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Madonna’s Pittsburgh Pre-Show Prayer for Obama

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  • TheKidsAreAlright

    I was worried that Madonna, being so rich, might be a closet Republican and fascist. This semi-private prayer sort of cleanses my fears. I think Madonna is somewhat of an enigma and a self-created image, but I can’t see her fashioning up a fake prayer for effect. Yay! the right man won!

  • K

    Okay, I am glad Obama won over
    romney. He is lesser of a bad guy. At the same time I am glad that this
    election is over. Think about all the good things that the campaign money could
    have done instead of spending it on mostly false and almost always useless back
    and forth allegations. Another thing is that USA is far from a democracy.
    Voting in a two party hypocrisy does not make a democracy. The freedom in the USA is very relative just like in every other country on this planet. It is pre-determined based on the culture(norms and values of every single country). I don’t think anybody would dare to go out on the streets of London and call the queen elisabeth and her forefathers as tyrants who took other peoples’ wealth just for being born in royalty and for having been handed a title from one generation to another. I am sure in the tribal regions where the respected and experienced elders adjudicate and make the decisions for the rest of the village reconsider themselves to be democratic too.

    I am not a Russian but I admire and support president Poetin because he is a far better and consistent leader than any we have seen in the western world in the recent years. And the pussy
    cat riots were just uninformed talentless band seeking publicity. Madonna, has talent and when she knows the subjects, she expresses her views better. But with her support for bands like that, she brings herself down to the level of pussy cat riots.

    I am a diehard Madonna fan. But I get sick of some of these speeches. Madonna expresses herself with far more depth and intelligence through her music and especially about some of the social issues. Her political prayers and speeches are not thought through at all, they don’t seem to come from within her.
    Her tribute to MJ did come from within her and it was too clear that she actually felt what she was talking about. It was personal to her.

    • WTF

      “I”m not Russian, but I support President Putin because he is a far better and consisten leader than any we have seen in the western world in the recent years…” Where do the people on this site come from? could you please tell me? Are they lady gaga’s freaks trying to poison people’s minds with their sheer stupidity. That is the most asinine thing I have ever heard. Putin is a fascist! No self-respecting Madonna fan would ever say such a thing.

  • MDNAfan

    Hmm this kind of annoys me a little. I’m for Obama and all that but what if one of her dancers aren’t? Seems like she is forcing her team to agree with her political views, making everyone pray for one candidate. I don’t agree with the republican mindset but I also don’t agree with force-feeding beliefs—no matter what side you’re on. Real compassion for acceptance is acceptance.

    • day4night

      she’s a dictator

    • RepublicansAreThePartyForDorks

      If you think there are a good number of liberal-minded, creative artist types that were for Romney than you must be a Lady Gaga fan in disguise. Madonna has been fighting a one-woman war against close-minded conservatism for a long time. If one of her dancers was a closet republican, well, they’re working for the wrong person. And that goes for fans that go to her concerts too. I’m sure there’s alot more conservative choices out there if you don’t like Madonna’s views.

  • Sean Penn

    The election is like betting on a WWE wrestling match where the winner is already predetermined. It makes sense for Madonna and Lady Gaga to promote Obama because that who The Illuminatti (which Madonna and Lady Gaga are a part of) has chosen to be President to go “FORWARD” into a financial collapse so America has no choice but to form and join a New World Order….Which is exactly The Illuminatti wants.

    • Hot

      Sean Penn wouldn’t talk like that. Fatty.

  • ste

    Go Madonna!

  • usa dictators

    lol…chosing between obama o romney is like chosing between cholera or the pest…wake up usa….

    • peppersquestion

      not quite. Why don’t you leave usa politics to the people who live there.