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Madonna meets Siss

Madonna with Simone Sapienza aka Siss, designer of her “Superstar” single cover in Brazil

Madonna with Simone Sapienza aka Siss, designer of her

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  • patval

    Thank you Madonna for releasing your lamest song ever as a single. i think that no one here understand this choice and wonder what are you waiting for to release Gang bang or Love spent.

    Superstar , turn up the radio…. please stop ! She has decided to waste the MDMA album.

    I can’t wait for a next album but all the same i fear that the people she could work with. Her choices can be so odd recently.

  • mrs. sunhsine

    worst set list ever on a tour…the mdna songs are crap, and her “older” stuff is f**cked up….

    oh yes release superstar…i mean not even turn up the radio was a hit

  • the radio

    it’s over soon. i have never seen m more clueless as with this whole
    mdna thing. quite obviously she has run out of ideas, or how do you
    explain her using own past styles again on her tour and the ggw
    video? musicwise she is at present in the same category as all the
    other pop tarts not really distinguishing herself from them. who had
    ever thought m would end up like this…

  • Tyler

    I was hoping the next single will be beautiful killer, lovespent or addicted… Let’s hope the music video wont suck like the last one. We buy her expensive concert tickets and wait forever for her to come up on stage and perform…seriously, we deserve better music videos!

  • TNYC

    Another wrong choice for a single. I’m sad because I love her SO much and this album SO much too. I think she may not really care about the singles anymore. This album’s singles should have been:

    I’m Addicted
    Love Spent
    Some Girls
    Beautiful Killer

  • Alex

    This is the worst single cover of her entire career!

  • fred

    why is there another alcohol sponsor ? seems that Guy keeps affiliate M to beverages. To me, lately, there is too much marketing around non artistic events : cosmetics, shoes, clothes…

  • Adam Raynbird

    wot ever you do Madonna im still a fan, and will approve of it xx

  • K

    I liked MDNA, when it first came out. But I love it now. It measures up to MADONNA THE GREAT. It is a fascinating Dark, Dramatic, Dance Album with rich lyrics. Superstar is one of the few light but still catchy and cool songs on the album. I actually like it
    very much. I think Madonna is right on track. But some of the so called “fans?”are not. They seem to be stuck on the ROL era. Please guys, remember why we loved Madonna in the first place. We love her for being forward looking mixing past, present and the future, dark and light. Nobody can take a seemingly simple lyric and make it into something philosophical the way Madonna can. Only Madonna does that well. MDNA is actually one of the best albums in years by any artist. So let’s enjoy it to the fullest. Superstar reminds me of living in America in the cool 80’s, the song True Blue and freestyle dancing, but it has some upgraded 2012 techno sound and it is more danceable. Turn Up the radio was driving to and anticipating Danceteria. Superstar=Dancetreia year 2012. I practically love every song on MDNA.
    Even Give Me All Your Love. So if you don’t approve of the cool and light singles, then go out and buy the album and enjoy the darker and deeper side Madonna.

    • Luca Adami

      I adore MDNA…and I’m still addicted…but really…superstar is the worst song

      • K

        Maybe it has to do with my life and how I live it right now. I am old enough to have experience some rough edges, and still young and optimistic enough to turn the key in my brain and say F it, I am going to make
        it anyway and I am going to enjoy simple and beautiful things too. I love Madonna and her cultural revolution but I am not into adoring superstars. I don’t see Madonna as a superstar but rather as The Great Cultural Visionary that she is.

        There is especial sense of carefreeness in the song Superstar that I love. It puts things in a nice perspective. I identify with every song on this album including Superstar. I suffered conflict, burnout and anger because of it. Then I stepped out of it, got back in tip top shape, put things in order and met this pretty woman(thank god she is not a girl anymore, I don’t have to teach her things and I can have some fun and a conversation too). Nothing serious yet, but I plan on having her sing this song to me, to repair my ego which is not as big as Madonna’s,but it is still very big.

        Often, artists and their fans have few thing in common. A street guy, would probably walk around scratching his d**k and identify with rappers. But I admire Madonna’s resilience and I am usually that way too. There is a time to reflect on the past, and there is a time to get up and have fun (feel like a superstar) I Love Madonna for mixing serious and fun all in one place in one album. On Stage she does that too.

