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Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (MDNA Tour Live in Buenos Aires)

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  • kyoto

    WOW WOW WOW Argentina is a blessed country by her , she was sick so bad and she got a fever (illness) i heard about her team will postpone and cancel the show last Night, but GUESS WHAT ? 22:30 lately she didn’t give up and honestly she loves incredibly her Argentina fans , i saw her many times crying in the stage happily , she has given all of her power on the stage , it was amazing ,none should complain about it, because it worth the delay and she always gives the best for her fans, god save our only queen and have a nice day

  • Sebastian Glints

    I was there. I cried so much during this song, and Her speech prior to it. The whole show is a ride filled with a lot of emotions, but this part was just special, just like when She sang it in 2008. She has the ability to make us argentinians feel like we’re a BIG part of her world and that She pays tribute to our country constantly.
    Thank you, Madonna, for a wonderful night. See you tomorrow as well! Feel better!

  • I tow the line

    Wow! Stunning!

  • K

    Argentina is a beautiful country with beautiful people.

    Far more beautiful than Britain.
    There is always a Latin warmth to Madonna. To NY too. She sounds and feels right at home there.