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St. Petersburg activists appeal dismissal of lawsuits against Madonna

St. Petersburg activists have filed an appeal against the Moskovsky District Court’s ruling which dismissed their lawsuits against Madonna and the organizers of her concert, RIA Novosti reported on Tuesday.

In mid-August, the court agreed to hear the lawsuits against Madonna and the organizers of her concert in St. Petersburg. The plaintiffs sought 333 million rubles ($10.8million) for alleged offences related to her support for the LGBT community.

In November, the court dismissed all nine lawsuits and ruled to recover legal fees from the plaintiffs in favor of the concert organizers.

Darya Dedova, one of the plaintiffs, said that the claims remain the same and they are determined to seek the cancellation of the defendants’ recovery of the legal fees.
The plaintiffs believe that the Moskovsky District Court’s ruling showed the entire world that the law prohibiting the promotion of homosexuality among under-aged does not work, and that “Russian laws can be violated with no consequences.”

The St. Petersburg law on prohibiting the propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia among minors, which gathered a host of both supporters and opponents, came into effect on March 30.

Under the amended law, public actions intended to promote homosexual and bisexual relations and transgender issues among minors are to be punished by administrative fines amounting to 5,000 rubles ($162.3) for individuals, 50,000 rubles ($1,623) for officials and from 250,000 to 500,000 rubles ($8,115 to 16,230) for legal entities.


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    Madonna’s MDNA is the 2012′s Best-selling Album In Russia ahahhahahahaha:DD

  • Luca Adami

    they are horrible.

  • jay br

    in the end it is all about money…..isn’t it?

    • Dyor Myne

      Of course it is! They’ve been hungry since they realized comunism doesn’t work and they didn’t qualify for capitalism!

  • tremole

    There is still little time left of year 2012. I would suggest that we as Madonna fans would choose one song from MDNA and tried to make it the most played song on Spotify on start of 2013. It is easily done as spotify is free and does not involve any payments to make a hit song. All we would need to do is to choose a song and then queue it many times in row and let it play. You can always leave Spotify running even when not self in the same place and spins just keep coming. Easy, and free :) This way to give our queen a good start for year 2013.

  • anita nygreen

    To depresse somebody, in any methodes, are strickly forbidden

  • Dyor Myne