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Madonna Bites Back at Booing Fans in Her Hometown of Detroit

President Obama may have won the nation’s popular vote by 2.4 percent, but apparently—and perhaps shockingly—those backing the Prez for #2Termz aren’t Madonna fans.

Or at least not the ones living in Detroit and New Orleans.

Madge was booed two Saturdays ago in NOLA when she voiced her support for Obama’s campaign. And just last night in her hometown, she was booed by Motor City fans when she said she was “ecstatically happy” about his reelection, according to the Detroit Free Press. Only this time, the jeering crowd pushed Madonna over the boo-orderline.

“You can boo all you want,” Madonna responded. “But I’ve been to countries around the world where people can’t vote for their leaders.” Taking it all in stride, she then offered this quip to one of her backup dancers: “In the Basque language, ‘boo’ means ‘I love you.'” Yeah, that was probably what they meant, Mr. Burns.

She then went on to try to find some common ground with the crowd, talking about her Detroit roots and how that influences her infamously insane work ethic. “This place made me who I am: A hardworking girl,” she said. “Detroit is having a comeback. I can feel it in my bones. We’re coming back. So watch out.”


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  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Madonna the material Mom from. Motown or so? What have contribute to LGBT cause. Michigan? Henceforth believing vanity Detroit lip service? Answers needed her, besids acknowledging. State of birth Madonna your alien. You haven’t participated in Michigan Pride. Offer assistance LGBT organizations Michigan. Madonna expression displeasure for LGBT. No Maddy exposing your
    superficial candor. Cease the game of advocacy either assist. Or
    shut up! Material Mom is topping her self. Riches net worth $ 750m!

  • jamila sade

    I was there that night an a white woman look at me a said why did you vote for Obama i told her am not a republican I was glad Madonna let them have it i was one of the few black people there it was a shame . I love the show but i really think they piss her off because after she perform celebration she didn’t do a encore.

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Majority appreciated the concert why. Bother to acknowledge those
    problematic! Madonna your public relations should. Handle any
    situation…Motown your State doesn’t matter paradox. Your external resident since your. Renown aboard just logical Madonna. Hasen’t promoted Michigan since Garden City,MI. Gotten there trusted, key back! Whom gave to Material Mom 1985. Felt scandle in Penhouse 1985 tarnish there city. Rest is history necessary to understand. Anger from some Michigan fans. Anyway tour is popular why explain.

  • Zaxxon

    No refunds bitches..only a fool would be behind a presidential candidate like Romney.not for planet, not for womens choice or her ability to make what a dude makes ?? Homophobic Nimrod = Romney & his followers

  • Average Joe

    Although Madonna was booed in Denver as well, it seemed that half of the crowd was booing and the other half cheering. This split represents the overall split in political views in our society as a whole. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that not everyone in the crowd shared Madonna’s politics. That said, I noticed that many of the spectators around me were not Madonna fans. They were older people (40+) for whom seeing Madonna was a bucket list item similar to going MOMA to see Monet etc. People like that are not committed to Madonna, her music, or her art. They are at her shows just to say that they had seen her perform. So, I don’t think that it is that big a deal that Madonna was getting booed.

  • Christian Robinson

    I love Madonna! She was actually booed here in Dallas, Tx when she told the croud that she was a Obama supporter. Half of the audience clapped, and half booed. I just didn’t say anything.

  • K

    The booing crowd must have be the intolerant narrow minded republicans. They did that too when American Life was about to be released.

    This is one of Madonna’s greatest musical moments ever. I wish she had gone ahead and released the video at the time.

    The message of the song and the video is still very valid. American Life is one of the greatest albums ever by any artist. I love this form of Madonna’s communication. She really speaks loud and clear through her music and videos. Songs and albums like these made Madonna a music and cultural visionary.

  • day4night

    they are just fed up w/her political preaching

  • ScottnNYC

    Who the hell would be shocked that Madonna is a liberal? And GOOD FOR HER for biting back. She has every right to express her opinions. The conservatives are simply bitter because their candidate lost.

  • alex

    lady gaga’s tour is being a flop in South America, it seems that some tickets are being given for free, let’s see what happens when Madonna arrives.

  • have you seen her?

    why is it that m´s music, since hung up, has become artistically so weak and flat?? what happened…

    • Gaga is MUCH better

      yes, the reason we’re all on here on this site is because since 2004, Madonna’s music has been weak and flat. It’s just a hope in the dark that she will happen upon another Abba sample, or something, anything, to make us interested again.

