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Madonna’s NYC Apartment on the Market for $23.5 Million

Maybe Madonna’s stalker had something to do with the move? Although Robert Linhart faces up to a year in jail after resisting arrest outside Madonna’s New York City property in 2010, the singer has decided to put her Central Park West duplex (where the incident took place) up for sale at $23.5 million.

According to The Daily Mail, the duplex is 6,000 square feet and includes eight bathrooms, five wood-burning fireplaces, a library, a marble master bedroom, a claw-foot tub and balconies overlooking Central Park. (Story continues after the gallery.)

The duplex is near West 64th Street, and is located on the fifth and sixth floors of the Harperley Hall building. It’s reportedly listed by Arabella Buckworth of Brown Harris Stevens and Adam Modlin of The Modlin Group real estate site.

Don’t worry, Madge can still stay in NYC easily – she also owns a triple-wide townhouse on the Upper East Side, which she bought in 2009 for $32.5 million.

It seems like Madonna is trying to downsize some of her real estate ventures this year. Just this past March, she put her Beverly Hills mansion up for sale.

The New York Post reports that Madonna is currently renting a home in the Hamptons while looking for a home there.


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  • Jamie Van Den Bergh

    You are either writing these post drunk or you are using google translate because you are not a native English speaker.

  • Ingrid Casares

    She’s leaving the Harperley Hall building `cause she bought the townhouse on the Upper East Side, just that simple…

  • day4night

    23,5m for that beast!? That apartment looks dated and fug. She threw some of her legendary orgies there, though..

  • EUROFan

    she should leave the US and move back to London, because she’s had her most creative times there.

    • K

      I disagree.

      She is creative anyway, anywhere. She made great records before and after london. london is boring and stuffy. London has almost always been boring. Exept the time when Madonna lived there. Whereas NY will always be the Big Prize/ Big Apple/ GIANT. A Sold-Out Giant Stadium, far outweighs all de dates in the uk.

      Madonna has always made killer songs above and beyond the regular English vocabulary. That has to do with her roots and her personality, as well as how her roots and life’s’ sociology influenced her personality, her take on life and ultimately her songwriting skills. The true fans love Madonna before and after Evita. Live To Tell, Papa Don’t Preach and Bedtime Stories were made before London. Masterpiece, Love Spent, Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You and Beat Goes On, were written after she moved back to NY. She has had number one albums before and after london.
      She has been in great shape and looks great before, during and after london. Her phenomenal ass, her iconic naked perfume poster and the sold out US leg of her tour don’t lie.
      Madonna will always have the NY Clubs and Lower East side. I can bet that when she reaches 70 years old, she will still be visiting those clubs, she will still dare to wear her fishnets and leotards, she will still be making music and
      performing. Madonna defies time, place and borderlines.

      • Guest

        “London has almost always been boring. Exept the time when Madonna lived there. Whereas NY will always be the Big Prize/ Big Apple/ GIANT.”

        Bollocks. Both cities were interesting and more interesting before the globalization / uni – form ation.

      • k

        I know about globalization. But there is one Madonna and one NY and they belong together. I talk openly about places and cultures that I don’t like. I don’t consider that intolerance or discrimination. I think London is duddy. That is why most of its talents and beauties moved away. One sang the English man in NY. The other became Alexis in Dynasty.

        I don’t like to be IN dated about everything. Because being IN makes you become just like the others.

        There is an old
        interview of Madonna posted on U Tube and Absolute Madonna, in which she wears
        a 5 dollar dress from the 50’s. And she looked fantastic in it. That is what is
        cool about her.

      • Luca Adami

        I agree..and the globalization produced people like Rhianna..

      • Guest

        You sound a bit outdated.

      • Jamie Van Den Bergh

        Though I don’t think London is boring and stuffy! I do think that Madonna belongs in New York City, because she IS NYC! Simple……
        If not, come to Johannesburg! It is the most NYC you can get in Africa!

  • k

    Big dreams, big mind, and hard work to go with it. She always stood up to the trash that were thrown at her by the haters over the years. In her heart she is still the driven small town girl.

    She lives and works every day as if it was her only day left. That is Madonna. And that quality is what I admire the most in her character.

    I admire her great records, great videos and her sexy ass too. Let Madonna’s music play for inspiration.

    • Luca Adami

      you are writing some of the most beautiful things ever told about her…thank you for saying exactly what I think

  • Patrick Hernandez

    I’m surprised she’s selling it. She’s been owning that place for over 20 years. Guess it was time for something different!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Not so the taxes hasen’t been. Relaxed Madonna business advisory
    suggested. Relinquish some investments espesically real estate.
    Madonna returned to NYC bought 5 homes. Yes, outside NYC in
    the Hamptons and New England. Besides this personal even former home. Beverly Hills,CA $28 million, Madonna net worth. Not accurate
    say this Madonna investments. Diverse real estate,technology,
    global 5000 firms and royalties. Dream which became reality admire.
    Your success Madonna continue. Entertaining your loyal fans. Bye

    • Jamie Van Den Bergh

      Speak English and Madonna doesn’t own a home in New England?!?!?!?

  • patrick

    perfect! i was thinking of moving from brooklyn to the columbus circle/UWS area. looks like i’m in luck! haha