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  • Johanne Abelsen

    Let´s get this right, from the beginning, before everybody goes ballistic on each other. Here is an explanation, that I hope, you would like to read..Madonna had the flu that day. She ACTUALLY STARTED telling the crowd, that she was sick. Then she kindly AND politely asked people not to smoke. She also told people where they could put out their cigarettes, by one side of the stage..She both said please, entiende and thank you.. So when people toally ignored THAT, she became frustrated and angry, hence the
    following “fit”. That´s all.

  • fucked up

    to all the ass kissers thinking she is right…don’t fool yourself

  • Roadwork

    Another divalicious moment from Madonna. They are few and far between but they are jems. This moment will be parodied for years to come. I dont mean to make light of it, I understand that she can be very hard and tough. But I also understand shes making a valid point. I dont even sit next to someone at a bar whos smoking. Cause you sit there and have to breath it in. If I had to perform a show, was feeling sick, and it was raining, I too would freak out about even if I just smelled it. If it was super sunny and I was feeling super good, I could probably avoid it for the sake of making a fuss.

  • k

    Queens cost money. But at least Queen Madonna earns and pays her own way. If you don’t like it just get lost and take your stinky cigarettes with you.

    Madonna is the only Queen who earned her title. The rest got their crowns handed down to them. When Madonna visits a city, she puts it officially on the map. So people should be very grateful when Madonna comes to their town. They should roll out the
    biggest red carpets even under the wheels of her car. We are not just talking about the queen of one country, we are talking about Queen of Universe Madonna.

    London was always a dull city. It enjoyed its best times when Madonna was staying there. Now Madonna ha moved back to Grand NY in the usa, and London has gone back to being dull again.

  • TheQueenHasSpoken

    She should have said, “Off with their heads!” That’s what the Queen should have said. Those smoking peasants are lucky. They should count their blessings!


    madonna is right! if you love her u must stop smoking because it’s fucking bad to your health and hers and it can affect her performance. Stupid fans!


    madonna is right! if you love her u must stop smoking because it’s fucking bad to your health and hers and it can affect her performance. Stupid fans!

  • missey

    stupid c*nt was smoking during like a virgin performance in cordoba/argentina. she is just so rotten

  • 3rd class night club singer

    she has her fortune from her fans.and i think she is probably still not aware of it. they should all have continued to smoke who cares if she sings or not

  • love spent

    seems like her kaballah lessons are quite fruitless on her

  • ullullu

    she signed a contract which makes her touring for 7 month, because she wants to earn a lot of money. after 7 month on tour she is annoyed with it but she signed the contract therefore it is her fault she is bored or whatever. what is wrong that she gives her frustration to the fans now.

  • kablalaah

    m still hasn’t learned to get over herself


    if you go to a cinema and they were showing half the movie you would complain, right? this is the same situation with this concert. she has no recpect for the paying people at all. she gets payed a lot of money and probably couldn’t be bothered less about the last concert on the tour. hopefully people will stay away from her concerts in the future.

  • dhobie

    my my my.. the Madonna hating trolls are out in force on this one…

    I remember my friend years ago saw her Drowned World Tour in Washington DC… middle of summer I think.. crazy hot and humid outside. The Air Conditioning was turned OFF!! By order of Madonna due to her vocal cords [evidently she hates air conditioning]. He said it got crazy hot in there but it was the best concert he had ever seen. My point is this: NONE OF THIS IS NEW FOLKS! MADONNA HAS ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY. DEAL WITH IT OR LEAVE!

    With Madonna you know what you get. Simple as that.. love it or leave it. Quit whining like little bitches. I have a hard time believing all these Madonna “fans” are dumbstruck by all of this. It’s almost like you have no idea who Madonna really is or what she is like. Madonna has never been a “warm, fuzzy and humble” pop star.

    I don’t worship Madonna nor do I expect her to be “grateful” to me. Do you idiots think Picasso went around thanking everybody for loving his art? Why would Madonna do anything different? Seriously….

