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Madonna has 2012’s highest grossing tour!

1. Madonna
Total Gross: $228,406,085 / Number of Shows: 72
Total Attendance: 1,635,176 / Number of Sell-Outs: 72

2 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Total Gross: $199,371,791 / Number of Shows: 72
Total Attendance: 2,165,925 / Number of Sell-Outs: 54

3 Roger Waters
Total Gross: $186,466,703 / Number of Shows: 72
Total Attendance: 1,680,042 / Number of Sell-Outs: 51

4 Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour by Cirque Du Soleil
Total Gross: $147,310,505 / Number of Shows: 183
Total Attendance: 1,374,482 / Number of Sell-Outs: 9

5 Coldplay
Total Gross: $147,188,828 / Number of Shows: 67
Total Attendance: 1,811,787 / Number of Sell-Outs: 56

6 Lady Gaga
Total Gross: $124,879,545 / Number of Shows: 65
Total Attendance: 1,111,099 / Number of Sell-Outs: 65

7 Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw
Total Gross: $96,458,890 / Number of Shows: 23
Total Attendance: 1,085,382/ Number of Sell-Outs: 9

8 Van Halen
Total Gross: $54,425,548 / Number of Shows: 46
Total Attendance: 522,296 / Number of Sell-Outs: 9

9 Jay-Z & Kanye West
Total Gross: $46,986,464 / Number of Shows: 31
Total Attendance: 371,777 / Number of Sell-Outs: 15

10 Andre Rieu
Total Gross: $46,785,717 / Number of Shows: 99
Total Attendance: 490,165/ Number of Sell-Outs: 2

11 Dave Matthews Band ($41 million)
12 Barbra Streisand ($40 million)
13 Jason Aldean ($39 million)
14 Lady Antebellum ($38 million)
15 Red Hot Chili Peppers ($33 million)
16 Brad Paisley ($33 million)
17 Nickelback ($33 million)
18 Trans-Siberian Orchestra ($33 million)
19 Elton John ($32 million)
20 Justin Bieber ($30 million)
21 Rod Stewart ($30 million)
22 Neil Diamond ($29 million)
23 Pearl Jam ($27 million)
24 Taylor Swift ($26 million)
25 Rascal Flatts ($26 million)


Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • rabbitbunny


  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Written for those incline become. Entertainers if artist doesn’t sell. Out contract drawn they get. Paid statement
    regarding Madonna tickets. High productions management agreements. Oppose Madonna later releases haven’t. Sold well avid fans eager to pay amount. Tickets only problem with expensive tickets. Deters fans purchasing merchandise. Sports, concerts and events leasing. Rights of entertainment has increase. Madonna only gotten highest amount. LiveNation whom owns or lease majority. Concert venues MDNA didn’t go platinum. Madonna needs to attract older audience. Reason concerts sell out former songs. Lady Gaga force to use Madonna stage. Due budget LiveNation wow! Madonna demands top billing regarding price. Notice majority performed arenas. Bye.

  • Leo Ocasio

    Madonna has the #1 tour again and her haters are suffering as if it was the end of the world

  • rabbitbunny


  • Tede

    The tour is still on, the 2012 year is still on. Why the hell they published this list so far ?! And then what – December 2012 will be added to 2013? How stupid, but that’s America.

  • Tede

    Rome – S&S 58,000, MDNA 37,000 !!! Copenhagen S&S 48,000, MDNA 29,000 !!! The same stadium, the same place How is that possible MDNA Tour is sold out ? LIES LIES LIES

  • day4night

    i’m so glad the disappointing MDNA era is coming to an end. Even her @$$kissers had to force themselves to love it. 2013 will be a better year for Madonna w/good music, fresh ideas.

  • Tede

    Average S&S Tour audience 41,000, MDNA Tour 22,000, and how is that possible that all shows are sold out. Haha

    • L4jo1e

      She plays more in arenas with the MDNA Tour than the S&ST.

  • Roadwork

    Madonna is the only one whos going to get close to 300 million, No one else can do that. THAT IS HUGE. Look at the list, its a whos who of entertainment. You dont think most of those people would be happy just to break 100 million, much less 300 million. This is an amazing accomplishment and unrivaled in the business, especially for a single women.

  • Anita Nygreen

    Now Im gonna say one thing or two, artist in welfare countries can get life longe money from the state, to be a solo liberalist, you have to pay your employes, dancers, customes, stylists, airplain costs, insurances, house costs, children costs, doctor costs, while still be fysical, psycological, on top at late time in any country. While I have to tolerate, artist paid from the state doing there provocativ antidust art.

    • K

      Nice comment. Thank you.
      At least Madonna pays her bills and her employees as well as her rent. And she is not on welfare.

  • Tomek

    Are you Madonna fans? How can you be so stupid. The tour is still on and you compare it to S&S Tour or others ???. These data are based on 72 concerts , MDNA Tour consists of 88 concerts, so still 16 shows are no added to total sum.

  • ScottnNYC

    How did the Sticky & Sweet tour make over $400 million and it wasn’t as long a tour as MDNA?

