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Madonna’s I’m Going To Tell You A Secret DVD included with Magazine in Turkey

Milliyet Sanat Magazine (November 2012, Turkey)

Madonna's I'm Going To Tell You A Secret DVD in Milliyet Sanat MagazineMadonna's I'm Going To Tell You A Secret DVD in Milliyet Sanat MagazineMadonna's I'm Going To Tell You A Secret DVD in Milliyet Sanat MagazineMadonna's I'm Going To Tell You A Secret DVD in Milliyet Sanat Magazine

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  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Angered Madonna expose, this time. Not sexual…endorsements from
    Turkish. Corporations yes, objections discussing. Equality towards
    LGBT well if caught. Turkey oppression Madonna preview. Midnight
    Express 1978 true biography Madonna feudal__society. Turkey problem ancient traditions government. Which secular anyhow why
    support racist Turkey. Whom detest economic progress. Balkan and
    Greek societies Madonna it’s. About publicity nothing more Ms. Fake

  • Guest

    wots actually on this dvd??

  • gun in my mouth

    madonna+craig would be a very hot couple indeed ;)

    • Guest

      Na, she needs someone a little more creative.

  • K

    I do not like Turkish way of doing things(Turkish culture). It has always been too contradictory and incoherent. That goes for their marketing and promotion too. But I guess for that country it makes sense. They call themselves Muslims but are often anything but. During their rule over Greece, they sold the Greek artifacts to the British, just like they sell out their other neighbors now. Look what they do to Syria, they help and arm the rebels, because America
    wants them to do so, and then they complain about the refugee crisis that stem directly from the rebel actions/ rebel war crimes.

    But as far as Madonna is concerned,
    she will still get royalty from the number of magazines/ DVDs sold.

    • Ralissa Vassilissa

      You’re entitled to your opinion, but this is hardly the place and way to voice it.

      Madonna is well-known for promoting equality and tolerance between people of different races, nations, genders, sexual orientations, religions, etc. Any true Madonna fan shares that same belief in equality and at least tries to overcome his/her prejudice. It’s not the amount of money a person spends on buying M’s albums/DVDs/going to concerts that makes him/her a fan, it’s the sheer appreciation and understanding of the things Madonna stands for.

      So if you so openly attack a nation, going off-topic without even the slightest provocation, then you’re not a Madonna fan. If you’re not a Madonna fan, what are you doing here at a Madonna website??

      • K

        @Ralissa, I don’t know if you are the same one from the CNN. But this place is as good as any to voice my opinion. Places and borderline did not stop Madonna
        from voicing her opinions. Most Madonna
        fans are enlightened even though some are too busy with other things to get involved in politics. That is why I think this is a perfect place to start. Madonna works the culture in her own way. And I do it in mine.
        1- The Turkish magazine ad/ marketing is done in the same way that they do other things. I watch CNN to sometimes, I like Anderson Coopers reports. But most of CNN’s political reporting are very biased to the benefit of Israel. CNN is actually a part of the US and Israeli warmongering macxhine. It helps to create fear and spread Syrian war by showing the homemade footage made by the western backed rebels about their own war crimes which they end up blaming on the Syrian government. After showing all the horrible footage, CNN includes a short line saying that they cannot independently verify the authenticity of the videos. By then many viewers switch the channel in order to avoid seeing the human misery. The owner of CNN is a supporter of Israel too. I have nothing against Jewish people, but hate the war crimes
        that Israel commits. Neither do I like the war crimes that US/ Turkey sponsored rebels commit against the Syrian Government and the Syrian People.

        2- Netanyahu is a war criminal, but I doubt if he ever will face the justice (in the way we know). He will get
        justice from the higher mighty who watches over the mankind and keeps the record of everything we all do. The rule of nature= Who practices fear, lives and dies
        with fear. Acutely Israelis pay for their war crimes right now as I am typing(they live with fear). What kind of life is that???? Not a very good one. And it is never going to end as long as they practice fear and as long as they
        commit great scale war crimes against Palestinian population.

        3- Turkish people may have voted for their government, but Turkey is far from democratic. In their General Culture, they put money above ethic just like in the wall street. They suppress the Kurds in their country and arm the rebel war criminals in Syria.

        Now Rallisa, if CNN ever had any pride, can you tell me where and why the journalistic pride and ethic of
        CNN has disappeared?

      • Ralissa Vassilissa

        My name is Raltsa Vassileva, and I am Bulgarian just like the journalist who works for CNN, but I was actually named after her. I’m not the person to complain to about the quality of CNN’s political reports – go to their website if you want to give them feedback, this is not the place to do it.

        There’s a fine line between freedom of expression and hate speech. The former is protected by the law, the latter can be criminal. So thread carefully when you express your opinion of a nation, because “your way” could be offending people.

      • K

        Thanks for your friendly advice. I appreciate
        it. However, In my comments, I was not talking about Turks as people, nor was I
        talking about their race, faith, or their country(place). I was merely talking
        about their general culture(common/shared/ widespread/ general way of doing
        things and how they have passed it along from generation to generation). This is not hate. It is an objective observation and expression of my dislike for what I see. As far as the feedbacks go, I often refrain from giving feedbacks especially to those individuals and organizations whom seem to have their complain boxes ready. My complains about CNN are shared and expressed by billions of people worldwide. But it hasn’t changed the way CNN does its job, because their fundamentals and their biased motives remain the same. Your reaction on my comments, is actually the proof that placing comments on different interests sites has more effect than dropping another complain in the CNN
        supermarket type complain box.

      • K

        I prefer, RT(Russian TV) than CNN.

        RT’s assessments and reporting are way closer to the facts on the ground than the CNN’s
        reports(imbedded journalism). The reason: The bed is a place to have a good sleep or have good sex. Otherwise why would one spend time in bed at all? When one sleeps he or she can’t do anything/ can’t see the things that are happening. When one is consensually engaged in sex, he or she can’t see most other things around them clearly. That is how CNN does its reporting. Often it is too tinted, too little despite all the resources that they have at their disposals.

        Now, If there is one thing I don’t agree with Madonna, it is her support for Obama and
        Hillary Clinton. I used to like them. But I don’t now. I like President Poetin though, because he is a man of his word and he is not a poppet.

        Obama and Hilary did not make good on their glossy promises. Except a half hearted long overdue health care law, and pulling
        the American troops back from Iraq and Afghanistan in disgrace and nothing
        significant achieved. Okay, Binladin is dead, but the world is full of binladins on every side, in every country and in all governments.

        America lost its moral higher ground long time ago. When it invaded Afghanistan, if not
        before. One may win a war on the ground temporarily based on manpower and resources,
        but a temporarily win on the ground does not achieve moral higher ground and lasting
        results/ wining hearts and minds.

        I know that pussy cat riots are in jail for their ridiculousness and breaking the Russian norms. But how many people can really say that America is a true democracy? And that all political views are tolerated??????? Even Madonna has
        been booed for voicing her opinion. She even got banned from radio for American life. If the protests come from smaller and unknown individuals they would find a reason to put them in prison in America. So is America really free?

        Or is the freedom
        there just as selective and preferential than in any other place on the planet?

  • Frozen


  • kyoto

    mmmm that awkward moment when you think that SHE COULD be ACTING with James Bond in his action FILM …. YES !

    • Ralissa Vassilissa

      She’s already been in a James Bond film, “Die Another Day”, as a fencing instructor named Verity. :P I doubt she’ll want to do another Bond film cameo, she’s too busy with other projects.

  • ogurlpls

    but why tho???

  • ogurlpls

    but why