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Madonna gets naked for Truth Or Dare Perfume Ad

Madonna for Truth or Dare Naked

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  • The Knight of Dimensions

    I just saw her several times from 8 to12 feet away at Philly, Yankee St, and MSG. Was it my deepest rooted love or was it her magic… was I blinded by both? I don’t know guys but she is ageless, white marble skin, beautiful figure never looked better. Her eyes burn electric, sweat like tiny diamonds the ones on her bottle. I’m straight or gay who cares I want to marry you Madonna to show you what love is from close.

  • Dita

    Can I buy it in Italia?

  • mws77

    I want her to release a fragrance for men. I might get truth or dare for my mum for christmas.

  • K

    She still has it and she looks as gorgeous now, as she did then. These two pictures are absolute Iconic. Somethings are better to stay the same as long as possible. Madonna has got it and she can show it. She doesn’t have to grow tomatoes, paint herself purple, or do another rol for some people to call
    it reinvention. This reinvention is actually
    one of the greatest. She is 54 and she still defies everyone’s expectations of her. She does what she wants and she
    looks fabulous.

  • day4night

    menopause never looked so good.

  • K

    This is a Classic Madonna that will forever be remembered.

    I am a man, but I want to smell that scent all over me and implant this picture in my brain to keep me hot.

    Love her or hate her, you have to admit this woman is an inspiration to everybody. She has a Magnificent Back and MaDgical Front too.

    HOT, Hot Hot Hot Hot

  • Felix

    I’m all about Photoshop in advertising…but have it done professionally and with TASTE! her right arm looks disjointed, her hair was pasted from another image and wrinkles should be SMOOTHED…not completely vanished!!! I’m a Madonna fan since 1985 so dont start calling me Gaga fan, but I’m sure Herb Ritts would be rolling his eyes right now.

    • hur hur

      Her right arm doesn’t look disjointed and her hair doesn’t look pasted from another image, it’s just the hairline that is photoshopped.

      My friend worked with Herb Ritts for a short time, dunno if it was an apprentice thing or what. I’ll say no more, I find so much regarding image these days hi.lar.i.ous.

  • eds

    all the ‘it’s photoshop!!’ comments is like saying, “dude, ya know… wrestling is fake.” we know… we know…

  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    Let us read and let us dance – two amusements that will never do any harm to the world –>
    and i say let us get naked and enjoy ourself … Yes Naked babey

  • Tyler

    Jesus fuckin christ this pic of her is almost too much to handle!

    • k

      I know. It is tooooooHOT.

  • Adam Raynbird

    im going to buy this, and i hope they have this poster to it, want it bad ;)

  • Adam Raynbird

    I am totally loving the photo its so sexy and so madonna, and hey yeah it may have a little photo shop done to it but alot of the photo’s we see of celebritys have been done, its nuthing major, and im sure this photo untouched she will look just as fab as she does touched up, im a true fan and i really appreiate madonnas efforts and hard work, and i never mock her stuff, im only 28 and i had photos taken and i really look after my phyical apprence but i had to still have work done to the photos as they where promo photos, everbody has flaws lets not forget!! and madonna you look fucking amazing, you always have and will keep up the great work girl xx

  • Luca Adami

    I’m so tired of this Gaga fans spreading their hate on Madonna..isn’t there a way to ban them from the Madonna sites?

    • Oscar Hamptonshire

      Really, both accosted Luca since. Both label mates Madonna,
      continue. Harass Lady Gaga and photo’s a joke. Luca I know,
      you’ll get overwrought. Regarding Madonna, phony sexy Mom!
      Image hello, is perfume erotic? Besides Madonna advertisement totally “Photoshop” no. Airbrush still enjoy Madonna age caught up! To sad, admit Luca Material Mom! Playing Vixen wow! Slash the romantic allure on. Luca bye bye

      • Luca Adami

        I can’t understand you…sorry..i give up

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        i can’t understand you as well
        i tried so hard, because you keep posting so negatively on Luca’s comments and i have no idea why? what ur points?

      • Adam Raynbird

        umm im completely lost is that english?

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      let them be here maybe they will get more educated and learn to love rather than hate.. maybe they will hear a great voice of wisdom or they will see the real trend while others are copying

      • K

        Exactly. But I like it when they eat their own jealous hearts out.

        This is the most iconic Madonna image, or any image I have seen in years.

        Mark my word. This will be spread and reprinted
        everywhere for years to come. It is totally gorgeous.

        Everybody has access to Photoshop these
        days, gaga has access too. Yet they can’t look like this.

        This is Madonna at the most stylistic iconic level. Madonna
        is Goddess of all icons that ever existed/ the last Living Goddess in the Universe.

