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MDNA Film Project

If you are to attend one of Madonna’s Miami shows next week, come on and join the MDNA film project with Vyclone!

Here’s what you need to do in 4 simple steps:

1. Download the FREE app from Vyclone and register:
2. Follow Madonna
3. When the song “Give Me All Your Luvin'” starts in the show, start filming! You can film your perspective of Madonna, your friends, or even yourself singing along. This is the only song that will be included in the video.
4. Finish recording, add comments, hashtag it: #MDNA and then upload the movie.

It will then be edited as part of a video you created with all the other fans at the show!

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  • lipnot2

    Is there really going to be a dvd? I fucking hope so.

  • Roger Ebert

    madonnaunderground says, that miami will be recorded for the DVD. we need infos finally

    • smartphone

      miami is more realistic than mendellin, but maybe they film a couple of dates to get a better experience in the end?

  • kyoto

    I don’t know but is it a MDNA Documental or Dvd concert show ?????

    • Christopher Ward

      can we have both? or just the DVD show!