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Madonna on Forbes’ Top-Earning Women in Music 2012 list

1. Britney Spears – $58 million
2. Taylor Swift – $57 million
3. Rihanna – $53 million
4. Lady Gaga – $52 million
5. Katy Perry – $45 million
6. Beyonce – $40 million
7. Adele – $35 million
8. Sade – $33 million
9. Madonna – $30 million
10. Shakira – $20 million

The figures represent earnings from May 2011 to May 2012, before subtracting management fees, legal costs and taxes (which together can eat up the bulk of a big payday). The totals were compiled with the help of data from Pollstar, RIAA and others, in addition to interviews with managers, lawyers and concert promoters.


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  • Jamie Van Den Bergh

    Why only 30 mil? Are they adding the interest from her vast art collection? Our Queen has made more than this, this is just anti-Madonna bias in the media!

  • Ronald Rodriguez

    Wow! She should top the list next year!

  • ScottnNYC

    Shouldn’t Justin Bieber be on this list?? Oh, wait, he’s not a woman yet….just a teenaged girl.

  • K

    Dear Madonna fans( my friends from miles away), Lets be glad that Madonna continue to do what she does and let us enjoy her work like we always have. The media these days amount to nothing. They calculate, speculate and report everything wrong.
    That is why the world is in its current state. They did not report everything about Iraq war, do you think that they care
    about reporting Madonna’s income accurately? I don’t think so. It doesn’t even matter anymore. At this point Madonna is far
    above and beyond them. She has done everything and still doing everything. People like Madonna will always be relevant, they will always be looked at with envy and respect at the same time. To me the name Madonna alone far exceeds all the britneys and gagas put together. Madonna´s cultural impact will be felt generation after generation. We can´t say that for the wannabees.

  • pg

    how come thease girls me makeing mor money tan madonna tis year madonna had a tour ablum and frangnce line is madonna selling herself short her name is ladgen wit ever deal or contract madonna singn she should comand up to 25 million dollars or more no less tan 15 million wat about her mdn tour wit is going to pull in 486 million dollars margendise tat dont sound right 30 million dollar in one year is so little for some one like madonna madonna tour sold out she had the number one ablum her superbowl was the most watch show in history wit 114 million view wit about her line at macys her shoes is the most sucessful line she didnt singn no endorsment deal tis year and no ad campage she did some thing wit sumrioff but no one no how much she was paid if tat the case people making lots of money off her i say fire her manager because if madonna cant make up to 150million dollar in a year tan she have a team how nogotating thease contract

    • L4jo1e

      Do you know how to read or what ? It’s between may 2011 and may 2012. The MDNA Tour starts in May 31, 2012. So the tour is not includes in the total gross. The 30 million she gots is from her movie W.E. and some publicities.

  • Brent S

    Forbes has been news-bashing her for more than a year now. How ridiculously inaccurate. The tour played only one show in May. They probably calculated this on purpose to exclude the megabucks M will get from MDNA.

  • Blah Person

    why even post this here? this is misleading at its best!

  • L4jo1e

    Guys don’t forget this is between may 2011 and may 2012, all before the MDNA release and the MDNA Tour gross revenues. So she makes 30 millions only with W.E. and some publicities.

  • I tow the line

    Wow! Madonna is barely doing anything and she’s still in the top 10. Next time they estimate this, Maddy should be on the top with hundreds of millions of profit.

    • dfasfsdf

      right! she will be on top of the list next year.

  • K

    I don’t know why they release old date which is mostly from the year before and mark it as the data for this year.

    Is this supposed to be news?

  • Alex

    Something is wrong here!

  • puffy_princess_hush_guppy

    Sade made more money than Madonna? am I missing something here?

    • Pera

      Sade was on tour most of 2011. They didn’t include the money M made during MDNA Tour