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Video: Billy Eichner meets Madonna at Yankee Stadium

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  • Adam Raynbird

    she looks very natural there, well she isnt wearing make up or dosent have her hair done, but she still looks bloody fab! its a very funnie clip

  • ScottnNYC

    That was hilarious!!! Nice to see Rocco laughing.

  • WeboGirlFan

    He lived like three dreams
    I would need oxygen.

  • wombä

    wow, she looks reälly old there….

    • M

      Well, she is 54…and has better skin than I do.

    • ScottnNYC

      I don’t think she looks old at all. her hair was a little messed up but her face looked much younger than 54…..and she was dancing like a 20-year-old!

    • äbmow

      Now imagine what you will look like.

  • Anita Nygreen

    To the audience, crew and journalist, let the show, time be shorter.