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Clash: 20 Years of Madonna’s Sex Book

from December Issue of UK Clash Magazine

Clash: 20 Years of Madonna's Sex BookClash: 20 Years of Madonna's Sex BookClash: 20 Years of Madonna's Sex BookClash: 20 Years of Madonna's Sex BookClash: 20 Years of Madonna's Sex Book

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  • rabbitbunny

    In terms of the Three Freakouts, Erotica and MDNA will go up as Madonna high points while American Life is regarded as a low point in Madonna’s life. American Life has only five decent songs-Nobody Knows Me, X-Static Process, Mother/Father, Die Another Day and Easy Ride. MDNA’s high points include Girl Gone Wild, Turn Up the Radio, Superstar, Love Spent, Masterpiece, Falling Free and Best Friend. Erotica’s high points include Deeper and Deeper, Bad Girl, Rain. In This Life and Secret Garden. Yet if you take all three Freakouts together, they’d still be well short of her absolute best work. I am speaking about Crazy for You, Live to Tell, Like a Prayer, Something to Remember, Take a Bow Ray of Light, Music, Hung Up and Celebration. She is at her best when she does not have to resort to shock value and illicit cheap thrills. When the Freakouts do occur, her art suffers as a result. I would love for her do do more ballads as she goes on with her life because trying to compete with the Lady Gagas, Rihannas and Katy Perrys of the world will eventually backfire on her. Erotica, American Life and MDNA have enough good moments but when she opens up and really lets down her guard, her victories will be that much better for Madonna. She may be bruised and broken but she still is #1 in my book.

    • Roccola

      LOL Superstar and Girl Gone Wild are definitely not Madonna high points, they’re embarrassing. Erotica amd American Life have both already gone down as daring artistic Madonna moments that weren’t properly understood or received at the time. MDNA was cooked up for her by mostly male songwriters and it shows. Cooked up for her as her divorce album the way Rihanna has albums cooked up for her.

  • day4night

    for me, the biggest shock was that she actually fucked Vanilla Ice. The book itself is a total boner killer.

    • Guest

      The book in itself is erotically sizzling. I do agree with the Vanilla Ice part, however. If you think the rest was a boner killer, I’d think Vanilla Ice is probably your thing ?

  • Lady Gaga

    There are other things going on about MDNA, she’s started her south america tour. Yet, nothing has been mentioned about it.

  • words can cut like a knife

    erotica is my favorite m album. it´s so exceptional. a wonderful piece of work one can still listen to. quite contrary to the stuff she´s been releasing ultimately.

  • Colton

    I’d kill to have a copy of SEX



    • K

      Why not? The book sold 1.5 million copies, and it is now a collector’s item. I think it was actually a smart move on her part. Why spread them(the photo’s) for free, if one can
      also make money with it at the same time. Although Madonna had and still has a beautiful body to look at and although the pictures depicted and communicated the world that she wanted to depict and communicate, I was not a proponent of that world. But I did not have to agree with the content in order to find the book amazing for the expression the thought behind it, its artwork , its presentation, packaging and marketing.

  • K

    Rewards go to those who are willing to face the risks and the hardships. I must admit that when Erotica and the Sex book came out, I was one of the people who had whished that she hadn’t done that. But as time went by, I began to get her message. Now I think that Erotica and The book Sex are two enlightening masterpieces ever published. They really changed how many people look at things for good. They were indeed milestones/ the big transition from pop to analysis of pop. Madonna turned the tables around. She was an smart intelligent woman/ pop musician from the very beginning,but this was the time when she became the analytical grown up musician without losing her pop dance groove. She took a lot of heat from everywhere for these two works. But revolutions never come without a cost. And Madonna was willing to pay the costs(willing to face the heat and the hate). The album as well as the book were and still are like fuzzy dreams which combine the sweets as well as the fear and danger of the sweets. The Erotica album, album sleeve, the single and the sex book covered black and white and a lot of gray in between.
    A lot of people only saw the black and white and failed to see the gray area in between. At the time the music world was full of line dancing, rap crap, and screaming divas with over exaggerated colors and voices. And there, there was Madonna with her low key story telling voice, great imagination, beautiful body, fantastic lyrics and lot of gots. Erotica far outshines anything the Beatles,the( El)Fatons, the Stones and many others ever did. Madonna´s next such high risk project was American Life. All Madonna albums are gems. But these two surpassed all expectations. They left extra positive marks on the music history.

    • Guest

      “Rewards go to those who are willing to face the risks and the hardships.
      I must admit that when Erotica and the Sex book came out, I was one of
      the people who had whished that she hadn’t done that.”

      Really ? I thought it was brilliant.

  • EuroFAnBoy

    brilliant article. although this era brought her so much negative critism, it became the most important of her career and in many ways saved it from the poppy 80s into the new era of adult pop.

  • I tow the line

    Cool article. I also like what it says about erotica, the album.

  • Sean Keith