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Video: Ellen’s Gift to Madonna

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Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • Helenofreims

    Information upon; Madonna stance on. Personal advocacy confused former realtor. Herth real estate located San Francisco. Sold December 14,2014 $364 million to Vanguardsf. I’m French many executives use. There service didn’t know they. Reminds of Coldwell Banker Herth renowned firm. Opposing fair housing in San Francisco? Rentals are high Paris,Lyon and Nice true reading. Blog rich French nationals moving. To America,Canada and Brazil with tax breaks. Only President Holland give tax breaks. Madonna tour France play more cities! Madonna San Francisco is beautiful city. Rich history great colleges visited. 5 times au revoir only displeasure. Lack of speaking French products. Of France blog is true many. French corporations relocating to San Francisco. New England Au revoir. Earn your income Madonna see you. Majority of homes owned France foreigners. Investments and banking credits Madonna tour Reims.

  • Cummbottom

    Darling, Ellen what do have say. Oscars remark wasn’t funny I know. Lampoon to bring attention we. LGBTQ should laugh well not your. Humor odd, reason Oscar committee decide. To allow whom? LGBQ personality to present what. Since majority those making decisions. Oppressing LGBTQ rights are closet. Perverts anyway Ellen you detest your. Example of those not conforming to whom? Expectation is that transgender men. Getting attractions laugh without bemusement. Indirect racism watching Ellen show. Going bring what respect towards. LGBTQ well lesbians are divide. Those saying appropriate lesbian image. Certainly not Ellen which stereotypical. Deter opposite sex rather look masculine. What ever so now butch,dragking and transmen. Fighting among in America reason attitude. Conformity Ellen your success due what. Guilt of corporate policies of racism. Not denial there eager appease.

    Those naïve believing there promoting. Equality for whom?
    Not LGBTQ if so why so. Many transwomen and dragkings experience. Segregation not your fault Ellen. False hope your show bringing to movement! Yeah, getting national front along Obama. Have companies hired many LGBTQ. Now with your acclaim you change. Reason your sponsors going pulled. The strings to your show I know. Ellen is established fear lingers America. Society has false opinion Ellen was. Molested or abused non sexual by guys. Decide to turn what? Ellen your image your own not example. For lesbians if those younger.

    Say times changing what ever! Racial and income divide LGBTQ front. Why I’m advocating not only jargon. Action were not wasting time those. Using LGBTQ Ellen ask could fund. Along Madonna and David Geffen Bernal Heights. Library and community center for LGBTQ. Gotten nothing Ellen owns estates in Marin,Napa and Pacific Heights S.F. Reverting Ellen whom disrespects herself. Comment about transgender was slander! Mention your always defensive why? Ellen you aware of this your. Gender okay for female LGBTQ not male. Rest is statistics your fake. Refuse par take on mistake. Listen to you enriching your pockets. Not acknowledging LGBTQ organizations Madonna. Is your pal or gal a laugh. Only use time appease LiVeNation. LGBTQ facing evictions across America. Ellen address on your show! Madonna referred many to purchase estates. It’s great still racism is among.

    Us Frank Nolan Vice President of Vanguardsf. Native of Chicago yes acquired Herth real estate. Frank shall lobby for fair housing. Oppose TIC yes impartial only profits. Incident of Chateau Hotel Chicago gotten evicted. Low income housing discrimination former hotel. Bought BJB properties whom owns units. S.F and L.A anyhow Aldermen Tom Tunney and James Cappleman. Tired say the residence promote fair. Housing bill Chicago defeated these LGBTQ politicians. Tried Frank with your knowledge assist. LGBTQ organizations Chicago or anywhere. UpTown People’s Law Center,Organization of the Northeast (ONE),Lakeview Party,Lakeview Action Coalition,AIDS Foundation of Chicago,Chicago Gender Society,AIDS Care of Chicago,Heartland Alliance,Chicago Legal Clinic,Lawyers Committee for better Housing Chicago,Cabrini Green Legal Clinic,Meteropolitan Tenants Organization and Chicago Fair Housing Fair Housing Alliance.

