was really proud of it and said it was her ‘Terror Bride’ costume.
“She had paraded around in it and said she was going to wear it in her next music video.
“At first when people started telling her it was madness she just brushed it off.
“But when they mentioned that her actions could put her life at risk she decided to ditch it from her video and certainly won’t be wearing it on stage.
“She was really disappointed as she was so adamant about it.
“And even when she said she wasn’t going to go ahead she winked that it was being put aside ‘for now’.”
The video clearly wasn’t intended for the track off her latest MDNA album I Don’t Give A … as she obviously does.
She will now change the next video to the inoffensive track Superstar.
Wise choice to drop it — but sad to see Madge censoring herself.
Over the decades she’s withstood threats from everyone from stalkers to the Russian mafia and Muslim fanatics who despise her dedication to the Jewish Kabbalah sect.
And on her current tour she’s been defying anti-gun lobbyists by gleefully blasting weapons on stage.
Some critics got especially worked up when she got her guns out at her Edinburgh gig in July — just 48 hours after the Batman cinema massacre in Colorado.
Madge’s tour is still going strong and last night she played the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California.
It has to be said Madge still likes a good row.
I wouldn’t have liked to have been the messenger telling her the Terror Bride wasn’t one of her brightest ideas.
The Sun

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  • Kenni

    I would definitely choose Beautiful Killer or Some Girls as her next single!

  • The Lion

    Superstar is all right amidst the album song, but as a stand alone single it’ll be a disaster. MDNA could have been a lot more successful if she had chosen her singles more carefully. Masterpiece first (it would have been a great come back single like Frozen and it would have appealed to those who expect something more “mature” from here), GIrl Gone Wild second, Love Spent third and Turn Up the Radio fourth. Give Me All Your Luvin’ could have been released as a promo for the Superbowl at the time Masterpiece was released.
    Honestly, she’ll be ridiculed for the dumb lyrics and cheesy music if she releases Superstar, and that the last thing she needs right now. I hope she learned her lesson though and if she released another album it will be better thought and more worked on. Out of the 4 years between MDNA and Hard Candy I think she probably spent only six months or something working on the MDNA album, the rest was devoted to her movie which in the long run was not a great idea – it’s her music that matters the most and she should be more committed to that than to anything else.

  • toobadmadonna

    All Guy’s fault!

  • artis

    so many good songs in the album, why superstar as next single? all these months i barely hear from someone that likes it. i really cannot understand interscope, oseary or her…whats their point? to the big audience MDNA is kinda silly, because of the singles so far. how will they know that there are great songs in it too? where is falling free? love spent? best friend? gang bang? some girls? i dont give a? im a sinner?

  • JO

    Please, Madonna: Relase Some Girls and threw a expencive and very bitching video. I guess that’s the only chance to get back into the charts.

  • Lennet

    I admit I’m more Madonna fan than Kylie’s – but Kylie makes her fans happy with her warm and loving behaviour. And Kylie ask her Fans what they want to see on her Tours, what kind of music they like or
    which song to release. Kylie is no real pop queen – but a queen of
    hearts, her fans are happy with the gifts Kylie give them constantly.

    Madonna is aiming for imaginary never coming younger fans and rarely cares for her old fans. I guess Madonna was surprised how excited the fans reacted when she played Everybody – and I hope she goes back to her roots someday and discovers old fans and their loved classics. I love her new stuff too – but what she does with her classics on tour is often awful.

    Kylie is not afraid to play all her old classics (not reinvented to unrecognizable mud), she shows fan favourites and b-sides on her shows. And Madonna seems to be embarassed to play 2 minutes versions of papa don’t preach or holiday – or reinvents her old hits and make freak versions like hung up, open your heart or like a virgin. What’s so embarassing to make her old fans happy and play some of the old tunes with their original classic spirit?

    I think it’s time for Madonna to stop her reinventions and to look where she comes from – and who was there to make her the queen of pop. I hope Madonna felt how happy the fans were to hear Everybody again.

  • mike

    what`s wrong with her?she lost sense of what songs can really be singles, f to Superstar …

  • Mike

    I Don’t Give A would be better than Superstar but if she wants another vid (I guess its for the club chart lol) I would rather Beautiful Killer or I’m Addicted

  • Noway

    This story seems highly unlikely.
    Even Madonna wouldn’t do something so ridiculous. Insulting.
    I think a better single would be “Some Girls”
    Chicks would be all over that song like a new female anthem!

  • Joe

    Whyatever happened to the record company sending TUTR to radio at the end of September? It was reported on this site awhile ago.

    • Luca Adami

      that’s what I was thinking of…there was written here..the 25th it’s 15 october…and where is tutr?..forgotten..what a should have been a wonderful leading single…

  • K

    I think Madonna should abandon all of us (me
    included) and do exactly what she pleases. We fans have really become a problem
    in recent years. We speculate and expect her to give us what we want at any
    time. In the art world it doesn’t work like that. Whenever an artist focus on
    what the fans want, things go wrong.