  • Tatlock

    Dear Madonna, the magical word – in a situation like that – is: PLEASE. So – Please use it the next time. Even if there are just fans. Thank you.

  • boykot madonna

    madonna has no respect for the paying fans. they deserve a full show for the money, or the have to get back their money.

  • rude m

    people, stay all away from her concerts, music just anything. this woman needs a lesson.

    • Guy

      agreed. first it was the Australians that got snubbed, then she pissed off the French and now she left the Chileans in the rain, well so much for the Kaballah…………..

  • ccttvv

    poor ritchie, 8 years of marriage with that c**nt

  • indonesian


    • Luc

      it’s an age thing …. the mainstream pop music industry will never support any pop star who is over 28, doesn’t matter how good they are

  • Harvard Yard.

    Can only imagine what Guy Ritchie had to deal with.

  • smoko

    people have payed a lot of money to see her, so they can smoke how much they want on her concert.

  • Tyler

    I think she said all those things because she knows she can get away with it. Ppl even cheered her!… I do think she was very rud tho’

  • no customer service

    shut up m, this is how you treat your customers?

  • Calin


  • ScottnNYC

    Say what you want about Madonna but everyone knows that cigarettes are disgusting and so are the people who smoke them. I love that she spoke up!

    • dhobie

      I hate smoking but I do NOT hate “smokers”. Grow up… I have friends and family members who smoke. I also hate “mom jeans” but sadly many of the women who wear them are also the sweetest human beings. Smoking is an addiction… people need help to quit.. not judgement

      • ScottnNYC

        Smokers hurt other people with their addiction and they pollute the planet. They don’t deserve understanding. Smoking is disgusting and so are smokers. And, talk about needing to grow up….comparing mom jeans to smoking. LOL!!!!

      • Matthew Childs

        you are ignorant, that is all.

  • Motor

    Yes she’s aggressive but i understand: you don’t feel well, it’s raining, you’re a perfectionist and clouds of second hand smoke surround you while you try to perform – it’s invasive and rude. Madonna had a right to ask for no smoking.

  • Blah Person

    I agree with Madonna. Smoking is just one of those things that is mostly attributed to low life scum now days. People who respect themselves or at least those AROUND them would not be smoking! I think she was just disappointed that there is so much low life among her “fans”. Plus, second hand smoking really is bad for your lungs and voice! So stop smoking losers!

    • Matthew Childs

      your assumptions are asinine and to the level you accuse others of being. i’m sure you do things that aren’t healthy and you make choices based on what you want to do. others have the same right. just because someone smokes doesn’t mean they are a low life. the show was an OUTDOOR ARENA! not a chance she could smell the smoke nor be affected by the smoke. IT’S OUTDOORS FOR FUCK’S SAKE! i love madonna…and i guarantee i’ve been a fan of her’s longer than you have been alive….however this was just out of line on her part. she depicts smoking in photo shoots, videos, movies, she has been pictured in her personal life with cigs. it’s very hypocritical and offensive that she acted the way she did. it won’t change the fact i’m a fan but it does make me sad that she acted like a complete ass hat!

      • dhobie

        I hate it when people take over an outdoor bus stop and insist on smoking there while I’m waiting for the bus. Yes it’s outdoors.. and YES I can smell it and Yes I am inhaling it secondhand … it’s rude and obnoxious. If dozens were around her smoking then YES.. she had every right to say something. From what I’ve read the show was shortened due to SAFETY and not her being a diva. Santiago Metro was practically shut down due to torrential rains and flooding and power issues. But all anybody focuses on is “Madonna got pissed off at smokers and shortened her show and screwed loyal fans”. REALLY FOLKS?? Fans should be glad the whole thing was not cancelled. Then what? a RIOT?? whaaa! whaaaaa! quite whining you sorryass losers!!

