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Madonna fitness centers to open in Rome

Madonna has conquered the musical industry, and now she’s taking on the fitness world.
The singer’s luxury fitness brand, Hard Candy Fitness, says it has plans to open gyms in Rome, Italy.
The first to open this year will be a 13-square-foot club at Rome’s historic center near the Coliseum.
The center will include areas for classes based on the same routines the Queen of Pop uses to stay fit.

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  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Gather once prior media whom not. Concern about physical fitness, centers reason. Nor celebrities endorsements: Madonna. Publicist doing great job on exaggeration first. Partnership as majority Madonna ventures. Material mom only investing minor few using. Renowned name sake, besides clause. If fails blame the partnering company. New Evolutions assisting Madonna with centers. First open without fanfare Mexico City 2010. Madonna your not top Italian American in Italia. Nor is John Travolta since both never. Acknowledge true Italia culture don’t go there.

    Madonna you only can say “Pasta”. Now locations for “Hard Candy” exclusively. Latin America,Gulf States,South Africa,EU,Ireland,Russia,Southeast Asia and Australia. Now there location in Australia. Madonna lack of gratitude should performed. Land Down under haven’t tour since Girlie Show 1993? Wow any yeah, Hard Candy fitness centers need. Have sponsorships from whom? Sporting companies why? Not America Madonna response dominated. Market Madonna your name sake. Whom wouldn’t participate being member. Hello, there going be 18 locations opening this year. France 7 more in Italia time is on Madonna side. Not slandering you Madonna “Flagship” location.

    London,Manchester and Glasgow Scotland. Ready 70,000 sq ft.
    wow including what? Madonna scented condoms for gents. Laughing of course without sporting teams. British are not incline
    support centers. Virgin Active is renowned in Britain my opinion.

    Madonna wish you the best which. Test without personal unrest
    to address. Shouldn’t be mess if this venture fails. Madonna since
    reside in NYC why not gym. Is the high rent or lack of assurance?

  • K

    I love the name Hard Candy. In fact I am one. My diet: no fat, lot of sweet, and a lot more sweat. Clean sweat.

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Madonna another business endeavor what. Ever is for Blu men shall receive. Honey scent condoms or Lavender briefs. Why? Fitness centers for cruising yeah. What Hard Candy conveys assumption. Erotic connotation is this situation. Madonna your going against specialized market. Your “Pop”sensation in entertainment business. Madonna your publist__informing fans.

    Your only using name sake to enhance. Popularity of chain believe me. Madonna your no Total Fitness nor 24 Hours Fitness. There leaders shall not be displace. Nor erased without a trace. Just expressing my interest Madonna. What commercial shall use “Blue men”. Taking showers over hot lingering sauna? Or ladies getting we from the sweet! Laught my criticism this what media going use. Yes, competitors shall use this.Retain fans Italia worser than. Amercia homophobic yes Italia anti LGBT! Madonna offer new members when decide. Cancel membership? Since health clubs hidden clause. As entertainment industry on rights okay! Location Roma not central or norhern Italia. My opinion.

    Madonna your going have chains eventually. Madonna your “icon”
    donate appropriations. Financially Arcigay Italia renowned Italian
    LGBT group. Writing Madonan for years: no results. Shall gym
    be for eltie might. Preview Madonna working out highly. Unlikely,
    Madonna not reverted in Italia since. Material Mom doesn’t associate cultural heritage. As status on Madonna behalf. So Hard
    Candy Fitness example Madonna. Why subjective name sake. Is
    to intake not being fake? For Madonna sake Hard Candy needs.

    Have so erectiional adherence get. Fans spend money contrary ignoring. LGBT groups Madonna your about. Persoanl profit nothing more to endure. Madonna trying displace Bannatayne’s,
    Esponta Health,Virgin Active Clubs,Good Life Fitness,Total Fitness,,123 Fit,One Fitness,Equinox,Planet Fitness,Gold’s Gym,
    Bally Total Fitness,Snap Fitness and Fontmann & Little clubs.

    Madonna listings, above strong locations. EU,UK,Russia and Australia thee advantage. Sports clubs national sports teams. Beverage firms support these clubs. Madonna shall pay LGBT
    artist endorse. Hard Candy gym? Desperately Seeking Madonna
    can you assist. LGBT organizations reading seeing only. Publicity
    for Madonna nothing more. Filmography,books and perfumes
    failures. Contradiction with afflictions Madonna why. Didn’t you tell
    us in USA reason. Majoirty not bemuse nor Italia Madonna. Good
    luck if this health club fails. Whom, shall you blame? Expressing myself Madonna is LiveNation behind this? Expressing myself bye.

    • K

      You seem to be hung up on failure. You start to sound like a failure. Are you a failure????

      Only those stand on the sidelines and do nothing fail. Other than that, Nothing fails. So get you ass to the gym near you and get moving.

      Don’t sit there like some silly girl/boy

      If you wait too long it’ll be too late

      I’m not telling you something new

      There ain’t no time to lose (No time to lose)

      It’s time for you to celebrate

      (So get down, beep beep, gotta get up outta your seat)

      Get up, little girl or boy

      (Get down, beep beep, gotta get up outta your seat)

      It’s time, your world

      (Get down, beep beep, gotta get up outta your seat)

      Your life, your choice

      It’s time, live it up

      On and on, on the beat goes

      On and on, on the beat goes

      You don’t have the luxury of time

  • Money in the bank

    If Hard Candy fitness comes to my city, I’ll join.