    I think Hard Candy was a great album with
    immaculate tracks, but the fans killed its momentum early. The same is happening
    with MDNA which is meant to contrast the fun and the wild side against the deep
    and dark side. It is indeed a journey from playful to mature, from pure
    carefree pleasure(girl gone wild) to pain and reflection(best friend). That is
    also what life is about.

    Right now I am listening Candy Shop and Beat
    Goes which not only have an infectious beat, but also fantastic Madonna lyrics.
    Unfortunately they weren’t even released as singles. Generally speaking, the record companies (old
    and new) are not choosing / promoting the singles properly partially due to the
    market circumstances. Almost everything has gone into space (cyberspace) now. The
    pop music market has become too fragmented. Actually pop doesn’t even exist
    anymore. Despite that, Madonna has been clever enough to hold her own. She is
    still broadly played on the radio to various degrees at different times. She is
    still managing to sell records.

    I think we should respect our queen’s artistic
    freedom, do not prejudge/ pre overkill, do not expect, stand back and allow
    time, get to know the album in order to enjoy it.

    On MDNA, I like the deep and dark side more
    (love spent, best friend, masterpiece, gang bang). But I also like the playfulness
    of the first singles and superstar too. One thing I must admit though, MDNA is
    not a synergic album like Confession on the Dance floor or True Blue were.

    In Madonna’s case synergic albums capture a
    wider public and are commercially more successful. But an innovating artist like
    Madonna can afford to switch between more commercial and more unconventional
    albums. Otherwise she would end up like Mariah(with a long list of albums that
    all sound, look and feel the same which at the end become obsolete).

    Madonna’s albums have all been different.
    Even though some have been more commercially successful than others, when you
    put them next to each other , they show the artistic diversity of Madonna. Not everything
    that she does may appeal to everybody, but in her work there is something to
    love for everyone.

    • M

      I think Madonna has already abandoned us. She is obviously more interested in appealing to new younger audiences by working with Justin Timberlake and Nicki Minaj. The artist Madonna would have never released a song like GMAYL. She knows Cherish is one of her retarded songs and has said to be embarrassed to sing Into The Groove and then she goes on to release that song? I love her but a person who releases a single so unaccessible like Erotica not giving a damn about commercial viability cannot go back to even thinking about releasing Superstar.

      • K

        Has any artist ever liked all the things
        that he or she created? Have their fans always appreciated everything they
        created? The answer is NO. Not even Leonardo Da vinci nor
        Van Gogh.

        But in the creation process one has to do different
        things, something fun, something sexy, something old, something new, something evita,
        something electronic, something ballad, something groovy, something innuendo.
        That is Madonna. That is why she is a performance artist singer. She interprets
        and sing-speaks different moods and social and musical genres. That is what sets
        her apart from the other pop artists. I actually like Justin Timberlake’s musical style and cherish the song
        is not my favorite Madonna song. I liked the video though. Into the groove is a
        totally get up and go party song and i still love it to this day; it reminds me of Desperately Seeking
        Susan which is my favorite film ever. I began liking the album I am breathless
        years after its release. Now I love all
        of Madonna’s Studio albums. They all shine and sound great especially because
        of their diversity.

      • M

        Good for you! I’m glad you like all those songs. I do too. But I expect growth from my role model. We cannot be blind and accept that everything she does is good because she is versatile. I have criteria and as I said one time on this site, can you imagine 90’s Madonna reaction to a song like Superstar?! Yes, we support her but let’s not be naive: M wants to conquer new audiences. She wants to keep relevant and her people are just advising her terribly. She would have been more respected if her first single had been Love Spent, that would have been going against the flow. Something she did until Confessions.

      • K

        I understand the point you your point and
        respect it. The criticism can sometimes be constrictive. I think Madonna will reorganize her priorities
        again, as we do too.

        Having said that, I think part of the
        growing process is daring to step out of the boundaries. Those steps may not
        always be or turn out to deliver the results that we expect, they may be considered
        missteps by some of us, but they remain a part of life. Even the Queen is human. For now, when I am in a darker mood, I play Love
        Spent, and when I want to chew my bubblegum, do my things and sing along I put
        the song Super Star on. When I run, I listen to Girl Gone Wild with a high
        volume. When I miss someone especial I listen to Miles Away. Different things
        for different moods at different times. If I could have control over things all
        the time, I would probably be in the justify my love mood and would not want to
        step out of the bedroom/ funroom. That would be a lot of fun. Do you get what I mean? ? But maybe
        it is good thing that we don’t always have things under our control.

      • artis

        sure, agree but superstar is not just a bubblegum song. its a bad bubblegum song… its when i really cannot understand her…

      • mm

        well, music is a business too, and she is playing the game otherwise radios will never put her if she did not release those singles with a young featuring as timberlake or nicki that is why she got those top 10 just chek the other singles impact and u will understand

      • M

        One word for you: Adele.