  • Colton

    I remember when I went to the MDNA tour people were advise by the local sound that those who were closer to the stage should not smoke for the better performance of the dancers and Madonna herself. They kindly asked you to not smoke during the show (2 hours) or to go to some place where it wouldn’t bother the performers while you have your cigarette. They also said it in english and other languaje so people would understand.
    Also, Madonna was very sick that day and the weather wasn’t helping

    • dhobie

      what you said makes so much sense. I knew they must have stated beforehand that smoking was not permitted. Obviously via arena employees, signage, literature, etc.. Sadly people are selfish and quite frankly stupid. All anybody wants to think is “Madonna is arrogant and how dare she ask smokers to not smoke in an OUTDOOR arena”. It’s the same logic that demonizes her for not risking her health and the safety of her dancers by shortening her show in torrential downpours on moving stage equipment with a shitload of electricity running throughout!! HOW DARE SHE!!

      the one thing I wish she and her team would learn however is that she has to be a more effective communicator. If they had just announce beforehand WHY they did what they did all this stupid negative media backlash would have been preempted. with social media nowadays you always have to be one step ahead of the internet trolls…

  • K

    I hate smoking too. If you are going to see THE QUEEN, show respect, leave the smoking behind. Why should she have to be exposed to second hand smoke.

    • rox

      it wan NOT a close venue, they had smoked outdoors !!! you stupid idiot. the queen of money

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        if u don’t like it leave

      • K


      • Matthew Childs

        i’m sure you stink as well. be it your cologne, shampoo, soap, breath, toothpaste…i’m certain you put off odors that bother people as well. so should you be banned as well because you smell and it may offend someone? get thicker skin people and quit being ridiculous..

      • k

        All humans stink. Water, Soaps, toothpastes and
        aftershaves make us humans a little more tolerable.

        Knowing that, why add extra cigarette stink??????? Unless you really like to stink and smell the second
        hand stink too.

  • Rob

    Madonna’s gone crazy – too much money ???

    “There are people smoking right now,” “No smoking. If you’re going to smoke cigarettes, I’m not doing a show. You don’t care about me, I don’t care about you. All right? Are we going to play that game? I’m not kidding. I can’t sing if you smoke.”

    “You’re looking right at me and smoking cigarettes, like I’m a stupid fucking idiot,” then left the stage.

    I am really disappointed in you Madonna, the way you treat your fans ! Maybe they didn’t speak English. who are you to telling people if they can smoke or not??? Maybe you say something why you were late and why you didn’t perform full show. give back money !

    • Nicky Prince of Pop


      f*ck you, i go crazy if someone miss up my room or walking with boots in my home…

      that is very normal…. SO that is the game then (every little move or words can hold against her. even if it was very normal conversation, or out of the official show !!! and she asked them “you understand” in Espaniol or Protégées

      God bless Madonna

  • Tede

    She just showed her true colours ! No smoking outdoors??? How silly is that. And she presented only 3/4 of the show but people paid full price, how rude is that! Money money money, these people are obsessed with money

  • Dita

    What a bunch of cunts! How dare they behave like that when M is trying to do a show for them! These aren’t real fans.

    • carla

      she is doing this for money not for fans

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        at least she’s doing a great job. A work of art

