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Madonna on Billboard 2012 Year-End Charts

No. 1 on Top 25 Tours
No. 23 on Top Artists
No. 44, MDNA on Billboard 200
No. 42 on Billboard 200 Artists
No. 42, MDNA on Current Albums
No. 3 on Dance/Electronic Albums Artists
No. 2, MDNA on Dance/Electronic Albums
No. 5 on Dance/Club Artists
No. 33, “Turn Up the Radio” on Dance/Club Songs
No. 41, “Give Me All Your Luvin'” on Dance/Club Songs
No. 44, “Girl Gone Wild” on Dance/Club Songs
No. 40, MDNA on Canadian Albums
No. 76, “Give Me All Your Luvin'” on Canadian Hot 100


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  • Quantum

    sorry but being on the radio or getting a number one radio hit doesnt constitute success. Madonna has nothing to prove and MDNA had some amazing songs that show me how much shes evolved as an artist. Im Addicted, LoveSpent, FallingFree are 3 more gems I can add to my collection of Madonna music that has inspired my life. We should all just be thankful and support her. I agree GMAYL was a terrible first single after a long break but it fit perfectly well with the Superbowl performance. I just hope that she does concentrate fully on the music and tap back into the spiritual side of herself, really reflect on her career music and life choices and create some amazing work. She IS Madonna after all.

    • mdna sick

      radio doesn’t mean success…

      but worldwide single sales do, and this is where she failed this time…

  • CCOO

    i consider mdna as the most clueless m era ever. i mean what does she want to show us by repeating the cone bras etc…??? that she was better in her early years, that she doesn’t know what to do with her musical career, that she run out of ideas???

  • patrick

    i hear what you’re all saying and i tend to agree, but i don’t think madonna will ever be radio-friendly again. radio just doesn’t like her so to speak. no matter how good the song, i’m pretty sure radio won’t embrace her…whether it’s age or whatever…

  • quit universal

    well, it was obvious she is doing great on the tour…but the rest, the music???LoL
    the tour is a lot of visuals, an army of dancers which can’t blind me that the mdna songs are really bad…

    GMAYL as a first single is a joke, but GGW and TUTR wouldn’t have done better either.

  • jed

    If she concentrated herself on just the Music, MDNA would have been 100 times better, and it wasn’t great or epic, it was ok. Remember she was soooo into W.E., (Development/Directing) and that was her main focus for a long ass time. It’s not bad to venture out, but The MUSIC is what got her were she is today and not Movies or anything else. Yeah she had a great/Ok tour but I just want her to be on the radio stream again, just saying.

  • Tom

    2012 year chart ending while year has not even ended. I am sick of America

  • day4night

    ok, she got no.1 tour, other than that, total disaster.

  • Tede

    4 more days and MDNA Tour is over – the end of MDNA era – hooray!!! Madonna has fucked up from the start. If only she didn’t release GMAYL as a first single everything could be different. Gang Bang with great video could have been epic, Beautiful Killer has so big potential ( Paris version blew me away ), Masterpiece – one of her best songs ever.

    • Rita Hawkins

      Don’t know if the end of the tour means the end of the era… but I agree… the promotion, and singles can be better

      • Tede

        Look at Rihanna. Every new single or album she performs at X Factor UK and every time she is number 1 week later. It simple as that. Madonna thought that Super Bowl would do the trick. And it did regarding to The Tour, but singles are the biggest flop in her career. She had this massive opportunity to present new single at Super Bowl and she performed the worst song ever. I don’t know what she was thinking.