      • K

        Adele is good. She is relatively new too.
        But Do you think that she could get away doing different types of music?

      • Luca Adami

        Adele is good and has a great voice…there’s only one problem with her: she is boring

    • martin

      i could not have said it better well done

    • Mirco


    • mm

      i am with u hard candy is a very good album more cohesive than MDNA, which also has great songs but i dot think the new company knows how to handle a madonna album promotion they are just tryin things and most of them are not working either way i bought the album and enjoyed much of it and that is what most fans should do

  • lommakeit

    she should release the acoustic version of love spent as a fourth and final single from mdna. and then she should enter the studio again very fast! cause if she waits another 3 years for her next album her time will be really over!



  • Bedtime Nightmare Story

    The only 2 songs that I thought were good off of MDNA were GGW and Love Spent, and even GGW bombed on the US charts, so depressing. I miss Victor Calderone and Peter Rauhofer remixing her songs…..Superstar would continue her train wreck of singles…she just shouldnt release any more, its even too late for Love Spent to be released….

  • ScottnNYC

    She should release a new album and forget anymore releases from MDNA. That album is washed-up and the few good singles have already been released and flopped (in the U.S., anyway). Has she lost her touch? Trying too hard to capture a younger audience?

  • Lennet

    superstar? nope.
    she should release love spent or beautiful killer/die another day.
    and i want the terror bride video for gang bang by tarantino (with uma thurman cameo)

  • Dita

    Madonna should have gone for it! The ‘Terror Bride’ is a great idea! Also, the original AMerican Life video should have been released, along with Black Madonna – the original title and cover for Hard Candy. Come on Madonna you have bigger balls than this don’t ever back down!!! LUV M <3

  • Leopold_Stotch

    I trust nothing that comes from The Sun!

  • Alex

    “Love Spent” instead could be an excellent choice! No “Superstar”! It’s not even on the setlist of MDNA tour…

  • vasidis

    who cares??? i don’t give a.. superstar… love spent… would we have a maxi single released??? NO!!! i really miss WARNER years….

    • louis

      i agree 100%!

    • disqus_jem1mRjv1o

      i also agree.The days of 12″ or Maxi cd!



    • afdsfsdf

      oh come on, when she was at warners everyone complained about them……too less promotion…blalbalba

  • mdna flop series

    comon m. do your tour, take a long break. charge your creative batteries and stop releasing bullshit singles…



      • MOOV

        She should get some singing lessons first

      • mm

        yeah and u must be a better singer i guess

      • mm

        i gues u are a better singer

  • Dave

    Superstar would be a bad choice, but saying that I don’t know what would be a good choice, as no matter what she releases it will be ignored, she should make an epic video for “Gang Bang” of “Love Spent” !!!!

    • MOOV

      Because everything from that album is mediocre except Masterpiece, which could be a huge hit if she records it with better vocals and less autotune . But who am i talking about here? Lazydonna.

  • rabbitbunny

    Next single Superstar comes at a very sad time for Madonna. I hear that she and Lola are not getting along. That saddens me. I understand Lola’s desire for independence but for her to get back at mother Madge is disheartening to me. Still, I hope Madonna and Lola work things out-Let’s hope Lola understands that Madonna is the only mother and friend she’ll ever have and for her and Lola to fight is not one of Madonna’s-or Lola’s-bright ideas-I hope, I think,I know they can work it out. Madonna and Lola are Superstars to each other out of Love. Clearly, they need each other during this difficult time-I’ll say a Ciccone Ray of Light MDNA Prayer to you both. To Madonna and Lola-I Love You Both! Please Hop Over!

    • day4night

      good for Lourdes. Haus of Madonna is a toxic environment. No-one should be forced to live in such dictatorship..

      • mm

        Haus of madonna? what a bout haus of gaga..hehe monster detected

  • wowwow

    superstar is one of the first songs i deleted from the mdna playlist. such an annoying song.

  • Leonardo Belens

    acho que madonna tem que fazer clipe de Masterpiece. só isso

  • day4night

    Terror Bride? meh.. i prefer the original Slutty Bride. Superstar is an awful choice, not that it matters ’cause MDNA is long dead DNR. She should, however, make a haute couture hyper glam video for Love Spent.

  • f*cked up

    superstar, mdna, ggw, tutr, gmayl…she knows how to f*ck up her career

  • m89

    superstar? i don´t give a f….

  • TheQueen

    I like “terror bride”!
    Superstar song not so much!

  • everybody superstar

    superstar??? lol…the disaster goes on from one single to the next one. if you think it couldn`t get worse, it comes worse….

    superstar? ulala…really???

  •  Sienna Amos 

    hands up for Terror Bride!!!

  • Luca Adami

    superstar as next single?..I really don’t know what’s happening in her mind but I still go on thinking that it is all her manager’ fault..she should fire Guy Oseary…and release Love spent

  • alex

    well, I prefer the terror bride, then…