    Kudo’s these organizations fighting equality! Oppose top Chicago developers eager develop. L.A,S.F and San Diego Bentley Ford,John Hancodk Real estate,Darwin Realty Corp and Venture One Real Estate. Frank your efficient executive still. Your Gay male I know you don’t. Were label besides your contacts. Many going mock you and economic success. LGBTQ or do you care Mitch is liar! 4101 3rd and 6770 Mission your exempted. Due passing of 1229 Oct 2013 developers. Continue receive tax exemptions deferred. City grants allowing
    urban development. Tricks of bankers,lawyers and city officials.
    They fund fair housing inquire. Now were society going fight!

    No longer have include BMR units. Frank assist fair housing movement. I know your exclusive for developers. Affluent LGBTQ whom buying from. Scott Evans is your client Interested. Land in Napa counties so nice! No wonder uptight in are fight! Vanguardsf when sell 4343 3rd st and 750 2nd street. Offer class to fight TIC evictions. Bigotry has increase in housing employment. Impartial LGBGT worse turn coats! Lobby fight equality don’t take. No for answer this end. Of topic not agenda fairness. Going internal struggle Rainbow is shining!

  • K

    Wearing that to the gym? Oh well, It is the borderless Madonna. She is A Can Do. Let the mind barriers and the hell
    break lose.

    Good Going Ellen.

  • xxx

    I like halloween

  • Love Spent

    The MDNA Tour Blu Ray and DVD are going to be filmed in Medellin, Colombia. I can’t tell you how I know this but I can tell you that it’s almost official!!!

  • rabbitbunny

    Like a Tracksuit Rocker, Madonna is Forever Young, Beautiful and Immortal! Rock It Madge!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Is this so called promotion? Ellen admiration for Madonna thanks. For not using LGBT issues. Nither are example for LGBT. Struggle
    both enrich there status. Whom not superficial these days? Hello,
    Ellen bemuses LGBT community. Speaking of behalf, of what? No
    asumptions on my part well. Abreat of struggle problem media. Excuse corporate involvement enjoys stereotypical. Alternations yeah, readers just saying what. Argument well concisely, I’m irrate.
    Readers, when LGBT producers including. Those supporting more television. Roles LGBT artist ignored dearist. Ellen n Madonna defending us? No, this not intent but associate get. Attention ladies don’t use LGBT cause. If not advocate no thanks!
    Ellen and Madonna use the LGBT. Community there example minor and didn’t. Represent American LGBT political and economic. Segregation contradiction both employed. Racist entertainment industy whom majorty. Hidding in the “closet” of doubt. Madonna so called “Sex Book” is what took! No just Madonna perception of her sexuality. Had nothing do with segregation. American LGBT deal with also. Ellen offensive because your LGBT. Tell without discuss, do have. Act or wear certain attire. Role for LGBT hello, Madonna. Using every cause to retain popularity. Upon Material Mom, why sudden. Publicity stunts? Declining effort MDNA bought reality. If would say fans including myself. Was this Madonna or something. Else, trying fit
    in I wrote this. Before disclose my statements! Angered both celebrities enriched themselves. On industry standards networks.
    Whom don’t favor showing LGBT. Entertainment did I say? Erotic
    we LGBT don’t have promote. Innovativeness, by this expression
    regarding. Madonna wrote prior, cease associating. Your personal
    fantasies upon. Gay men were not effeminate nor. Clamor to emulate Madonna …this stereotypical! Insult why married former
    husband. Guy the ideal mom and wife. Playing heterosexual Madonna whom. Exhusband homophobic we acknowledge. This
    behavior then since divorce. Number 2 your attempting support.
    LGBT struggle Madonna and Ellen. Answer us when have you.
    Supported LGBT cause dominations. George Michael the silent
    man whom. Given over $40 million in LGBT efforts. Not only the
    standards HIV/AIDS. Or speaking at events which. Appropriate
    non political on behalf. Mental not LGBT political struggle Ellen.
    You bought real estate elated. Still don’t use LGBT for your. Self
    enrichment both superficial cease. Support for LGBT both receive
    grade D. Gift is publicity Madonna acknowledge. LGBT no without
    certain GAYS. Madonna your success would been. Undress bye!