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Video: Madonna tops list of highest earning tours

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • patval

    She really deserves it. Her tour was amazing.

  • K

    You know someone or something has style when that it captures your eye and imagination and remains in your mind for the
    rest of your life. Some of the most memorable Madonna styles came from her tours.

    In the 80’s Madonna took what she saw on the streets and gave it glamorous touch of her own. She took the punk look adjusted
    it here and there, molded it, combined it with few things from Dallas and Dynasty and there you had the Madonna’s virgin tour
    look. 1980s became Madonna. Can anyone in his or her right mind ever forget Madonna’s look and outfit stepping on the stage singing dress you up?

    The who is that girl tour look started with the album True Blue for which she combined the classic Hollywood look from the
    50s the white dress, the rock leather jacket with something totally new, totally Madonna, the in your face black bullet bustier chic. Can anyone forget the tour look during her performance of open your heart, true blue and papa don’t preach?

    Then it came Blonde Ambitions which was another tour style milestone. It was Broadway all the way. She in that beaded bustier singing Hanky Panky, nothing like a good spanking. Unforgetable.

    On the S& S tour her Givenchy Beat Goes On outfit and how she at 50 fitted in it was truly inspirational. You didn’t have to be a fan or belong to particular group or gender to be able to admire what you could see.

    Billboard has described it very nicely, exactly the way it is. This year at the Super bowl and during the MDNA tour Madonna made good on her Goddessness, Cheerleading Campiness, Playfulness and still in Vogueness. She did not try to redo her past, she just took the past into the future. I never saw the relation between these cultural elements and attributes until Madonna integrated them and presented them in one palace during her MDNA tour. Madonna is a true goddess because she possesses all those elements/ attributes in her. Those attributes are interrelated. The interconnecting red line among those attributes are: power, fun, being loved, admired almost to the point of being worshiped and wearing the corset and doing it with attitude.

    30 years on Madonna is still creating and in
    styles, all in a league of her own.


    yes, highest earning tours with the worst music. peopel stick to her because they know what she was capable of. unfortunately she lost the ability to deliver hits. her last singles have all been major flops.

    • K

      Let me rob your nose in a true flop: the British hosted Olympics’, which cost so much and looked really talky: fatons and other
      sir tom dicks and sarrys.

      Madonna has actually gotten her groove back since she moved back to the USA. And MDNA is far better than anything Britain
      has to offer. Her Candy shop is still full of godies.

  • Love Spender

    “Madonna’s too old for Pop Music Industry”, “Madonna have to retire”, “MDNA World tour is the biggest flop of the centuries”, “Madonna’s career is over”…Well ladies and gentlemen, Madonna’s still dominating the Music Industry…her 79/79 sold out shows gave her the opportunity to make haters shut up! That proves that people loves Madonna! Besides, she gets what she wants…after all, she’s the Queen!

    • K

      The haters have been saying those things for 20 years now. The haters will never change.

      Nor does Madonna. She does what she wants and she remains the cultural queen the universes.
      Final Billboard Numbers don not lie.

  • Tuan

    That’s why she is the Queen of pop. We love Madonna! Madonna rules! :))

  • Luca Adami

    well I’m so happy that after all the critics she received during th whole year she finally achieved what she wanted…Best Tour!!! and she’s winning other polls too!!! so even in 2012 MADONNA RULES!!!!!