    • L4jo1e

      Because for the Sticky & Sweet Tour she played only 25 arenas shows on 85 in total. She played 60 shows in stadiums of outdoor venues.
      For the MDNA Tour, she plays in 54 arenas and 34 stadiums/outdoor venues shows. If you take only the gross revenues shows in stadiums and you multiply by 60 shows like the S&ST you get 275 million. If you add 28 arenas shows to bring the total to 88 shows, you get an additional 75 million. So, if she did a stadium tour like the S&ST with the MDNA Tour she will get probably 350 million or more..

      • K

        Excatly. You are Right.

        The haters can’t do the math. They look at the gaga wigs and mariah gliter, but when it comes to Madonna they fail to look at the whole picture. They are just jealous of the Queen Madonna being On Top Again.

  • triple flop

    hits don’t live here anymore

    • K

      Well it hit you. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Anything Madonna does is already a hit. You haters will still check it out and take a tip or two from her.

      The Channel/ the medium doesn’t Matter as long as you hear it and talk about it. So you are welcome. Keep hating her if you want, because every time you do so, you add to Madonna’s magnitude and impact. I know some people who actually became Madonna fans simply because they heard so many nasty things about her. They wondered how could this woman be still standing. So they began to get to know her work
      better. Now they love her.

      Legends like Madonna started from the bottom up, they worked the clubs. People like gaga come out of a wig factory and pay for airplay.

  • gang banged

    live nation also says TUTR is a hit, but hasn’t been on a high position charts position in major music markets. i mean who cares for the billboard club chart anyway…

    • k

      Clubs have always been and will always be a great place to hear music. They will always be important. Paid radio airplay means mariah buying her way to the top.

      • Carla

        yeah but that only means DJs play her songs ( that’s why she is nr 1 on club chart in US ) but people don’t want to buy her songs anymore all around the world. And the point is Live Nation highlights TUTR as a hit but it wasn’t because nobody care about club chart let alone stupid America, root of all worlds evils, wars, fat people, fast food, AIDS etc. etc.

      • K

        Well, speak for yourself. Middle of the world recession, her album went to number one everywhere, her lead single charted high and went gold, her tour is the biggest selling tour, and three club number ones bonus. Some of the records that I buy, have never even been on the radio, and heard them at a club first. So Clubs are very important. Many of Madonna’s album sales on the long run are due to her club presence. There are different ways of marketing. Clubs are one of them. An important aspect. That is where she started from, where she always revisits and where she will always be welcomed back.

        I don’t like the American Government, but I love America and most Americans.

        You are entitled to your opinion, but your generalization without good augments reveal a lot about you. America is a very large and diverse country. So you comments are not valid at all.

  • turn off the radio

    m`s public releations machinery works perfectly. but when do we get decent music again?

    • k

      When you get your ears fixed. That way you can hear better.

  • the girlie world

    which doesn’t mean she has the tour with the best music…

    thankx this mdna thing is over soon. it is the worst part of her entire career…and i thought after hard candy it couldn’t come worse…

    • K

      You and the haters and other people are free to go to see shitny, lady haha and fattons. But they choose not to.
      Madonna comes right at you and she still rules over you and other haters.
      It is Madonna the number ONE. She also has the best album of the year. Far far far a head of you and others.

      • madonnamaniac

        I LOVE YOU

      • K

        Thank You. Love You Too.

  • pg

    if madonna hard cady and coffesion tours grosss up to 409 million how come tis tour gross up to 228 million it do not sound right the fact that she tour tis mdn tour for 6 months and her last 2 tour she tour 4 months

    • K

      That has to do with tour marketing projections and market expectations. If an artist has had massive back to back tours, and practically the whole world is in a recession, the market expectations and projections are lower too. If Rolling Stones had done what Madonna has done, the stones would not stand a chance of reaching these numbers now. Read the numbers, in just a few days this tour reaches 300 million. And She is already on top according to the sales figures. That is what matters at the end.

    • M

      Confessions grossed 194 million and S&S had two legs, the first one made 280 million and the second reached 408 million. This 228 million is not the final gross. I think it will reach 270 or more.

  • Alex

    Wish she could have a hit single though!

  • K

    When all is said and done, the end number(total gross) is what matters. Madonna’s MDNA tour is number ONE. When all factors are taken into account it is very logical.

    The end number( total gross) is a average of the following interrelated factors: ticket sales, ticket prices, the venues,
    the local capacity safety rules and regulations and the number of shows.


    Madonna’s ticket prices are high, so she often attracts a more style and content conscious professional audiences with more money to spend, that has an limitative impact on the number of people who can afford to go and see her shows. Yet all of her shows have sold 90-to 100% capacity. If one passes the 80% capacity the show is
    considered to be sold out. The capacity has to do with the size of the venues and safety rules and regulations. For example in Japan the local regulations don’t allow for crowded floor standing eras and that means less tickets available and more empty areas.

    What I don’t understand is the fact that many of the lady gaga’s stops(pardon me, lady haha) did not even reach 50% capacity. So how could they be considered sold out? This can only be true, if you apply the buy one and get one for free(two tickets for the price of one) strategy. In that case you could say she sold-out.