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        i know she looks so hot… she looks as a Girl gone Wild ;) i love her-look and her sexy body

        i live now in Middle East and it’s very scary and Madonna is my angel as Bundesliga and Bayern Munchen are my escape and joy time to be.

        God save all of you, “especially” Gays
        love you

    • k

      Gold, Diamonds and Madonna are forever.
      wig wearing gagas come and go.

  • K

    This is Gorgeous. When it looks and smells good, then it is FUNtastic. 100 Carat Gold Madonna.

    And the picture is a total candy. Can I keep it and eat it too?


  • Luca Adami

    picture is fantastic…and I think that due to the accord oud this new scent will also be suitabe for men

    • Oscar Hamptonshire

      Honey what are writing? I’m not baffled other words. Your perception of the reason Madonna. Perfume going attract the masses. Luca your anger just assuming. My comments you shouldn’t just expressing. Myself, what Madonna enjoy doesn’t. Imply belitting nor sexual okay! Define that if you may: first Madonna. Signature perfurm not marketed by major firms. Concern shall Madonna send the amount. Not just showing “golden bust” want. Fans for sexual lust cause so. Much mistrust this to much inquire about. Luca sorry if I cause anger.Not really selling Madonna famous. Always ego from Material Mom! Like society never see Pussy nor Bust.

      Everyone has sexual lust Luca selling. Budget stores as Forever 21 and Target. Wow, guess major specialized brands. Felt Madonna perfume couldn’t displace. Major sellers typical of Madonna.World going just stop because.

      Material Mom, egotistical irony celebrities have. To be signature brand doubt. Be top seller gather you. Don’t understand critical rendering. Madonna feels what ever she
      endeavors. Society is immediately react or disstract. Matter of fact Madonna doesn;t need. The revenue just fame of
      success. Luca your not incline to read. Between the lines yeah just. Basic admiration not understanding celebrites!

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        well i think M has used her power or fame very wisely and very not self selling as most are doing

        * M not doing charity publicly as we all know

        * M not talking about her albums or products in interviews that not booked for that reasons

        * M support FREEDOM through her works NOT by her name or for $

        * M after 30 years done a perfume, Many after 5 or even 2 years made a perfume for $ or using their peak-time to get as much as they can from it



      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        Materialistic of course… it’s her job

        will you work for free???

        and the fans demanded the perfume and loved it

        where the motherf*cking harm

      • Luca Adami

        Sorry..I don’t understand you..but there is something I lke to tell you..I really don’t care if teenagers won’t buy her perfume…they buy one million by Paco Rabanne which is horrible..or Giorgio Armani who creates perfumes for the masses..being a perfume lover I adore her perfume because is a modern rendition of Fracas by Piguet..but maybe you don’t even know who he is..and the add of oud is something which will make this new scent suitable for you know Aoud?I don’t think so…and I don’t care…and please stop using the google translater to like I do..I know I make mistakes in english but at least I suppose people understand me…and…sorry…there’s a question I have to pose you?..are you a taliban?

  • Luca Adami

    <picture is fantastic and I think that this new scent due to the accord oud will be suitable for men too…I really really can't wait to smell it…

  • artis

    gorgeous! both perfumes are amazing!

  • day4night

    whatever. i want to see the un-photoshopped original.

  • fb

    I’m not saving that to my harddrive

  • ScottnNYC

    Every single photo of her is highly photoshopped. She looks nothing like this now. I know all publicity pictures are touched-up but it’s just a joke.

    • Roadwork

      you obviously have not seen any recent interviews, or the publicity campaign for the perfume or her live in concert, She looks just as amzaing live.
      And plus what difference does it make to you, whats your point, to make her feel bad, get over your cynical atittude.

      • Adam Raynbird

        i so highly agree even in her interviews she looks amazing!

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        she looks better than me & i am 25
        put thumbs up i will not feel sad
        i love her beauty and she rocks
        she motivates me and push me to be looking healthy and as myself, and be respectable to to me first then to others

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        i wanna get naked now lol

      • Luca Adami

        yeah do it with me

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        i wish / i want to

  • ps

    madonna like the bottle you look goog love the bottle cant wait to get it for my girl

  • indonesian

    those boobs are totally hers. i’ve seen them many times
    and by they way why she has to use other’s boobs while hers are looking great?!
    don’t be such a stupid jealous person because yours suck

  • wombe

    these r not her boobs



  • de.olivarius

    photoshop is the winner!

    • hur hur

      Like 99% of media photos these days.

  • Michael

    Jesus, that is one ugly bottle.

    • Guest

      I like it, very oldschool Italian or something.

    • Luca Adami

      Jesus. that is a wonderful bottle

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        Holy Mary, what a bottle… so HoT
        God bless it and bless Madonna fans and her productions

        (This a support to the fans and to the “Guest” who’s very VERY rude here, Go and have a chocolate luv)