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Superstar (Eddie Amador Remix)

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  • K

    I actually think the critics are way off course. People, just get over yourselves and listen closely. This is a beautiful song.

  • asdflkj@

    well, times where i spent a dime on her music are long over…


    at this stage even love spent is not going to be a major hit for her. this album is over….

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    how about a “most stupid songs album”, this one is def. on it

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    madonna has given up on her music career and does it only for the money now. that is how I understand everything she has done the past 5 years. every single release of her is not a highlight anymore it´s a let down.

  • WHAT ?????

    I’m sorry but this was such a horrible choice for a single. I don’t know what thought went into this (if any). NO GANG BANG …NO I’M ADDICTED ?? MISSED OPPORTUNITY MADONNA>

  • now sit your ass down

    more of the same…please stop it m
    unbelieveble the amount of bad releases from this woman.
    does she really think this is outstanding music?

  • day4night

    No. Just no.

  • artis

    please no more SILLY songs for singles, no more SILLY songs in her albums either..i mean sometimes i wonder whats wrong with her/her team…

  • Motor

    Love Madonna but this song is one of her worst – as if she was told she had to write a certain number of songs for her album or that she ran out of inspiration…as made evident by “I’ll give you the password to my phone, I’ll give you a massage when you get home”….wow, really Madonna?????

    • Motor

      P.S. “Love Spent” or “Gang Bang” are soooooo much better!!!

  • vic

    This is promo for Brazil we still don’t know if there will be a fourth single or not

    • DyorMyne

      I hope you are right!

  • carlos vaquerano

    One of my least favorite songs, would feel silly dancing to this.

  • superstar???

    i’m impressed by the amount of lacklustre singles madonna has released in the last 4 years…

  • super poh

    cheap dance sound, as the whole mdna album

  • super poh

    who determines the single releases of this album? the record company? madonna? superstar is crap…

    • Dipaladino

      Superpop is not a bad song, but it’s not a worthy song to become a single! And I believe that everybody will miss a single of Love Spent and Gang Bang, which are amazing songs.

  • ross

    worst song on album

    • rachel

      Well, I must disagree…Have you listen to “Birthday Song” ???

      • DyorMyne

        B-Day Song at least is fun! She sounds souless in this one!

    • mo ho

      along with b-day song, girl gone wild, turn up the radio

  • artis

    not really like the artwork, and for sure do not like superstar. strange, so many good songs in the album and for singles she chose the weakest. can’t imagine why…

    • Etienne T. Llinares

      The damned record company and her stupid manager….

  • I tow the line

    very cool remix. it also isolates Lola’s vocals. I like the artwork. Madonna is a wonder woman!

  • DyorMyne

    So this is it? No Love Spent sinlge, no Gang Bang single! …. Oh, well… :-|

    • I tow the line

      Agreed! I think it is a crime Love Spent isn’t a single. And Gang Bang is the most original thing she has done since hung up. That said, I am enjoying this remix. Superstar is often referred to as a minor, even silly, entry in MDNA, but I think it is a very cool song with spontaneous lyrics and a catchy melody and a sincerely warm vocal performance.

  • Powell Marshall

    thank you!