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Holiday (MDNA Tour in Cordoba)

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  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Oldest trick Madonna, circus of nobodies? Regarding, filling the stage__amount paid. Critics wasn’t bemuse nothing remembrance.
    Do success of stage and theme. Hard Candy “MDNA” bascially was.
    Statement Madonna new label LiveNation amount. Paid contract is
    disputed not only Madonna. Every celebrity has audience exclusive.

    Market Madonna flaw lack smaller events. Why? Stadiums don’t work appropriately dance music. Or broadway cast which Madonna.
    Opposite Madonna admit just filling void. To higher ticket prices you’ll. Never admit media didn’t acknowledge. Wasn’t eye catcher the vague remarks. And internal problems with family. Media help this
    animosity towards. Madonna including myself speaking for LGBT. Not contributing supporting cause anyhow. Madonna time for new
    release give. Us music not today’s trends. Music is first Madonna !!!



    • Miguel

      To me the MDNA album was not one of her best, and this era was not one of her best, but the MDNA TOUR was definitely her best tour ever…ever!! It was something out of this world. the Gang Bang performance alone was her best thing ever, amazing.

  • Roadwork

    Congratuations Madonnas! 10 months of hard work and amazing focus, determination, stamina, resilience, and fortitude. I set a huge goal in front of you and accomplished it, step by step, day by day. Thats why I cant get enough of you. I love you, thank you for being such an inspiration!
    I wonder what shes doing now. You know shes not waking up and watching tv all day eating junk food. I bet shes already working on the next thing. I know I would be If I were her. Only because thats what she taught me ; )

  • 11″

    do you like it cut?

    • T bone

      Mine is cut. Do you want to suck on it?

  • power cut

    that’s m’s marketing machinery again. you know she had bad publicity the night before in santiago, giving only 3 parts of the concert plus being harsh to her fans. in cordoba she cut off the power on purpose just to generate good publicity again by not leaving the stage during one hour. in the rest of the city the electricity worked perfectly well.

    • T bone

      balblabla, your useless speculations. Why don’t you cut it, make yourself a happy person and shove them up your ass. Electricity in a building does not always depend on the power in the rest of the city.

    • Miguel

      I was there, I saw Madonna’s face when the power went off. All the drama. These videos don’t even show 10% of the drama we lived that night. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Miguel

      When electricity went off Madonna didn’t know how fans were going to react, she was very scared people would start throwing bottles at her or something, because of what happened in Chi9le before, but the Argentinian audience started to spontaneously sing “we love you !! we support you!!” over and over again and M almost cried, while this was happening all her staff went crazy, there were people running everywhere on stage, assistants came and talked to Madonna who was on the verge of a nervous breakdown but handled it very well, and while technicians looked like ants on a hot pavement Madonna started to sing a capella, her dancers didn’t know what to do. It was crazy. Then Madonna said “un momento por favor” and disappeared from the stage for a long time, the lights on the stadium went on, we thought the show was over. Then someone appeared on stage saying Madonna appreciated how comprehensive Argentinian fans were, she apologized for the electricity and said Madonna would come back to end the show in a few minutes. They missed the whole Masterpiece and Justify my Love parts and started with Vogue. Madonna was very professional and she was very grateful at her fans. There is no way in the whole universe something like that was planned. It was a very strange, crazy and special night. And Madonna kicked ass.

      • Roadwork

        Wow nice description, thanks! Shes lucky to have a fan like you.

      • Miguel

        Thank you. I’ll never forget that night. It was so special and so long (the show lasted almost 4 hours because of the electrical problem) that it was like being in a dream. It was magical.

    • Next

      Yeah Yeah

  • Dyor Myne

    OMG You guys!!! It was SO AWESOMEEE!!! Delay, heat and power problems aside!!! We, the REAL fans in the VIP area, were cheering all night and we felt really bad for M ’cause she looked really frustrated when the lights went out but we kept on cheering, I mean she gave us that much of a performance for a third world country town!!! She did a thing with a cigarette during “Love Spent” for that Chile soundcheck video (2 days before Cba) Very shady, loved it!!! Loved one of her dancers, he reminded me of the Paris Is Burning (1990) film, they were all very cool, really a great vibe coming from all of them, even Laidback Luke was really into it all that night!!! Very much appreciated it all, THAT WAS PROFESSIONALISM!!! 30 years AT THE TOP, is not for nothing!!! LONG LIVE THE ONE AND ONLY MOTHER FUCKIN’ QUEEN OF POP!!!

    • k

      I prefer Argentina than Britain. It is far
      more beautiful and they don’t give ‘Sir’ titles away to people like fatton(elton). I like their culture and warmth too. Argantina Rocks and Tango too.

    • Roadwork

      Cool Dyor! Next show I am definately up front with my brother!

  • Marisa Co2

    I wish evereybody, special a toi Madonna merry chritsmas and happy new year !!
    <3. :-)

    • k

      Thanks. I wish you and all Madonna fans the same.

  • Love Spender

    I’m falling in love with her all over again when I see her smiling at her audience like this…she looks extremely happy that her loyal fans kept singing and dancing with her…This is the result of a 30-year-working-hard perfectionist! Although the electricity went off she continued the show…Damn! This woman is on fire!

    • k

      Very well said.

      I love Madonna and her Argentineans fans too. They have a lot of warmth in common. I went to see Madonna on tour in the 80’s and 90’s as well as reinvention and confession tours. All of them were the best. But now I think qua tightness of choreography and total high energy showmanship S&S and
      MDNA topped them all. Madonna has always been a professional at the top of her game, but with these very demanding song and dance tours she even topped

      After 30 years, she put all the other touring acts to shame.

      Who wants to see the wig changing gaca, ridana, shitny,fatton,,,,when they can go to see Queen of Universe Madonna putting on a Broadway style song and dance
      show on a larger arena and stadium scale?

      • Love Spender

        Totally agree with you…but Iove Britney (although she doesn’t dance at her shows anymore) and rihanna (she was really kind to Madonna)…I’m not from those fans that offenses other artist just like Gaga fans do, because they want to promote their idol…I believe that every artist has something to offer! But Madonna is dominating :)

      • k

        Dear Love Spender, You are right. Every artist has something. Actually every person on this earth does. I must admit that sometimes I get carried away in my responses, responding to you but at the same time aiming at the haters,by giving them some taste of their own hate medicine. But to tell you the truth I don’t even hate gaga. I am just allergic to upstart attitudes of those who think they can just arrive and claim
        Madonna’s crown. Especially because Madonna worked hard to earn it and worked even harder to keep it. Even though I am not a fan of Britney’s music nor pop music in general, I find Brittney also sweet. She reminds me of some southern American girls I knew. I think of Madonna’s music as a more eclectic style. She merged and made different styles pop, but she did not originate from pop genre. Her first album was more dance and r&b. Rihana is interesting, she clearly has been influenced by Madonna in different ways. She is a beauty. In an odd way they share something:
        Madonna was the first white female artist who did her entire debut album R&B and blended it with few pop moments. Rihana did it the other way
        around. When I first heard Rihana’s music I thought she was white. And when I first heard Madonna’s everybody, I thought she was Black. I have a picture of them together, platinum blonde Madonna with exotic Rihana. They made a nice contrast and both looked great. I hope one day Miesele takes some art photos of them
        together. That would be explosive.

        Have a nice Christmas Love Spender.

      • Roadwork

        Great message K, I too dont hate the others, but like just like to show them the mirror and let them know I know. Nice to hear people that be honest with themselves, I think it shows alot of intelligence.

      • Up the Ante, ffs …

        Rihanna and Madonna in a photoshoot together ? I shudder at the thought.