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Madonna through the ages at London’s Madame Tussauds

Three versions of Madonna, as she has appeared over the course of her career, are on display at London’s Madame Tussauds museum. As well as her current look, new figures have been created showing the singer in guises from her Sticky And Sweet tour and the Like A Virgin era. Three dancers who have worked with the enduring pop star helped launch the waxworks, two of which will be shipped to Tussauds in Tokyo next Spring.

Madonna through the ages at London's Madame Tussauds


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  • nick

    The only recemblence I see here is MDNA`s Vogue …

  • K

    British are such unhappy people, they need waxes and drag queens, their war criminal leaders, and popstars like fatton/ eltons to keep them happy and distracted from the things they really should know.
    I am glad Madonna doesn’t live in Britain anymore.

  • whitmark

    Not the best wax figures of Madonna. The left has a terrible Aguilera wig, the middle too small lips and the right has a pose Madonna never has done.

  • K

    Madonna lives on in her work(her music, her videos,live shows, her style and films). So she doesn’t even need Madame Tussauds.

    Let them display drag queen fatton/ elton in Madame Tussauds

    • Roadwork

      K, you seem well informed. Id be interested to hear your opinion on something thats been stressing me out. I am Madonnas number one fan, but Im distressed to see her using all these illuminati symbols in her work lately. What do you think is going on with that. After all Madonna has always been a single minded independent thinker, which is the opposite of what someone who is in the illuminati is.

      • K

        Dear Roadwork, thank you for your compliment. I hate to walk through life with my eyes shot.

        Directly or indirectly, all things in life have to do with each other. Total independency does not exist. Even the kings and queens have to work with others sometimes. The same goes for illumination and illuminative things and actions.

        A philosopher/ teacher taught me that light and dark stem out of each other. So do simple and complex, black and white, light and heavy, deep and high. Without one you cannot appreciate the other. So
        illumination on itself is not bad as long as one knows when and where to use it. In order to judge whether it is done in the right way, one should consider the relating factors.

        If one uses fireworks, explosions and harsh guitars like many bands do or when one uses too many wigs like cher and gaga, or when one uses too many glittery short dresses like Mariah, it seems overdone and out of place. But when those things are done occasionally within a context for a theatrical performance in
        order to deliver a story, then there is nothing wrong with it. Madonna uses illumination process to highlight a style or to tell a story. It doesn’t always
        go perfect, but it often works well and achieves its goals.

        One may ask why does Madonna feel the need do a song like Girl Gone Wild which is a very girlish song? But when you take other aspects into consideration you get to realize what a fantastic piece of art it is: it is very playful and care free, this aspect goes right against the
        expectations of the society. They expect a mature artist to go home and grow tomatoes or sit down on stage and do ballads. Well that may be okay for Mariah, but
        that is not Madonna. Her home and her bases is “dance and sing, get up and do
        her thing”’. And she does that with Girl Gone Wild. It also gave her a great excuses to make a stylish, kinky and for the mainstream unconventional video again. The song celebration, is a cool drink on ice on a hot sunny day leaving the rest behind. When around us things don’t go perfect, that is the perfect solution. When things around us seemed to be going
        perfect, Madonna reached deep down and brought up the darker deeper side of things(Live to Tell, Frozen, American Life) So even now that she is doing the
        Lighter Dance flavor side of things she is actually carrying a message and going against the expectations.

        How many mature artist have ever dared to
        put on a Givenchy costume and invite people not to waste their time, to get up because
        the Beat Goes On? Only Madonna.

        How many female artist can claim to be smart and at dare to act like a Girl Gone Wild at the same time? Only Madonna.

        30 Years on, She is still doing her thing, Lives
        her life, earns her money, enlightens and entertains us.We fans look up to her for that, the whole world should learn from her.

      • Roadwork

        Thanks K, I appreciate the objective analysis.

  • K

    I hate London Madame Tussauds among other English things. I used to like British culture. Now I don’t. BBC is a Government run propaganda full of imbedded journalists and pedophile pogrammers. I dare to say the same over the British government too. Instead of window dressing their fake democracy, British people should pay more attention to their government’s misdeeds(fake wars, high taxation of the poor and the working class, expensive monarchy, poverty on the doorsteps of Buckingham palace. Britain is a shitty country regardless of how many futons(eltons) sir tom dick and harry they cumulate. I am glad Madonna left that gold digging British husband of hers and went back to America. America does not have a better government, but at least it is more interesting and beautiful and it is her home.

    • guest

      Many parts of Britain are wonderful.

      • K

        So are the countries that they help to bomb.

        Their dodgy dossiers about Iraq looked also wonderful. But they proved to be wrong. As a Madonna
        fan, I am more concerned about what happens in the world around me than how much the wannabees earn or what Madame Tussauds has on display. The only thing real is Madonna’s music and her messages which I will always continue to love. Madonna is about “Everybody”, she is about the MDNA of pluralism, moment’s celebration and escape on the dance floor
        which we as humans need to counter balance the bad things that go on around us.Madonna is about living to tell. She is about expression.

        Madonna is not about being put on display in the same Madame Tussauds which houses the celebrated
        British war criminals and prime ministers. She is already in Rock and Roll hall
        of Fame. Madame Tussauds = British Rubbish.

      • guest

        you have some nerve dissing britain there are a lot worse countries out there than here.Cheeky bastard.

      • K

        Those countries
        are also tied to Britain. When they shaved Binladin’s beard after his death,
        Britain and America was tattooed on his Cheeks. So are the rebel war criminals
        in Syria, Sudan, Libia and elsewhere. I don’t know about you, but I am not a Basted.
        I had a decent father and a mother. You can’t say that for thousands of young
        people and newborns in the UK who don’t even know who their real parents/
        fathers are. Maybe you should find them and hang them on display in Madam Tussads. Oh well, it is funny how god punishes the war criminals in very subtle way. Heaven and Hell may be on this planet after all. The real thieves(the BBC, the bankers, warmongering governments and the oil companies)may steal what they want and the British people are Dom enough to let them do that. How free are you really when you walk
        the streets of London? How free are you when you listen to fake news? How free are you when you dress your children with the products of slave labor? What kind of children do you feed? Next
        generation thieves, war criminals and Madam Tussads vistors. I dare to say that most of the British people are mentally ill one way or the other. That is a perfect breathing ground for
        people like sir fatton(elton)