    • Joe Doe

      According to William Orbit, Madonna did not give her all while making MDNA. Apparently, she was doing promotional appearances for her perfume and Lourdes’ clothing line. So, this is why the product turned out to be what it is. Frankly, I don’t think that the album is so horrible but I think that it could have been better. Also, the videos were not up to par with what other artists are putting out now. Part of it is that Madonna does not want to spend a lot of money on a video that would have to be repaid out of download sales. Apparently, she thinks that music sales are over (she said that it is really hard to sell albums these days). So the material girl has focused her attention elsewhere and not on her music. What we should expect is more product promotions and expansion of the clothing line. It is unclear how successful those two have been. Clearly though, Madonna has not dropped them so she must be making money. As far as music, Madonna needs to realize that her audience is older now and it expects material similar to Like a Prayer and True Blue. Of course, you can remix anything these days which would continue to make her relevant on the dance floor. Until she goes back to that mainstream sound, she will not see sales and chart hits. Hopefully, she makes a change soon.

  • d0ntb3ar3tard

    Was Tony Ciccone among the booers?

  • PussyRiot

    It’s “Express yourself, don’t repress yourself.”, not “Repress yourself, don’t express yourself.”

  • Really?

    Madonna a liberal? My God, stop the presses! I don’t know who these people that boo are, but does it really surprise them? Perhaps they should have gone to a Taylor Swift show instead.

  • DemocratFan

    I think this is the direct result of Madonna’s ticket prices being so high: a lot of the people at her concerts are not true fans, but people with money, i.e. Republicans. I was there and didn’t hear any of the boos, but maybe they were coming from the more expensive seats, as my seats (although quite expensive) didn’t land me anywhere near the stage. It’s a shame that the best seats in a lot of cases are filled by people who might not get it, but I guess one can hope that their lives were affected positively by such an incredible artistic performance. Still, it was such a fantastic show! I might be willing to save my money and shell out for some prime seats next time!

    • Matthew Childs

      seriously get a grip. no republican that isn’t a fan is going to pay for any ticket, regardless of price, just so they can go and boo her. that is the most asinine comment i’ve read in a long time! the majority of the tickets for her shows cost $350+ and they are bought by the fans, me included. we can be fans and not share her political views. we can also be fans and not want to hear her political views. her airing her views back in 2003 is what killed her being aired on the radio and which has subsequently killed her chances of attaining the same success in this country that she once had. it got her blackballed and it keeps her blackballed. entertainers need to learn to keep their political opinions to themselves…the majority of people don’t want to hear it and especially don’t want to be told what to believe. they are entertainers and they need to stick with that…entertaining. THAT’S why she gets boos from the crowd. and just fyi…there are as many rich people on the democrat side as there are on the republican side. enough of the jealousy already. that’s all i hear everytime a democrat whines about “the rich people”…jealousy. it’s sad and it is pathetic. go out and educate yourself, better yourself and EARN what you feel you are owed or entitled to. quit whining because someone else has something you don’t. someone else being rich isn’t the reason you are poor.

      • DemocratFan

        Sorry,but I just can’t fathom how a person could like Madonna and be a Republican. Either they are misled what Madonna is about, or what being a Republican is about because the two are mutually exclusive. And in the case of no one going to see her except her fans: there is a species of individual who goes to any and every concert they can, and that includes Madonna, and it also takes a heckuva lot of money to do that. I saw plenty of types like that the other night at Detroit. It’s a reason to go out and get drunk and be seen. Oh, I guess those people who kept walking in and out during her set were her real fans?

      • Matthew Childs

        no the 2 are not mutually exclusive. it is possible for people to be free thinking and have more beliefs than YOUR beliefs. i’ve been a fan of madonna for 30 years, i’m gay, i’m a republican, though i lean more towards libertarian. i’ve always known what madonna stands for and i love her for it…she was the reason i was able to come out of the closet nearly 20 years ago. i have always had an attitude like hers and i have always believed as she does, except politically. and ya know what? that’s ok! we aren’t supposed to be mindless drones and just follow what we are told to believe. madonna would be the first to stand by my right to make my own decisions and to have my own beliefs, regardless of whether they differ from hers. i stronly disagree with the republican platform in regards to equal rights but other than that i’m pretty much in agreement. you want something? EARN IT. anyway the point is that your assumption is asinine and WRONG.

      • PeenaCollada

        I definatly can see how someone can plug Madonna into a conservative platform, but it just seems there is a social aspect that seems…lacking. Madonna was watching her gay friends die of AIDS while Ronald Reagan was…doing whatever the hell that he did… I tend to picture that Genesis video, not sure if that’s an accurate historical representation of not… At any rate: Log Cabin Republicans need to get loose, in their workaday lives as well as their secret weekend doings…