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Like A Virgin (MDNA Tour Rehearsal Soundboard)

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  • MDNAfan

    that was good. that was damn good.

  • Anita Nygreen

    Be supportiv, with Madonna, for her last concerts, and her, new situation, afterwards.

  • ScottnNYC

    One of the best things about Madonna is that she actually CARES about her work, unlike so many other singers. She constantly changes the melodies of her hits, making them new and fresh all over again. She has done this on every tour and I love every new version of her songs, including this one of “Like A Virgin.”

  • Ronen

    Hater this version so boring

  • K

    This is the most gorgeous version of Like a Virgin to date. Her voice sounds really incredible. The lower key- range in her voice is so fabulous and beautiful. She truly has the most beautiful story telling voice of all the singers alive. Not a choir or operatic Voice, but a fantastic story telling voice.

  • Diane.

    That’s awsome. A nice change up on the song. Loved the concert. Her best show ever!

  • Adam Raynbird

    i really like it:)

  • I tow the line

    Riveting version. I wasn’t expecting it, but this song, love spent, gang bang, express yourself and I’m addicted were the highlights of the show when i saw her in Dallas. People were simply mesmerized with her voice and sentiment during this song and love spent. A true reinvention, and a highlight of her entire career. She turns this classic inside out, and she makes it so relevant to where she is in her career and life. I was expected to be more moved by vogue or like a prayer, but it was her recent songs and this re-invention (of a song I never really liked) which shone the brightest when I saw her. She is simply amazing.

    • Walrus Man

      I’m Addicted, Love Spent, Gang Bang, and Like a Prayer were all highlights, I thought. I Don’t Give A also packed a surprising punch live. Express Yourself, Revolver, Gimme All Your Lovin, and even Open Your Heart to a certain extent, were all duds. Overall, I thought the show was amazing in some places and a typical pop show in others. Very much like the videos of Madonna’s other shows that i’ve seen.

      • I tow the line

        I forgot to mention I don’t give a. I agree; it was surprisingly engrossing live. I did enjoy all of the show, though. I was in heaven most of the time, even during songs I don’t really care about, like celebration. The only song/performance I could have done without was hung up.

  • rabbitbunny

    Best version of the song ever! Madonna Cries Like a Virgin with an acute sense of sadness, ache and loss! All she has now are her soul, heart, audience and memories of a time she can’t get back! Crying and sobbing with all her Kabbalah Heart-a true work of Ciccone art!

  • slang_from_gior

    This is why none of Madonna’s fans love her anymore. She should do something more upbeat and poppy.

    • slang

      this was entirely sarcastic, mimicking some of the off the wall b.s. that people say on here all of the time, I thought I should add.

    • Sandy

      Speak for yourself.