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Madonna News - January 2013

Rolling Stone: The Greatest Super Bowl Halftime Show – Madonna

1. Madonna
Madonna had a very ambitious tour plan for 2012, and the single best way to promote it was a Super Bowl halftime show. She went all out for the performance, bringing in Cee Lo Green, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and even acrobats. The set was wall-to-wall hits with her pretty flaccid new single “Give Me All Your Luvin'” in the middle. M.I.A. tried to perk up the song by sticking her middle finger up on camera, which didn’t exactly thrill Madonna or the NFL – though next to Nipplegate, it was a pretty tiny scandal. The next day, tickets went on sale for her world tour and sold out everywhere.

Rolling Stone

Prince slams Madonna

He may be famously sparing in his words, but when Prince speaks, he speaks with a purpose. The singer revived some long-standing beef with Madonna in a recent interview with Billboard magazine nearly two years after the pair supposedly cooled off their fiery feud.
The 54-year-old singer, who covers the latest issue, speaks a lot about music ownership in the new interview, and at one point even calls the Material Girl out by name when talk turns to his time with Warner Bros. Records.
“It was always about Madonna,” he tells the magazine, explaining why his relationship with the record label went sour. “She was getting paid, but at the same time we were selling more records and selling out concerts on multiple nights.”
Prince and Madonna, also 54, famously tussled in the public eye after briefly dating in 1985 and collaborating on Madonna’s track “Love Song” from her 1988 album Like a Prayer.
“[He] was a little troll,” she said during a 1994 interview, recalling one of their earlier dates. “He was just sipping tea, very daintily. I have this theory about people who don’t eat. They annoy me.”
Prince similarly kept the public feud going several years later, when he snidely compared the number of his chart-topping songs to Madonna’s many children.
“I got so many hits y’all can’t handle me,” he said during a 2007 concert in London. “I got more hits than Madonna’s got kids.”
US Magazine

Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ Tour Makes Billboard Boxscore’s All-Time Top 10

The final numbers are in, and Madonna’s 2012 “MDNA” tour has retained her box office form, clocking in at $305,158,363 gross with 2,212,345 in attendance over 88 shows, according to Billboard Boxscore. The tour began in Israel last May 31 and finished in Argentina on Dec. 22, hitting Europe, Asia and North America in between.

The “MDNA” final box office tally is enough to rank “MDNA” No. 10 all-time in tours as reported to Boxscore, sandwiched between the Rolling Stones’ “Licks” tour of 2002-2003 ($311 million) and the Stones’ “Bridges To Babylon” tour of 1997-98 ($274 million). read more →

MDNA Tour Billboard Boxscores – Part 8

Madonna, Laidback Luke
Estadio River Plate, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dec. 13, 15, 2012
89,226 / 89,226
2 / 2
$328.01, $51.25
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation Latin America/T4F-Time For Fun

Madonna, Laidback Luke, Facu Carri
Estadio Chateau Carreras, Cordoba, Argentina
Dec. 22, 2012
48,133 / 48,133
1 / 1
$244.70, $30.59
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation Latin America/T4F-Time For Fun

Madonna, Laidback Luke
Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile
Dec. 19, 2012
47,625 / 47,625
1 / 1
$632.24, $28.45
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation Latin America/T4F-Time For Fun


Madonna fitness centers to open in Rome

Madonna has conquered the musical industry, and now she’s taking on the fitness world.
The singer’s luxury fitness brand, Hard Candy Fitness, says it has plans to open gyms in Rome, Italy.
The first to open this year will be a 13-square-foot club at Rome’s historic center near the Coliseum.
The center will include areas for classes based on the same routines the Queen of Pop uses to stay fit.

Celine Dion on Madonna

Interviewer: Madonna? I know that her father is your number one fan.

Celine: Yes. Well, yes. We met at one of her shows. I’m a fan. When she came to Montreal, I was next to the stage. I think she’s had an extraordinary career and again, I’m watching Lourdes grow up, and she looks magnificent.I say: Well, it’s still amazing to have a career like that. She’s managed to do exactly what she wanted to do. She has charisma, she has nerve. You must be able to work and have discipline. You must be the right thing at the right time. And I think obviously, Madonna had everything she needed to suceed.

7 Hollywood Magazine
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Madonna, Marlon Brando Estate Settle Lawsuit Over ‘Vogue’

Madonna is about to resolve litigation with Marlon Brando’s estate over using the late actor’s image when she performs the song “Vogue” in concert.
The lyrics to the song list out many celebrities (“Greta Garbo, and Monroe / Deitrich and DiMaggio …”) and Madonna has made it a habit to use images of dead celebrities in her set dressing.
But to do so, she arguably needs permission from the estates, and two lawsuits were filed last year over her alleged failure to get it. read more →