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  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    i don’t know, i don’t like Obama at all, his wife as scary and not looking a person as u r going to be nice with as everything she does FAKE, i never know why M like him… i think deeply Mit Romney is away better

    • Really ?

      —- I’d like all the Romney supporters to stand in
      the mirror and say with a straight face or, alternatively, if they have
      children say the following:

      “I a
      m going to vote a man into the highest government office that:

      * Does not believe in equal pay for women
      * Wants to give power to the government to limit reproductive rights
      * Wants to gut every social program that might benefit the poor or underprivledged
      * Believes Gay men and women are “not right”
      * Believes the very wealthy deserve to pay less taxes than working class people
      * Believes that private insurance companies are noble and good.

      * Wants to replace Medicare with private health vouchers that will most
      certainly cause financial disaster or, even worse, death for the
      *Wants to gut Medicade
      *Wants to end planned parenthood
      *Wants to shut down PBS and NPR —-

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        I am happy that you express that organized point of view to me :) thank you and i love you

        but: to me i am supre-free breath freedom boy, i have seen the 3 debates i never heared that he hates (he = Romney) Obama was angry bitchy not respectable by his way of talking to him and was as “he is the boss and u r nothing”

        * Mitt was saying:

        – i love teachers

        – i like to save our nation from the debts

        – i have 5 step

        – i do have a plan

        – women are important

        ** by the way i am Gay, and i don’t think he said he hates them, i think u confused him with his supporter Trump

        –> in the note of gays, i wish for them all the best and a happy term in Amerika after the votes end in 6 Nov


  • day4night

    she’s like a broken record. over and over and over..

  • Silesia

    Zastanawiam się jak wysoka może być kwota emerytury od takich dochodów. Milionerzy też otrzymują emeryturę, prawda ?

  • K

    On the surface It may sound strange, even I
    love the activist Madonna, I looooooooove the narcissist Madonna even more. The reason is that I identify more with
    the message, if you want to make the world a better place, you have to begin
    with yourself. The narcissist Madonna represe that to me. I have always looked up
    to her and tried to follow her examples “not ashamed”, strong mind fit in
    better in a strong body.

  • Peace

    Love and light. Happiness and harmony.