    Good Going Madonna. You have been around 10 times longer than gaga, and yet you once again managed to outsell them all. And you did that in a recession period. You didn’t change wigs like gaga and cher, you did it in your own way with your own vision, combined old and new music the way only a true postmodern goddess can.

    • rox

      “If one passes the 80% capacity the show is
      considered to be sold out. The capacity has to do with the size of the venues and safety rules and regulations” – haha bulshit . Sold out is sold out. Live Nation brainwashed your mind and want people to believe that Gaga and Madonna sold out all the venues. People with brain can see the facts. If stadium capacity is 60.000 and they sold 40.000 tickets and at the same time claims it is sold out only stupid people can believe that.

      • k

        Well you can’t seat people behind the stage, on the side end corners of the stadium and the whole field including the stage. For a concert, you have to think in
        terms of the reasonable visibility of stage as well as the local rules. Filling a stadium to its limit is not required for a show to be labeled as sold out. Actually market projection and the reached targets in terms of earnings from a show are the most important. You can project a certain amount of sales such as in case of gaga buy one and get one for free and then mark it as a sold out. But in case of Madonna, beside some promotional giveaways, audiences always have to pay
        for their tickets. And when more than 80% of the seats and standing places which have some reasonable view of the stage are sold, then you can definitely speak of sold out.

        Having said that, the same rules aspply to all other tours,the cash at the end of the day is the most important variable. And like it or not Madonna’s tour is on top. So learn to live with it.

      • Tede

        compare how many people were at Madonna concerts during S&S Tour at THE SAME stadiums you idiot. You don’t know simple facts.

      • K

        Can you read? I already did in my other comments. This is 2012. And Madonna already has the highets earning tour of the year and it is not even the final total yet. So learn to live with it. Or Just go in a corner and cry to your mom.

        Once again, Queen Madonna is on TOP. Like it or not, she is Your Queen too. We Madonna fans have crowned her as Queen of Universe. So eat that.

      • Tede

        Can you read with UNDERSTANDING ??? I only said the concert were NOT SOLD OUT as Live Nation claim. That’s it. I am Madonna fan and I am happy her tour is the best in 2012 but doesn’t mean I am blind and stupid. You must be very miserable creature with no life. Start enjoy life and be happy what your achievements not other people.You need Madonna to be on top because that make you happy. How sad

      • K

        Top or Bottom depends on the angle you choose to look at things from. I do have a life besides Madonna.

        One thing or another and particular chart positions do not bother me at all. What does bother me, is when a artist or anyone for that matter keeps working hard, make their own
        money, are successful at what they do, people who are jealous or simply have other tastes, try to discredit that person’s achievements. So what if one album sells less than the other? So what if one concert sells less than the other? So what if in a shop one product is less popular than the other? So what if some of your art work don’t reach as larger audience as the other? You keep on doing what you believe in and do what you like to do, and thank god if you can pay your rent with it too. You count your money at the end of the week and take up days and down days as well. You don’t close shop and go to early retirement if some of your products sell less than the last one.

        I don’t like prejudices, and as a Madonna fan I have noticed over the years a lot of prejudices against her. Doesn’t matter what she does, the knives are always sharpened against her. I really admire her stamina, have learned few things from her and applied it to my own life. I identify with her work and celebrate her strength.

        If you are a Madonna fan too, let’s celebrate the
        end results. I wish you and everybody else achieving their dreams with their
        hard works. One thing I must give to them, the Americans that I know, celebrate success through hard work. They celebrate it even more when they realize that it is not always a smooth ride. That is life: up days, down days, full stadiums
        and less full stadiums according to the market circumstances.

        What do you think about the song Best
        Friend From MDNA. Which are your favorite songs from this album? And why? How
        does it affect you?

        Good luck and happy upcoming holiday.

      • Roadwork

        I love Best Friend, and I Fucked Up, and Im Addicted, of course Love Spent.

      • K

        It is strange, because I get sadden and joyful and hopeful when I listen to Best Friend and Love spent. I ask myself how is that possible? Then again it is Madonna. With these songs, she reminds me of drawing strength from things that don’t go exactly as we had planned, looking back at the good and the bad, learning a lesson an become stronger.

        I loved the videos for GMAYL(Campy all America
        American cheerleader with sexy back) and the very stylish Girl Gone Wild. I find them ground breaking. I mean how often do you get a fabulous and fit 53 year old wearing hot pants singing a campy song, looking still girlish and going wild. Well Madonna is doing it now and she did it first. Thank God For Goddess Madonna. People should stop whining, stop listing to conventional Mariah ballads, start taking tips from Madonna and live life to its fullest.

  • Luca Adami

    stop talking about Live Nation…they are doing a horrible job…Madonna is madonna…she’s doing the job!!!!..She’s wonderful..she’s working hard…and she deserves to be the queen..

  • Rob

    Only Madonna and Lady Gaga have sold out 100 % of theirs shows. Live Nation is doing good job. Everybody knows that this is NOT true. How this LIE is possible ?