        How many people on this planet can do that?Not many. Respect to Madonna. I respect your taste and opinion too. It would be pretty boring if we all liked the same things. But I do hope that you get to know this song better.

        Hel, it is good to be alive, good to dance and sing, do our things, and feel like a superstar. If James Dean looked good in his t shirt, In my own way, I do too.

    • mdna=dated

      oh…not stuck in the ray of light era…but this album is not madonna the great…fantastic dance album?? i think this album just sounds really cheap and dated…

      • K

        I See that as a compliment. That is one of the reasons for Madonna’s success. She never bothered about what is IN-DATED. That is when she is at her best. She Makes things IN. Why bother making things that people expect her to do or things that are already IN? None of Madonna’s albums have ever followed the path of being in. She may have worked with some
        newer artist, but she did that not from wanting to be in, but only to incorporate what was happening into her own unique vision. Madonna has always wanted to be out(that is when she is outstanding)If You listen to the song beat goes on, you notice that it is pure camp, rhythm and groove of the seventies. That
        is exactly what is unique about her work and has made her the postmodern goddess. This song is pure pleasure. Allow it to sink in and don’t dismiss it
        so quickly.

      • mdna=dated

        but this time she is a follower, the album sounds like rihanna, guetta, etc.

      • K

        IN or Out. It Is Madonna not giving F but doing what she likes. I listen to other artists as well, but I don’t see any resemblance between MDNA and anything else that is on the music market
        now. You may experience some of the musical instruments and their sounds little familiar. After all music styles and genres grow and flow out of each other and out of previous ones. But when you look and listen to the total end product it is very unique. Lyrically it is fantastic. Although I would have left the word B**** out of it, just like I would have left ‘F it’ out of American Life. Words like that make an otherwise magnificent
        song, radio unfriendly. And If you are not a rapper, you wouldn’t sing a song that has the B and F word on the streets. But for the rest MDNA has great lyrics. Musically it is a melting pot/ nice blend of Techno, Dance, Rock and a little Latin.

      • Luca Adami

        a follower of who?…I like MDNA…Rhianna and all these others wannabe don’t sound like her in MDNA…

  • Patrick

    I’d like to purchase that single with that cover…
    Does anyone know if Madonna is releasing the ‘SuperStar’ single on the North America (Canada/USA) Market ?

  • anita nygreen

    What about the sun ?

  • tonia

    she is releasing this single because it is about Brahim, omg

    • DyorMyne

      Yeah, I bet this song will not appear in any compilation album even if it had success! Just like True Blue!

  • MadonnaFan

    I personally think that ‘Superstar’ is a catchier choice for a single than ‘Turn Up the Radio’ was. And in my opinion, the TUTR video was the most uninteresting and poorly made video of Madonna’s entire career. Compared to most of the other videos of her career, it was completely unwatchable and forgettable. (I’m a big Madonna fan, so this isn’t meant to be taken wrong).

    Maybe ‘I’m Addicted’ or ‘Love Spent’ will be the next U.S. single? … Ah, one can only dream….

    • ScottnNYC

      I don’t mind TUTR as a song but you are so right – that video was a catastrophie!

      • K

        I agree with you on the video for TUTR. The song is cool but the video was very hastly put together. The same mistake was done with Celebration which is a fantastic dance song.

    • Luca Adami

      the video for tutr was horrible exactly like the video for GGW…but while GGW is the only song I don’t like on MDNA I find TUTR one of the best track of the whole album….Love spent as a single?..I agree with you…one can only dream

    • K

      I am and feel like a hot shot driving around and playing this song with max volume. You wanna be my superstar? Jump
      in and take ride with me. This song and I will make you feel like a Superstar. Can play all the characters in the song if
      you want, but I would rather remain me.

      You’re my hero in a mythical dream

      You are perfect, just the way that you are

      I’m your biggest fan, it’s true

      Hopelessly attracted to you

      You can have the keys to my car

      I’ll play you a song on my guitar

      Ooh la la, you’re my superstar

      Ooh la la, love the way that you are

      IT IS GOOD TO FEEL FREE. You are free when you feel free. And this song makes me feel that way.

  • …. SIGH

    …..I’m ready for the next album. The idea of this being a single is absurd

  • B.L

    Bang Bang!

  • superstar wtf?

    pleas m stop this bullshit….you think that#s cool??? you´re music is far from being cool, trendy or whatever you wanna name it…

  • Nickname