        the best bless when your job comes from your hobbies

      • beloved

        I was there next to the stage, it was raining heavily! very strong! it was also very cold, many of us had cameras and cellphones not worling anymore because of the rain, it was wet everywhere, our feet, our clothes, even our underwear, there was not a dry place anywhere, but we waited, we said “it doesn’t matter! we are going to see the show and everything would be worthy!!”..however, time was passing, people were feeling sick, sad, cold, tired..I was strong, I was mentalized for this and I knew that Madonna was going to perform very late…but when the lights went off and Express yourself started, I prayed that they mistaken the video, but they didn’t, I almost cried, I can’t explain how terrible I felt, I waited the whole year for the first segment, I played it on my mp3, I watched the videos, I dreamt of it the whole year and when it was cut from the show, I really wanted to leave, I didn’t sing any song, I didn’t scream, I didn’t dance… I felt almost betrayed by her, she was really annoyed, when the show ended there were not people clapping, only booing. I had a bought a hat as a memento from the concert before it started but I threw it to the stage because I dind’t want any memories from this, no pics, no videos, nothing. I just wanted my money back. Madonna herself said once that she prefers to cancel a show than alter it, she also said that we had to pay a lot for her because the show was worthy, but it wasn’ was…horrible, the experience was really bad, the emotional, physical and material loss was huge, sad faces everywhere, people complaining..there have not been offical answers, Time for Fun blames the rain, but the day before they said the show was water/rain-proof, (in Medellin the rain was more terrible than that day and she performed the whole show there)…that’s why we want our money back, people from other countries say we Chilean fans are not good fans, GOD! we paid the most expensive tickets of the tour and we waited hours under heavy rain, we deserve some respect!

      • ScottnNYC

        Sorry you had that experience, beloved. Although I’m a long-time fan of Madonna’s work, she has never truly cared about or respected her fans. She wants our money and “love” but she cares nothing for us beyond that. There are many paparzzi videos showing how badly she treats her fans in real life. Chilean fans are HOT and I hope you get your money back! :-)

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        well i appreiciate that comment of yours (thank you so very much) i read it 2times.. however i think i have to be supporting you. i wish that it was perfect as u wished (so sorry)

        I think there are some sense as Madonna were ill and under weather and MAYBE a respect to the children lost their lives in USA. If i were Madonna and if I am Amerikan and if I am the leader of all others in my business area and some violence in my show i will not feel right doing it. at least for one show. MAYBE that’s the reason BUT the show is theatrical and a vision NOT related to any motivation for any kind of violence EXCEPT to the sickf**K people

        I wish to all Chili fans all the best and great holidays
        And until the nest time, it will be a better experience to have for sure then

        L U V
        ur friend Nicky

      • mm

        next time?? why should someone pay again, to run risk she is doing just half the show again

      • Roadwork

        SO you think Madonna controls the rain! Its sounds like Madonna did what she could and moved on. Schedule another day? Cancel the show are you serious? Shes not running a charity its a business and when things dont work out it sucks!

      • Andrea

        I was in the golden Circle and I was very disappointed when I saw that the show was beginning with Express Yourself. I managed not to watched videos and the only one that I watched was the beginning of GGW and it was so exciting.
        But I knew the setlist…
        I am happy to have seen Madonna and I love her and the part of the show she performed was amazing, but the whole show was disappointing. I don’t want my money back because the show was great, but I’m a little disappointed too.
        P.S. Sorry for my English

      • GIAGUARO

        If you love a person you need to accept this and more

      • indonesian


      • dhobie

        She is doing this because she is an Artist and she needs to express herself. Yes she is making money but she already has more money than she could ever spend. Honestly.. the royalties alone would keep her very content. If it was purely $$$ she’d be in Vegas ala Celine Dion/Cher or only play large stadiums in a few key megacities around the globe. She went to St. Louis, Pittsburgh and yes Cleveland [sorry.. no offense Pittsburgh and Cleveland folks >hugs< xoxo ]

        Of course when other artists tour it is all about the fans.. right??!! They are NOT doing it for $$$?!

      • K

        So what? Her performance art is her product. When you go to a house or a shop, you are a guest and you should play by the house rules of your host. Paying for a ticket does not give you the right to pass on second hand smoke. It is disrespectful not only to the Queen of Universe Madonna, but also to other fans who may not want the stinky second hand smoke passed on to them. The majority were non smokers.

  • day4night

    God she’s aggressive.. lighten up, Madge.

  • Patrick Hernandez

    It appears she did not take it very well. I’d hate to upset the one and only queen.