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Madonna to face trial in Russia for promoting gay rights

A Russian court has ruled that there is sufficient evidence to sue Madonna for promoting gay rights during her ‘MDNA’ tour, according to reports.

In August of this year, it was reported that the singer had enraged some citizens by handing out pink anti-homophobia wristbands to crowd members during a show in St Petersburg and telling them to “fight for the right to be free”. Her stunt was in response to a new regulation adopted in St Petersburg in March of this year, which saw the city’s yearly gay pride parade banned as it promoted “gay lifestyles” and the “propagation of homosexuality” – both of which have now been outlawed.

A lawsuit was subsequently submitted by members of the Union of Russian Citizens, the People’s Assembly and the New Great Russia party against the singer, with a lawyer for the group claiming that her actions caused “psychological stress and emotional shock” amongst the audience.

Now, according to The Times, a court in St Petersburg has given the go-ahead for the £6.5 million lawsuit to continue as the singer “crossed a line” by handing out the bracelets to “children as young as 12″. Madonna did not attend the hearing and is not expected to be present at future court dates relating to the trial, either.

Madonna courted controversy throughout her tour of Russia. Previously, she used the Moscow-leg of the jaunt to express support for the jailed members of Russian punk collective Pussy Riot. In a speech to the 20,000 strong crowd, Madonna said: “I think they have paid the price for this act and I pray for their freedom,” before stripping to her bra to reveal the words ‘Pussy Riot’ written on her back. For ‘Like A Virgin’ she donned a balaclava similar to those worn by the band. She was later dubbed a “moralising slut” by Russian politician Dmitry Rogozin for her comments.


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  • K

    Dear Madonna, I respect your opinion exercise of and freedom of expression on human rights equality. But what about you respect
    and tolerance for the cultural differences of different countries????

    There is no black and white line. There are different approaches to lifestyles. Things that have been there for centuries, cannot be changed overnight. Something’s are better done subtlety through art than outright confrontation. Some hasty expressions at a pop concert can actually do more harm by confrontation than good. But through art itself, you encourage people to think otherwise and you reach more in-depth and lasting change, in people’s minds like you did with American life.
    see on you Tube:
    Madonna – American Life (Director’s Cut), Behind The Scenes & BBC Live

  • Jamie Van Den Bergh

    Is that country even a democracy?

    • K

      Is America a democracy? Can people say anything they want without FBI and CIA attaching a label to them and locking them up in Guantanamo bay?

      If true democracy ever existed, there had to be more to it than spending a lot of money on advertising and choosing between two candidates every four years. There have to be more sit down discussions and open exchange of thoughts, and I
      mean not just shouting in the wrong place at the wrong time, but changing peoples’ minds and way of thinking.
      I don’t think America is a democracy. In many ways, I think Russia is far more practical realistic.

      • Jamie Van Den Bergh

        wow, you are stupid!

  • Felix

    wow…Russia REALLY wants to keep this going and make a fool of themselves around the world.

    News to the Russians: The world has changed…of course you were too busy inside of a Matryoshka to notice.